Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Must See Video.....August Alsina Curses 106 and Park Host Keyshia Chante'

So yesterday, New Artist August Alsina visited BET's 106 and Park to drop off a new single. However, fans may have gotten more than what they bargained for, when he dropped off his bad attitude, as well. Now apparently, he and Trey Songz are supposedly beefing, as a result, 106th's co-host Keyshia Chante', asked the "I Love It", artist, is there a chance that fans may have a chance to see the two of them collab. Disrespectfully, August Alsina's replied, "So you just gone go against the grain, I just told you not to ask me that shit before I came on here". Not only did he curse her but immediately, afterwards he proceeded to promote his new single, as if he'd not just cursed the host of the show. This is not a good look. It's not smart to fall out with an entire network over some industry beef; especially when your an up and coming artist

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did You Miss The Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Full Episode 9


If you've missed the last episode of the Basketball Wives LA, you've missed a treat. The ladies are out of the country and not everyone is bonding.  Check out the full episode below, via brokensilenze

LMAO......They've Created A Free Style For Mimi's Sex Tape

one of the many mimi meme's created

As aforementioned in a prior post, Mimi Faust and Nikko of Lahhatl Has A Sex Tape On The Market, and it has create quite an amuzing buzz. All day social media has been filled with photo meme's, parody's and now, World Star Hip Hop has got wind of a freestyle rap that is hilarious.  Check out this hilarious tune, and some of the funniest meme's ever made.

New Music.....Alicia Keys , Pharrell, and Kendrick Lamar Release A New Hit

0007 115448PCN Alicia16 500x336

Alicia Keys has returned to the spotlight with the release of a new single. The latest track is entitled, "It's On Again", is set to be featured on the Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack. The new single features two of my favorite artists. The, ever-so-talented Pharrell Williams and Kendrick Lamar have joined the likes of Mrs. Keys' in this hot new number. As a aforemention in a prior article, Pharrell Cries On Oprah, these days ite seems Pharrell plus any artist equals a major hit.  Check out her new tune below.

An Emotional Pharrell Cries During Oprah 's Interview

Pharrell Williams Cries While Watching 'Happy' Fan Videos on 'Oprah Prime'

Pharrell Williams, Mr. I'm Happy himself, had an emotional pouring of tears during a recent interview with Oprah, this past sunday. Check out the clip below to see why Mr. Happy is so emotional.

Monday, April 14, 2014

LAHHATL's Mimi Faust Is Selling A Sex Tape

Mimi Faust and Nikko photo source: allhiphop

What Is This World Coming To? Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust is the next to add to the list of celebrity sex tapes. Yes, you've read right, Stevie J.'s baby mama, is the star of her own show, so it seems.

As aforementioned in a prior post, watch lahhatl trailer , Mimi Faust and her new boo, Nikko have a sex tape on the market with, and mediatakeout has the some of the uncensored photo's to prove it. Here are some of the photo's below.

Multiple bloggers have shared this crazy news and even crazier photo's like this one share by ohnotheydidn't.  As usual, a clip of the sex tape can be view right here on World Star Hip Hop.


They've even leaked this extremely uncensored one.  Dang Mimi I thought you had more sense than this. What do you guys think of this?

Beyonce Joins Sister Solange Dancing At Coachella 2014

Beyoncé Dances With Solange At Coachella 2014 photo source: rapup

BeyoncĂ©  joined her little sister Solange as she performed her hit Losing You via this years Coachella 2014. The two of them looked quite sisterly, as the duo perform fun dance sequences to Solange's fun yet quirky track.  Check out the footage via

New Season Of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Is Back May 5

lhha3 zpsbc159aaf Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Gets A Premiere Date    And New Cast Member
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta photo source:

What Is This World Coming To?  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is back for a third season of foolery. This season it seems that there are a few new characters to be featured. Both Waka Flaka and Yung Joc are featured in this new season that has taken ratchedness to another whole level.

It seems that Stevie J. and Kurt are still holding down the biggest ass hold titles, while Mimi Faust has transitioned from soccer mom to porn star. Meanwhile, Lil Scrappy is now dating Bambi yet somehow his side piece ends up pregnant.   Speaking of pregnancies, apparently, Kurt is questioning the paternity of  Rashida's.  Watch this explosive trailer courtesy of brokensilenze

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hilarious....... BBWLA Sundy Falls During A Striptease With British and Jackie

BBWLA's Sundy Carter, British Williams, and Jackie Christie photo source:

The Basketball Wives of LA once again, go all in. As usual, Jackie Christie is up to foolishness again. This time she, British,and Sundy decide to strip on a party bus after her book launch. This is absolutely hilarious, to see Jackie, British and Sundy perform a choreographed strip teased routine, is funny; but to watch Sundy fall flat on her ass while trying to do a striptease is hilarious. I tell you the truth. This appears to be lost footage from episode 8.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Did You Miss Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Full Episode 8?


Jackie is once again the center of the drama on Basketball Wives LA. Unfortunately, this season reflects way too many Draya Michelle haters, and at the center of all of the hating, Jackie, Sundy, and Jackie's daughter. If you mixed all of this hateration, lol, check it out now.

Rihanna Flaunts Stan Smith's Adidas Barely Naked For A Photo Shoot

Rihanna rocks Stan Smith Adidas

Badgalri is back at it again. Apparently Rihanna rocked this fresh pair of adidas Stan Smith Men's Sneakers Running White/Green M20324 (SIZE: 10). According to The Fader,  Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker is the must have sneaker of 2014, and obviously  Rihanna just so happens to agree.

It appears that Badgalri is sporting a fresh new pair on an unspecified photo shoot.  The fashionista, who was just elected, as cfda's fashion icon of the year, looks pretty relaxed in her Stan Smith's.  Nevertheless,
the shoes seem to be the only part of a wardrobe that Rihanna set out to wear.

What do you think of Rihanna's attire, or lack there of, on this photo shoot.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

16-year Old Goes On A Stabbing Spree In A Pittsburg HighSchool

16-year old in custody after a stabbing spree in a Pittsburg High School

What Is This World Coming To? As aforementioned, in a prior post, 25 Year Old Female Robs and Kills Beauty Shop Owner, it seems that this generation has no respect or value for human life.

The latest chain of events to unravel, is one of the reasons, I've simply concluded this. Earlier this morning, newsfeeds and timelines overflowed with reports of a high school stabbing spree, that resulted in 20 plus  victims all suffering from stab wounds. Seven of the twenty victims were critically wounded.

As the plot thickens, the perpetraitor, who is now in custody, was a 16-year old sophomore student, who apparently showed up to school with two knives and decided to go on a stabbing spree.

NBC News  reports,

A student flashing two knives went on a stabbing rampage through the classrooms and halls of a high school outside Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning, authorities said. At least 19 students and a security guard were hurt, some with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect, a 16-year-old sophomore, was in custody and being questioned by police, authorities said. His motive was unclear, said Dan Stevens, a Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman.

The first photo of the suspect emerged several hours after the mayhem. NBC News is blurring the face of the teen in the photo, from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, because of his age. He had not been charged or identified.

The student was “flashing two knives around” as he moved through the classrooms and a first-floor hallway, said Thomas Seefeld, the Murrysville police chief. A principal tackled the stabber, he said. The security guard suffered a stomach wound.

This is sad, it seems that it's not even safe to send your kids to school anymore.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

25 Year Old Female Robs and Kills Beauty Shop Owner

photo source:
What Is This World Coming To? Birmingham, Alabama is becoming more and more dangerous by the day. Its seems that this generation, no longer has any value or respect for humanity. 
This morning's latest reports via, was nothing short of disturbing.  The news source reported the following:

"Birmingham police have arrested a woman accused of killing a beauty shop owner over the weekend.

Chaya Anders, 63, was found dead in her beauty shop, Ebony's Beauty Supply, on Saturday, April 5. Her car was still parked outside the shop on 27th Street North.

Police charged 25-year-old Bianca Holman with capital murder in Anders' death. Investigators believe Holman robbed the shop, then killed Anders.

Holman is also suspected of robbing the Jack's Food Store the day before Anders was killed, around 12:30 p.m. Friday, April 4. A witness identified Holman as the suspect in that robbery and said she was also at the scene of the homicide on Saturday.

These day's you can never underestimate anyone. Who would've ever suspected, this young lady as a robber, let alone a murderer.  Thank God for witnesses.  

Holman is being held without bond in the Jefferson County Jail for the capital murder warrant. She has also been charged with robbery in the case, which carries a $150,000 bond.

Monday, April 7, 2014

50 Cent Disses P.Diddy "Puffy Might Be The Destination For Anybody Going Nowhere"

photo source :

50 Cent is adding a new victim to his long list of beef. This time Diddy, is the target.  Apparently, 50 conducted an interview with one of my favorite radio talk show teams, The Breakfast Club.

In that interview, he referenced a list of former Bad Boy artists who's careers are no longer existing, after pairing with Diddy. 

Madamnoirre reports,

50 Cent's stated the following,

"When he came out with the “Angels” record, I said ‘Naw man, that’s wack. You gotta stand next to something.’ And he knew exactly what I meant, cause he’s been standing next to something his entire career. He stood next to Biggie. He stood next to Mase. He stood next to Joc. Look, Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody survived him. Look at it.”

During the course of this interview 50 also goes in on the rappers of today, explaining, why he doesn't fit in with them.  Also referencing an underground album where he actually states, these rappers wearing skinny jeans, I can't fit in.

While I'm unsure of the reasoning behind, 50's obvious resentment for Diddy, there were several incidents that leading up to this interview.

Check out Hollywoodlife's 50 Cent Disses Rick Ross and Diddy, calls them gay via instagram and Allhiphop's Rick Ross Addresses  50 Cent's gay rumors. 

Though he has made an interesting point, that these days some rappers are wearing skinny's and dresses and he can't get with that.   What do you think of 50's interview with the breakfast club.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lebron James Is Not Dead

photo source:  The Source

What Is This World Coming To?  Miami Heats, Power Forward, Lebron James is at the center of an ugly internet death hoax this morning.  James' fans were quickly alarmed at news of the his alleged untimely demise and as usual, they resulted to his facebook page with their condolences.

While it is unclear where this particular news resignated, sources are included were fake cnn posts, and even a facebook page that captured the following:

“At about 11 a.m. ET on Thursday (March 20, 2014), our beloved basketball player LeBron James passed away. LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

How sad is the world we live in today? People need to find something more productive to do with themselves. Ordinarily, I would've encouraged the idiot or idiot's involved in this cruel hoax to leap of a building but, that would just result in relieving themselves of their own misery; so I will simply state that Lebrons is still living a hell of a life.  My suggestion to the parties involved, is merely that they, get one.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ghost Face Killah Gets Dumped By Two Women

Ghost Face Killah and Kelsey Nykole  photo source: wetpaint

If you've not tuned in to Vh1's Couples Therapy, then you may want to do so. Now is not too late, as this season is extremely explosive.  Wu-tang's Ghost Face Killah reveals a deceptive love triangle on the show.

Apparently, Ghost Face made a decision to pursue the show with Kelsey, his girlfriend of the last two. While, this appeared to grand gesture on Ghost Face's behalf, he'd overlooked one really important factor- that factor just so happened to be his girlfriend of the last three years, Latrice.

The show got extremely intense when Kelsey blew up and stormed out of the room; before returning to reveal that he was a liar, and in fact playing the two of them for one another.

Check out this clip below, just in case you've missed something. 

Get More: Couples Therapy

Monday, February 10, 2014

George Zimmerman Verses DMX Fight Called Off

photo credit:hiphopstan

What Is This World Coming To? As you all may know, for years now people have expressed their animosity with the so called celebrity George Zimmerman.  George Zimmerman, is no celebrity in my opinion.  While he is no celebrity, he is however, an extreme opportunist, stooping to the lowest of the lowest levels for monetary gain or profit.

Since the murdering of  Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has marketed himself and capitalized repeatedly.  Since George's bogus acquittal, people have expressed their ugly discontent for him and his barbaric behavior that tragically ended the life of the late Trayvon Martin.

Well now it seems that George had gone way too far with this quote on quote celebrity status. He'd even expressed a desire to fight rapper Kanye West in a boxing match. Yeah right, keep dreaming, however, Rapper DMX had agreed to fight him in a celebrity boxing match.

This match sparked huge controversy, and even led to a formal petition being filed, an as a result the match has been cancelled.  I for one am extremely happy to report this.

Yahoo News  reported,

The celebrity boxing match between rapper DMX and acquitted Florida killer George Zimmerman has been called off, its promoter said on Saturday after threats were made against him.
The three-round match would have pitted Zimmerman, who was found not guilty in the 2012 shooting death of unarmed, black teenager Trayvon Martin, against the trash-talking musician with a history of arrests, most of them drug or driving offenses.  Damon Feldman, who has organized numerous bouts between celebrities, said on Twitter that the Zimmerman-DMX match was off after generating a public outcry this week.
"Done with George Zimmerman if you had a major payday sitting in front of you, I know no one else would walk away like I did ***Next!!," he said in a Tweet.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WTF.....Newspaper Headlines "Whore Beyonce".....


What Is This World Coming To? An entertainment newspaper has exhibited the worse act of unprofessional libel one could ever imagine.  It is unforeseeable that a newspaper would slander the name of anyone, let alone, Beyonce- claiming that her Grammy Performance With Her Husband Jay-Z was nothing less than the performance of a WHORE.

Global Grind Reports,

A Uk Newspaper headlined, "Whore Beyonce Angers Parents With Raunchy Act". -An the sad part about this is that people are actually feeding into it. I think this is absolutely absurd.  Especially, when this same people support these extremely meaningless burlesque shows that illicit sex, all the time. 

Beyonce's Grammy Dress  

Nevertheless Bey should be used to the haters by now, since they seem to find fault in her every move. It's funny how people will go through any links to insure that drag her name through the dirt. Just out of curiosity, is a whore the word we decide to call a woman who's openly in love with her husband?

If you've missed Beyonce's Grammy Performance follow the links.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z Grammy Awards 2014 Performance

photo credit: MTV 

Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the Grammy's last night with one of my favorite songs off of Bey's latest visual album-Drunk In Love.  Check out Beyonce as she shows pff her signature surfboard move. If you missed this performance last night;  You missed a treat, as Queen Bey shows what happens after she's been drinking Watermelon. Seriously, the chemistry between this couple is undeniable, and the crowd loves it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Billioniare Offers $130 Million Dollars For Any Man To Marry His Daughter

Cecil Chao Net Worth

What Is This World Coming To? This is quite the invitation to wed someones daughter. I am absolutely shocked at the level of desparity and denial of one man, as it pertains to his only daughter-who has chosen to led a lesbian  lifestyle .  Apparently, Cecil Chao is so desperate to relieve his daughter of her homosexuality that he is offering any man, $130 Million to wed her.

  Gigi Chao Lesbian Lover

 Celebrity Networth reports,

Cecil Chao earned his billions as the owner of publicly traded company Cheuk Nang which develops property in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Greater China. And you'd think a guy who is so against his daughter's gay marriage must be some sort of hard line Christian conservative right? Wrong. The 76 year tycoon once claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women. You'd think a guy with that many female conquests would understand his daughter's attraction to the finer gender! Cecil is a fixture at prominent public events and upper crust social circle parties. He nearly always has a new young girlfriend (or girlfriends) on his arm:

Gay issues are still slightly controversial in Hong Kong. Homosexuality wasn't decriminalized there until 1991 and Cecil appears to be in denial that the lesbian marriage even took place. He claimed at the time that the reports of his daughter's marriage were false and that Gigi was still a "single woman with both talents and looks who is devoted to her parents, generous and does volunteer work."

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