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Evelyn Lozada Is Not Sure If She Will Be Returning To The Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada photo credit: BlogsBabble

Uh-oh it looks like Evelyn Lozada is not sure if she will be returning to VH1's Basketball Wives. Evelyn is currently filming a reality show with her fiance Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and planning to be wed next month. Ev has had quite the bit of publicity since establishing her place as, the fiesty round the way girl, with a sick shoe game, on the reality  show " Basketball Wives"  Ev  recently, landed a book deal with cash money, and has promoted her very own, lines of eye-shadow, and t-shirts. However, I'm not sure if "Basketball Wives " will exist without it's star character Evelyn Lozada. With all the projects, that Evelyn has been subjective to, how will she find time to tape the show. 

According to Hello Beautiful,

“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada may or may not be returning to the show next month. The reality star who snagged a spin-off show and is getting married to Chad Ochocinco next week is remaining coy on whether or not she’ll be returning to the show which made her a household name.
Evelyn tells Atlanta’s V103,
“You know, I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like. Negotiations start in August or September, I think.”

Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch As Stevie J Admits To Sleeping With Joseline In This Sneak Peak Of Love and Hip Hop's Episode 3

Last weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta did not land Stevie J. my favorites list. If you didn't catch that episode you miss a load of drama; If your thoughts are similar to mines, then your probably thinking, " what drama could possibly top the amount of drama that aired in episode one?" Joseline has finally revealed that she is pregnant with Stevie J. child. Now, Stevie J. as last featured denied having any sexual involvement with Joseline; However, episode three airs Stevie J. living of to the a**hole that he is being portrayed, as he quickly informs Joseline that she will get nothing from him, and that she needs to fix her problem. He even boasts about how she going to be back where she was before he met her, at a strip club. Stevie J. is quite the character; Walt Disney couldn't have cartooned a better one. Watch the clip, to see how he looks Mimi square in the face as he lies about having no sexual relationship with Joseline. Now, this behavior shouldn't surprise viewers but, It definitely will simply because, after he confesses to spending the night and having sex with her, he proceeds to stick to his lie with Mimi. So much drama, the much anticipated Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode three to come.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rihanna's Bodyguard Knocks Out The Papparazi

Wow, Rihanna's bodyguard is not a force to be reckoned with. The papparazi can surely confirm. Apparently, Rih-Rih's bodyguard, threw a punch and landed it right on the papparazi that was approaching Rihanna. Rih- Rih was spotted out leaving a night club in London when the Papparazi approached too closely.

TMZ reports, 

It all went down Sunday night in London ... when a paparazzo (not a TMZ guy) got too close to Rihanna ... and one of the giants protecting the pop star unleashed a right cross that connected ... HARD. 

Keep your eyes on the huge guy with the bald head ... who was trying to clear out a space in front of Rihanna's ride as she tried to exit the Whiskey Mist nightclub. 

The bodyguard wasn't in the mood to talk things out with the photog ... and fired off one punch that sent the shutterbug down for the count. It's unclear if the pap ever got up. 

Rihanna missed the action -- she was already inside her car when the knockout punch was thrown.

50 Cent Is Hospitalized After A Car Accident


What Is This World Coming To? 50 Cent was in a bad car accident, that has  caused severe injury to his neck and back. Apparently Fifty was rear-ended by a mack truck, that almost caused the rapper's SUV to flip over. This is extremely sad news. 50 Cent's body has undergone enough trauma to last a nine lifetimes. However, If anybody can pull through this 50 Cent can; after all he survived being shot nine times. My prayers are with 50 Cent and his family. 

TMZ is reporting, 

- A rep for Curtis Jackson released a statement ... confirming 50 was in an accident early Tuesday morning. 

The rep adds, "He was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries. He was released this morning and is doing fine."


50 Cent
 was hospitalized with possible injuries to his neck and back in a frightening car crash involving his SUV and a mack truck ... this according to a website affiliated with the rapper. 

According to, it all went down early Tuesday morning on the Long Island Expressway in New York City, when a red mack truck rear-ended 50's ride ... and the rapper's SUV "almost flipped over." 

50 -- real name Curtis Jackson -- was taken to a nearby hospital ... where, according to the site, doctors 
.are running tests on his neck and back. 

Story developing ..

Monday, June 25, 2012

Has Joseline From Love And Hip Hop Lost Her Mind

Joseline Hernandez photo credit: StraightFromTheA

Love and Hip Hop's Joseline Hernandez is definitely on the viewers choice list. She has been heavy on the defense since the airing of the shows very first episode that resulted in viewers calling her a man. Viewers were not pleased with the show featuring her as a woman when according to them she is clearly a man. The photo above doesn't help prove viewers theory wrong simply because, she looks extremely masculine in this photo.  However, Joseline did not take kindly to viewers comments as she quickly went on the defense, and in a moment of despair tweeted a completely nude photo of herself. Viewers are still not convinced that she was in fact born a girl;  Instead they're convinced that she must be a transvestite. Joseline, is not taking the comments and opinions of viewers lightly, as she has resulted in a crazy twitter rant.  

According to StraightFromTheA Joseline tweeted:

I pray to GOD and I’ve always been blessed and you don’t know me I’m good in my own skin. Negative,jealousy,evilness u wasting your time
Is no stopping me. Wasting your time I laugh at the shit still come on vh1 still go to studio still shooting my videos lmao who r u????
We are the only ones who can stop us. You afraid or negative u 2 will be in that same boat—> never made nothing out of your life!!
Talking about others show how much time u got in your hand you should b a shame it ain’t cute not 2 have goals n shit to do.
The universe loves hard working people!! Universe loves people that understand life that’s why I will never be stopped!!!
U can talk about me shoot me down call me names I laugh at y’all cause I have a goal to meet n worrying bout the afraid I can’t conquer!!
Only people that’s afraid,jealous,mad at life focuses on another individual so much and so harsh I take n handle everything I’ve done.
I knew people was Gona judge me like this that’s why I did it. God said it was Kool I talk to him all the time. I’m not afraid I’m winning
This is Kool I like to be put down just to see how strong I am I’m made out of bricks nothing can brake Joseline trust me
I’ve been taking care of myself Sence I was 13 u guys are a piece of cake lol for those who don’t understand. I love life n I’ve been talked
About Sence I can remember. U know nothing about me. It looks 1 way but is always another way I can take that Doe cause I want a better life
Is funny the people that always be talking shit about u, will kill to be in your shoes. Lmao u can’t cause u ain’t strong enough
Nobody cares about the haters and please stop with anothers women man bitch u ain’t around to see who he goes to sleep with every night.lmao
Can’t wait til I move to silicone valley!!! Lmao. LA here I come!!!!

Related: Joseline Hernandez Tweets Nude Photos To Prove Her WomanhoodViewers Are Petitioning To Remove Love And Hip Hop Off The Air

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond Confesses To Setting Up Tupac To Be Shot

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosewood photo credit: GlobalGrind

Wow, it has been 16 years since Tupac Shakur was gundown, and 18 years since the staged Tupac robbery/shooting. It seems that now almost twenty years later James Rosemond a.k.a. Jimmy Henchman has confessed to the 1994 setting up of Tupac Shakur at New Yorks Quad Recording Studios. It seems that Rosemond himself attempted to negotiate a deal with authorities for one charge and unknowingly confessed to another. 

Global Grind reports via Village Voice, 

According to the Village Voice:
"Rosemond secretly admitted to involvement in Tupac's ambush during one of nine "Queen For A Day" proffer sessions with the government last autumn, court transcripts show. (In such sessions, suspects under investigation choose to enter an agreement with the government to confess knowledge of certain crimes with the agreement that the information won't be used to prosecute them.) His confession unfolded as he was trying to carve out a cooperation deal that might lead to a reduced sentence, according to federal prosecutors.
"If [Rosemond's attorney] is going to argue that this was a fabricated article, it's the government's position that we can put in the defendant's own admission about that particular shooting," the prosecutor said. "In saying it is not true, when in fact it is true, the government should be able to rebut that argument that he's making, [and introduce] that the defendant actually admitted to this 1994 shooting."
The revelation surfaced May 14 during a sidebar in the same Brooklyn federal court where Rosemond was later convicted of operating a multimillion-dollar crack ring that moved thousands of kilos of drugs and dirty cash between Los Angeles and New York. Twelve jurors took only two days to issue a unanimous verdict, convicting him of all 13 counts with which he was charged.
Before he was killed, Tupac recorded a song called "Against All Odds," in which he blamed Rosemond for orchestrating the assault at the Quad. He spit:
"Jimmy Henchman. . .
[You] set me up, wet me up... stuck me up.
But you never shut me up."
The Tupac shooting has been a staple in hip-hop lore, as it triggered the East Coast vs. West Coast war that waged through songs and videos.
Rosemond will never be charged for his role in the 1994 ambush on Shakur, which was classified by NYPD as a robbery.
In New York, the statute of limitations on robbery is seven years, which means the time to prosecute anyone for the Quad case expired 11 years ago. No one will ever go to jail for attacking Tupac: Not Jimmy or anyone who was implicated in the shooting."
Wow, is all I can say in regards to this story because, Tupac was adamant about his assailants; he stood firm when he made allegations, and he even named these guys who attempted to murder him an the entire time. It appeared to the fans that outsiders that Tupac was going crazy and had become about disoriented and paranoid after he had been shot. He insisted that it was not a robbery but an attempt to silence him forever. We'll Pac is dead and gone now, and what do you know almost twenty years later, the evidence shows that he was exactly right. This is so sad that our justice system is so negligent.R.I.P Tupac, I guess it's true what you say, " The Good Die Young". What Is Our Justice System Come To? should be the name of my next blog. What do you guys think of this situation? 

Bobby Brown Gets Married In Honolulu

Bobby Brown Is Married | Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown, Wife Alicia Etheredge and wedding party. photo credit: People via Bobby Brown Jr.
Congratulations to New Edition's Bad Boy, Bobby Brown on his recent wedding to his fiance' Alicia Etheredge.  I'm not sure how I missed this news but, I wasn't knowledgeable of this union. I came across an article  online this morning via  People . The article was entitled " Bobby Brown Is Married".

According to People,

Less than 24 hours after his performing a New Edition concert in Honolulu, BobbyBrown and fiancĂ©e Alicia Etheredge tied the knot Monday, a source confirms to PEOPLE. 

The R&B star, 43, was surrounded by family and friends, including his older kids Landon, 23, La'Princia, 22, andBobby Jr., 19, as well as Brown and Etheredge's only child together, Cassius, 3. 

The groom wore a red suit and Adidas sneakers that matched those of Cassius, who served as ring bearer. Four young flower girls were in attendance.Bobby Jr. posted a photo of the wedding party on Instagram. 

The couple became engaged in a very public way in 2010, when Brown popped the question to Etheredge during a sold-out New Edition show in Jacksonville, Fla. Brown credited Etheredge with giving him a new lease on life following his 2007 divorce from Whitney Houston, who died in February

Willow Smith Shows Off Her Tongue Piercing

Willow Smith showing off her tongue ring. photo credit: That Grape Juice

What Is This World Coming To? Willow Smith has a tongue ring, really.  Willow Smith is the daughter of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.  She is also the younger sister of  Jaden Smith.  This picture of the singer surfaced yesterday of her flaunting a tongue piercing. I don't know what mommy and daddy dearest is thinking right now but this behavior is inappropriate for anyone; not to mention a young lady  who is all but eleven years old. It was shocking when they allowed her to shave the sides of her head; it was even more shocking when they allow her to cut all off her hair off; an know this tongue ring action just puts icing on the cake. 

 As we've noticed,  the Smith Family is not the traditional household;  When people addressed Jada with questions concerning the shaving of Willow's head, she simply responded by stating that, she is simply allowing her daughter to express herself. I believe in the freedom of expression ; however, I also believe kids need some type of guidance and restraint. I'm not sure what message a tongue ring in an eleven year old's mouth sends to people. Imagine the eleven year old followers in observance right now contemplating this awful piercing. I mean really this is too much Ms. Willow needs to pipe down, seriously. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Is Being Boycotted

Cast member of VH1's 

Uh -Oh, it seems that viewers have had it with the VH1's reality chain. Finally, they have gone to drastice measures. As you know on Jun.18th the reality show debuted it's first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The episode was drama filled, as it featured, ATL's own rapper, Lil Scrappy and his mom who is by the way an ex madam. An by Madam I'm not speaking in terms of royalty; In this episode Lil Scrappy's Mom, Mama Dee revealed that she was a female pimp. She also revealed to the world that she has a roaring disliking for the former Crime Mob member, Diamond. Apparently, Diamond supposedly cheated on Lil Scrappy, with Soldier Boy. 

I think it was a bit much for her to attack Diamond's character without her being able to defend herself. Fans were extremely dissatisfied  with that part of the footage; and the footage of an up an coming rapper by the name of Joseline; who the show exposed as Producer Stevie J's side piece. Meanwhile, the Stevie J is in a full blown relationship with his baby mama; of whom he shows no respect. However, the most shocking parts of the episode, was yet to come, as  ATL's own K. Michelle finally tells her story.  In this episode K.Michelle revealed that an abusive relationship with  an ex Jive exec. almost ended her life. K. Michelle, didn't reveal the name of this producer that she accused of womanizing and stealing her money in the episode. However, she would go on to reveal that  her womanizer was none other than Toya Carter Wright's current husband, Mickey "MempHitz" Wright. Viewers are extremely upset with the way the character's came across on television.Viewers don't feel that these characters represent real ATL royalty. Instead, they argue that it makes the city look bad.

According to *, an organization that lives up to its name, is going after VH1′s newest ghetto show, “Love &Hip Hop: Atlanta” with a boycott petition.
And for good reason as far as a lot of folks are concerned. Think about it. In just the first episode alone, the show introduced viewers to a former crack dealer and pimp, a victim of domestic abuse, and a former stripper who had to try and prove her womanhood by tweeting a full blown nude photo of herself. And on top of that, she’s also a possible mistress to music producer Stevie J.
The petition reads:
After we made a ruckus about Basketball Wives, sponsors began to pull ads. Well, it’s that time again, folks!
While we should respect the perceptions and experiences of the men and women featured on “reality” television shows, networks are airing stories that could be very helpful for people to hear, but they’re telling these stories in EXTREMELY dangerous ways.
We all know premium digital crack rock is ‘slanged’ in digital hoods other than VH1. We also know the problem is not just TV–it’s a big, mean, social monster that we’ve gotta shoot down one non-violent bullet at a time. Nevertheless, somebody’s gotta be the face of this lovely movement. And since VH1 has chosen to give us yet another beautifully-blinged jewel of commercial exploitation (Love & Hip HopAtlanta), they might as well be the face of change. By the way, shout out to all African Americans who received Love & Hip HopAtlanta as their Juneteenth gift! You won and lost at the same time!
As we work toward national- and local-level change, let’s tell VH1 and their sponsors (again) why people from a broad range of backgrounds will NOT stand for the exploitation of the lived experiences of people who may not even know they’re being exploited. This isn’t a “Black or White” thing, this is a HUMAN thing…and we should all understand.
P.S. That “turn of the TV/your kids’ TV if you don’t want to watch” argument doesn’t work here, VH1. A good number of the kids who are most at risk don’t have the luxury of living with parents who can just “turn off the TV”. Why? Because their parents are out working multiple jobs (thanks to this lovely thing called poverty); one or both parents are on drugs, dead, or in jail; or they’re raised by ill grandparents, relatives who aren’t that interested in their future, or foster parents who abuse them and only foster to collect a check.

I don't think that they will be successful in having the show cancelled simply because, drama sells, and VH1 intends on collecting the big check from yet another reality series filled with Drama. It's sad but true. What's your take on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Will you be signing their petition to take the series off air?

Friday, June 22, 2012

MempHitz Calls K. Michelle A Liar

memphitz kontrol magazine

What Is This World Coming To? MempHitz calls K. Michelle out on twitter. As previously reported, K. Michelle's infamous abusive boyfriend that she mentioned during the first episode of  Love and Hip Hop   Atlanta, is non -other than, Toya Carter Wright's husband MempHitz.  Apparently MempHitz took offense to K.Michelle's speaking out about the abuse that she says almost ended her.

MempHitz who is currently celebrating his one year anniversary to Toya Carter, took to twitter to express his take on the alleged abuse that K.Michelle says he inflicted upon her.

According to Hello Beautiful, MempHitz tweeted:

and then posted this pic:

Wow,  someone is on the defense. Now I of all people, before this news absolutely adored the fine specimen of a man that MempHitz appears to be.  I mean, this guy is gorgeous. However, that doesn't mean that he is incapable of committing such a violent act.  The fact that he never, stated I didn't abuse, or hit you does suggest that there is truth in what  K. Michelle , is stating.  If he would have taken the high road and wished her the best with her career, I may have been convinced, but to air her dirty laundry, and to expose facts about her plastic surgery and money he spent on her just suggests, that he really is abusive with words; and maybe even abusive physically. 

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