Thursday, April 19, 2012

DMX Breaks Down While Discussing His Abusive Relationship

DMX Breaks Down Crying  photo credit: VH1

Rapper DMX smooching his bulldog photo credit: MissInfo T.V.

Rapper Dark Man X (DMX) has made his way back to the big screen. This season of VH1's Couples Therapy features DMX and his wife TiSheera as they try hard to make amends to repair their marraige. 
DMX who's real name is Earl Simmons holds nothing back in this particular episode that air earlier this week. He reveal that he endured one of the worst abusive mothers ever encountered. He speaks of his abuse, as he describes the braiding of extension cords, and being brutally beaten awake from sleeping. DMX also expressed that he, still has insomnia as a direct result of being to beaten up out of his sleep.

Utter dismay as shock arised I witnessed DMX's very descriptive and emotional breakdown via VH1,

If you can watch this without crying, then you may be perhaps the strongest person I know. DMX's story is one filled with triumph and tragedy. He has my support and up most respect. He says some interesting things in the video above. However, DMX breaks down and cries in the video below. 
Brace yourself, it pains me so deeply, that people could just have babies and treat them so badly. I've always loved DMX as an entertainer because he was so hard core but, his edginess  has always embodied pain. I'm glad that he didn't turn out to be full blown .


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