Monday, June 25, 2012

Has Joseline From Love And Hip Hop Lost Her Mind

Joseline Hernandez photo credit: StraightFromTheA

Love and Hip Hop's Joseline Hernandez is definitely on the viewers choice list. She has been heavy on the defense since the airing of the shows very first episode that resulted in viewers calling her a man. Viewers were not pleased with the show featuring her as a woman when according to them she is clearly a man. The photo above doesn't help prove viewers theory wrong simply because, she looks extremely masculine in this photo.  However, Joseline did not take kindly to viewers comments as she quickly went on the defense, and in a moment of despair tweeted a completely nude photo of herself. Viewers are still not convinced that she was in fact born a girl;  Instead they're convinced that she must be a transvestite. Joseline, is not taking the comments and opinions of viewers lightly, as she has resulted in a crazy twitter rant.  

According to StraightFromTheA Joseline tweeted:

I pray to GOD and I’ve always been blessed and you don’t know me I’m good in my own skin. Negative,jealousy,evilness u wasting your time
Is no stopping me. Wasting your time I laugh at the shit still come on vh1 still go to studio still shooting my videos lmao who r u????
We are the only ones who can stop us. You afraid or negative u 2 will be in that same boat—> never made nothing out of your life!!
Talking about others show how much time u got in your hand you should b a shame it ain’t cute not 2 have goals n shit to do.
The universe loves hard working people!! Universe loves people that understand life that’s why I will never be stopped!!!
U can talk about me shoot me down call me names I laugh at y’all cause I have a goal to meet n worrying bout the afraid I can’t conquer!!
Only people that’s afraid,jealous,mad at life focuses on another individual so much and so harsh I take n handle everything I’ve done.
I knew people was Gona judge me like this that’s why I did it. God said it was Kool I talk to him all the time. I’m not afraid I’m winning
This is Kool I like to be put down just to see how strong I am I’m made out of bricks nothing can brake Joseline trust me
I’ve been taking care of myself Sence I was 13 u guys are a piece of cake lol for those who don’t understand. I love life n I’ve been talked
About Sence I can remember. U know nothing about me. It looks 1 way but is always another way I can take that Doe cause I want a better life
Is funny the people that always be talking shit about u, will kill to be in your shoes. Lmao u can’t cause u ain’t strong enough
Nobody cares about the haters and please stop with anothers women man bitch u ain’t around to see who he goes to sleep with every night.lmao
Can’t wait til I move to silicone valley!!! Lmao. LA here I come!!!!

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  1. Just because you see a vagina don't think it's not a man! Can someone say plastic surgery?! The face don't even look the same in the video.


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