Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drake and Deelishis Hit The Club

Deelishis and Drake photo credit: HipHopDetroit

There are two things in life that seem to be very consistent  with Drake.  One thing is that he loves hot women, and  the other is that he likes an even hotter club environment. A few days ago Drake, Flavor of Love's Deelishis, and Rapper J. Cole hit up the club in Detroit, shortly after a performance.  Both Drake and J.Cole, were on the Paradise Tour, that had head line earlier in, Clarkston, Michigan.  Drake has had his share of clubbing in the public eye this month. Earlier this month he was exploited while drunk in several photos with a microphone, and dazed eyes, and a few days prior to this appearance with Deelishis, Drake was spotted and photoed walking through a club hand and hand with Rihanna. I see Drake is the man, and I aint mad at him

If you've missed Drake's Drunken club madness here is a rundown of the photos and info. 

According to Monroe On Sugar,

We got some photos of Drake celebrating the success of his “Club Paradise” tour first leg at On Broadway Nightclub in San Diego, California on March 11th. It looks like our boy Drake was a little to tipsy at the club this week. He Even try to mack at the DJ and gets the digits. 

Apparently, Drakes likes to party; However, he seems to always have a bad chick accompanying. Earlier this week sources reported that Drake was spotted in a club touring hand and hand with the infamous Rih Rih (Rihanna). If you hadn't seen those photo's, check them out now.

Drake and Rihanna Hanging Out In The Club

According to Naybesa

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Rihanna and Drake hit up Miami for the shooting of French Montana’s new video titled, ‘Pop That’. Of course the talk of the day is going the be the photos above. Apparently when cameras were off Drake and Rihanna were seen getting close andholding hands in the club.

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