Monday, October 29, 2012

WTF.... Woman Points Gun At Baby In Facebook Photo

So sad woman points gun at credit:  via facebook
What Is This World Coming To? Look at this idiot pointing what appears to be a gun at a infant. This photo is quite disturbing to me because, this is in fact an infant child, meaning this baby is unaware of his own life being at risk, and unable to protect himself.  There are several questions that come  to mind upon viewing this idiots photo. First questions,  is why are you smiling and pointing a gun at an innocent child? Next question, is this your child? Third question, why are you not locked up? Fourth question, who took this stupid photo. Here is another round of questions. Are you insane, is the person who snapped the photo a child or insane too? Why hasn't someone alerted the authorities on this fool.

I chose to use the word fool, for lack of better words. Is this what our society has come to? It is well within reason that a child being raised with this type of person as a parent has no chance at leading any type of a productive life. Apparently, she has no sense of reasoning.  She is sending the wrong message to this child. Suppose he picks up  a gun, points it at someone and shoots them. Not to mention his frame of thought when it comes to guns in general. He is being reared right now to believe that he is supposed to aim guns at individuals. Normally, stupid things get zero percent of my attention, however, someone needs to report her to the authorities. For the sake of the child I hope this is some type of photo shop. This is child abuse at it's worst. No child should be subjected to such foolery.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blaque's Natina Reed Dies One Day Shy Of Her 33rd Birthday

Natina Reed one day shy of her 32 birthday
Happy Birthday is an order, to the late Ms. Natina Reed. Natina Reed, who was part founder and one third,  of the former group, Blaque, died last night after an apparent hit and run accident. Natina Reed, was the late  Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez's protege. Left Eye signed the group to her label after watching them perform.  Natina starred in the hit movie "Bring It On" alongside her group members and Gabriel Union.   In 2001, Reed was engaged to rapper Kurupt. In 2002, she gave birth to their son Tren Brown after the group was dropped from their label. Reed and Kurupt were separated. Reed was the cousin of former Destiny's Child member Farrah Franklin. This story is so sad, as Natina Reed has died one day short of her 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday Natina.

Natina Reed and Kurupt
According to TMZ,

Natina Reed, member of 90′s R&B girl group Blaque, was killed in a hit-and-run accident as she walked across a street in Atlanta, GA, last night, October 26, according to a number of notable Atlanta figures. Check out my favorite Blaque Song, "Bring It All To Me".

Friday, October 26, 2012

WTF.... California Man Hangs Obama Effigy (Doll)

Photo of Obama Effigy(Doll) photo credit: Global Grind
What Is This World Coming To?- Another idiotic episode targets President Obama.  A california resident reported a neighbor with a hanging Obama Doll dangling from a tree in his front yard. Apparently, neighbors took offense to this insane gesture an resulted to reporting it. Nevertheless, this ignorant tactic is being addressed by the perpertraitor as a " harmless halloween gesture", blown way out of porportion. However, it is well within reason to believe that an  image of anyone being hung, was never done with  good intentions. I wonder if the secret service, is willing to chalk this up to being a harmless halloween prank.  Check out the video footage.

According to Global

A homeowner in Southern California got a visit from the Secret Service earlier this week, after he hung a depiction of President Obama from a tree in his front yard.
Neighbors of Eddie Million complained that the effigy of the President hanging from a noose was disturbing and disrespectful, while another man told reporters that the decoration was racially offensive due to the nation's history of lynching Black men.

Million explained that the effigy was meant to be "something spooky" and a harmless Halloween decoration. He told reporters, “This is just a misunderstanding. This is getting all blown out of proportion. It’s down. It’s gone. We didn’t want to hurt the president. It was just for a party.”
Nonetheless, Secret Service took the matter more seriously and paid him a visit to deliver a stern warning. “They said that [incident] could have been construed as a threat to the president,” said Million. “They said my name is going to be on file. They said they’re just going to make a note…”
Million admits that putting up the noose was a "bad" idea that he regrets.   
Was this a harmless Halloween prop, or does this type of imagery have a deeper meaning.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chris Brown Spotted With The Ex- Karrueche Tran, Again


Uh oh...Chris Brown has been spotted with the ex, again.  I guess Chris Brown warned us in his ranting and raving video release, that he was in fact, in love with both females. His ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and Rihanna. So this news comes as no surprise to me. However, this situation pretty entertaining. Now, I know that Chris is young, but real talk, he needs to decided who or what he wants because someone is bound to get hurt, in this triangle.

TMZ is reporting,

Chris Brown's recently-dumped ex Karrueche Tran still believes she has a future with the singer -- in fact, Karrueche is telling friends, she's not gonna stop trying to get with CB just because Rihanna's back in the picture.

Sources close to Karrueche tell TMZ, she was hurt when Brown gave her the axe a few weeks ago ... but she never stopped loving him -- and now, she is on a mission to get him back.

We're told Karrueche got used to a certain level of celebrity while dating the singer, and she's not ready to "go back to being basic" -- even if that means messing around with Brown, while he's messing with RiRi.

Eventually, we're told Karrueche hopes to edge Rihanna back out of the picture.

Case in point -- Karrueche and CB were spotted hanging out together Monday in Burbank, CA ... two days after Rihanna and CB were spotted together in L.A.

As we previously reported, CB broke up with Karrueche earlier this month -- citing RiRi as the reason -- saying, "I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is Kanye West Contemplating A Proposal For Kim Kardashian's Birthday

Kim Kardashian and Kanye

Wow, Kim Kardashian is at the height of her game right now; and I for one, am loving it.  In addition to being a very successful reality star fashionista/ entreprenuer, Kim has managed to snag one of the Biggest Bosses in the game right now, none other than Kanye West himself.  Since the couples public union sparks have been flying between the pair. Rumor has it, Kanye is planning to propose  to Kim Kardashian on her birthday, which just happens to be tomorrow.

Global Grind is reporting,

According to Ryan Seacrest (a close Kardashian pal and executive producer of their reality shows) who went on his radio show to hint at the big news, Kim is "demanding an engagement ring" for her 32nd birthday, which happens to be tomorrow.
According to a source who spoke to RadarOnline, the couple has been contemplating getting engaged for some time now.
They revealed to the site:
“It’s only a matter of time before Kanye pops the question,” the insider revealed. “They are madly in love with one another and as far as Kanye is concerned he wants to spend the rest of his life with Kim."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

50 Cent Takes A Shot At French Montana On Twitter

50 Cent and French Montana photo credit:
50 Cent is up to his old antics again. Apparently, he has a new target and this round it's French Montana.  It seems that 50 Cent took offense to a statement made by French Montana during an interview with Complex Magazine.  French Montana made a comment stating that ""You should avoid beef if you trying to make money. People get scared when you try to beef with people," French told Complex. "In general, [even in street shit] nobody want to stand next to you if somebody about to shoot you, unless you have a a big lick [hustle]. They [used to] do that with 50 because 50 was the bank. They knew he was going to win. People ain't doing that [anymore]."

"I feel like beef hurt him. I feel like it helped [Rick] Ross unite people. That's why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense," he continued.

As a result 50 Cent went all in on twitter, when he tweeted the following:

"French Montana you ain't Sh!t boy. You out your league talking about me you  hoe. i read your little interview what the fucx is you high," he tweeted. "French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. AIn't nobody's waiting to hear your verse. Girl. Do you realize this fool @FrenchMontana hasn't sold one record and talking about sales. I'm not tweeting about this little fool No more. I'm see him and he gonna explain that's it."

Of course, French came back at 50 by tweeting, "@50cent damn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da fuuuckkk happen to uuuuuu."

And it wouldn't be a beef without subliminal shots from each other's camps. The Bawse is above @'ing folks. "yawl kno these hoe ni**as get emotional around the holidays haaa," Rozay tweeted

Smh, this beef fueled so fast; after that Jeezy and Rick Ross BET Brawl.. Where Is The Love ?

Keyshia Coles Has A New Single: "Trust and Believe "

Trust And Believe

 Keyshia Cole is definitely back, in full force. BET premeired " Keyshia And Daniel" : A Family Affair , October 9,2012. Fans tuned in to witness a newly wed Keyshia Cole and Family.  Since then, Keyshia has dropped a new track  Trust And Believeoff of the up and coming Woman to Woman album. The official album cover features, Keyshia  Cole in all white and a pair of the hottest spikes I've ever seen. Keyshia Cole looks  and from the sound of the song, her vocals are in tact. Check out Keyshia Cole's new single below. Keyshia Coles " Woman to Woman"  album will be released Novemeber 19,2012.  Click the link to pre-order now, and receive it November 19, 2012.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WTF...Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J On The Lips In A Night Club

Lil Wayne Kissing Stevie J.

What Is This World Coming To? A video has surfaced of Lil Wayne kissing Stevie J. I don't know who had this footage but, it surfaced in a video on  World Star Hip Hop earlier today.  The internet is buzzing with this latest info. Question is- how much validity is there in this claim?

Lil Wayne Kissing Birdman

The video didn't appear to be all that far fetched; as I'm sure this conjured up memories of the Lil Wayne and Baby kissing photo  However, Joseline is not taking the news too well. Check out what she had to say on twitter, as Joseline tweeted the following:

Joseline Hernandez via twitter
Really, Joseline, I don't know if this statement cleared up anything but, I guess this is her way of coming to Stevie J's defense. However, just because he loves one doesn't mean that he won't try the other. She never stated that this picture was a fake. Ijs. This can't be a good image for a Gangsta Rapper.

Esther Dean Confesses: " I Wrote Right By My Side" To Rihanna From Chris Brown

Ester Dean and Chris Brown photo credit: Necole Bitchie.

Wow, recently in a radio interview, Songwriter/ Singer Ester Dean revealed that she  actually wrote Nicki Minaj's track "Right By My Side".  As I'm sure you may already know, that Chris Brown is featured on Nicki Minaj's track.  The revelation was great but, not as shocking as the revelation that she made in reference to Chris Brown's verse.  Ester Dean revealed unbeknowst  to Chris Brown, that when she wrote his verse she actually worded to Rihanna what, she thought Chris Brown felt about her.  

According to Global Grind-,

In an interview with JAM'N 94.5, Ester Dean revealed she wrote Chris Brown's part for Rihanna on Nicki Minaj's "Right By My Side:" 
"Well, a little secret: I wrote that song for Chris and Rihanna. I wrote it for her from him. But he didn’t know that. I just felt like I wanted to say that to her from him."

Ms. Drop It Low herself, dropped somewhat of a bombshell, with that great revelation. It seems that the Chris Brown/ Rihanna Union, (Chrianna), is one that  has been highly anticipated by Ester Dean as well as fans.  Let's see what happen's next.  Check out the video now.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

In His Own Words.....Jay-Z Brings BK To BK

Beyonce and Jay-Z bring the house down at the Barclay Center 

Beyonce Performs With Jay -Z  photo

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are born performers. The two brought the Barclay Center down, in Brooklyn down, as Bey joined her husband in his final performance. Bey hit the stage in a Super Diva form. Dressed in all black, Bey kept it gangsta sporting her Dodgers Hat, and black leather booty shorts. Bey performed Diva first before Jay-Z joined in the performance of Crazy In Love. The two were completely in sync with one another, as the crowd went crazy went Jay-Z Smacks Bey's butt on que. Check out the great performances below.

Uh Oh..Chris Brown and Karreuche Hang Out At A friends House

Chris Brown and Karrueche photo source:

Just when you thought, the Chris Brown/ Rihanna/ Karreuche triangle couldn't get worse, Chris is on the prowl again. This sources are reporting the that Chris Brown and Karreuche were hanging out together at a friends house.  At first glance, I thought, this is just another lie in an attempt to create a stir over nothing. Now if your wondering, what's the big deal, the big deal is Chris Brown has released a video that had since gone viral of himself admitting to being in love with both women. Shortly after the video he tweeted, photo of himself in an apartment with his Mechanical Dummy drawings and packed bags  at the bottom of the steps. The photo left many with the speculation that he had packed Karreuche's bags. Though it's still unclear, whether Chris Brown did, in fact pack Karreuche's bags, the table's have seemed to turn pretty fast. The validity of the story, I thought, was questionable, at first.  

Did Chris Brown pack Karreuche's bags? photo credit: Global Grind

However, I then noticed this tweet, was retweeted by non-other than Breezy himself. 

In Flex We Trust reports, 

And the love-triangle gets even more crazy! Just when you thought Karrueche and Chris were no more so as to make way for the reemergence of Chrianna…think again! The pair hung out on Saturday night at music exec Jas Prince’s house, confirmed by not only Jas’ tweet, but Chris’ RT of it! And according to sources close to the pair, Breezy is going HARD to get Kae back. Meanwhile, Rihanna is continuing with her extreme work schedule. Could this be where Kae gets the upper hand? The fact that she is always available/right there for Chris, and Rihanna’s schedule will rarely permit the former couple to get some QT? Plus she’s working on another new album right now, so that only means things will get crazier! Hmm! Check out what their friends are reporting below.
(RO) – Chris Brown has been calling and texting his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, revealing that he still loves the stunning model and wants to get back together with her…
Chris has been in constant communication with Karrueche ever since she dumped him. She ended it with Chris because he was just blatantly flaunting his dalliances with Rihanna, but now he’s telling how sorry he is, and how much he loves her,” a source close to the former couple tells Radar.
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chris Brown Releases Video: Is It Possible To Love Two People?

Chris Brown Admits To Loving Both Rihanna and Karrueche

Chris Brown recently released a video, attempting to explain, what most of us already figured- that he is caught between a rock and a hard place. Chris basically states that he believes that he is in love with two women-If that's even possible. The video shows footage of he and Rih-Rih getting pretty close in a nightclub, and some footage of himself and Karrueche Tran traveling, and then the video flip flops to Chris blow basically in a blowed and drunken state. Aside from stating the obvious, this video was entertaining.  Watch the video as Chris Brown poors his heart out. What can I say, it's like that some some time. I've been in this predicament before. One word devastated, Dont Judge Me.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Chris Brown: "I Don't Want To See Her Hurt Over My Friendship With Rihanna"

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran

For months on end, the Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion has been brewing. Finally, Chris Brown, made a conscious decision to break it off with his girlfriend of two years, 24 year old, model Karrueche Tran- Chris' Explaination-"I Don't Want To See Her Hurt Over My Friendship With Rihanna".

Rihanna Kissed Chris Brown @VMA's "12"

While, I can certainly reason with Karreuche's heartbreak, Chris' break up with her should not have come as a surprise. In fact their relationship lasted longer than anyone anticipated. Chris Brown's entire Graffiti  and F.A.M.E. (Deluxe Edition) Albums, told the story of a guy head over heels in love with  the ex, vulnerable, hurt, and confused. It shared a tale of a  guy attempting to move on but, not by choice. Chris' albums headlining songs like, She Ain't YouUp To You, All Back,Oh My Love (Explicit Version), and Should've Kissed You solidified Chris' undying love for, the Barbadian Beauty Rihanna that he was once in a relationship with.   

Is Chris Brown's Latest Tattoo Rihanna?

The lyrics of She Ain't You, really sparked my attention, simply because, it seemed as if he was speaking to Rihanna directly, as the first verse starts he sings. " You make it hard for me, to see somebody else, I'm calling her your name, and yeah it's messed up, because I'm thinking about you, It's your fault Babe, I never wanted us to break up, no not this way, but you don't understand me girl, When she touches me, I'm wishing that they were your hands, and when I'm with her it's only about the sex, with you I had a bad romance, and If I could, trade her in I would, because NOBODY COMPARES TO YOU. She Aint You". Check out the lyrics and the song now.

Chris Brown and Rihanna, turned heads again when, Chris Brown tweeted Happy Birthday Robin, to Rihanna on twitter before, making an appearance at her birthday party. Shortly, afterwards they dropped Rihanna's Birthday Cake Remix. The remix featured none other than Chris Brown, and his verse started out with these lyrics,  " Girl I Wanna F*** You Right Know, It's Been A Long Time, I've Been Missing Your Body".  Rihanna playfully taunted back, 'It's Not Even My Birthday but, He Wants To Lick The Icing Off".  As time permitted Chris Brown and Rihanna had a host of events suggested that the two would eventually be an item again.

Must Read: Rihanna and Chris Brown Hook Up Again In A Nightclub Bathroom

Another moment that captured audiences and viewers everywhere was Rihanna's Oprah Interview. Rihanna shared with Oprah that she felt that Chris Brown was her soulmate, and that she would always Love Chris Brown; not to mention, the Chris Brown/ Drake Fight, that caused fans and critics everywhere to speculate that the fight was over Rihanna,  Oh yeah, then there was that VMA's incident where Rihanna walks up to Chris and kisses in smack dab in the mouth on camera, in the front of his girlfriend. The list of Chris Brown/ Rihanna encounters continues on and on. It can take all day for one to update. TMZ has the entire rundown of the Chris Brown/ Rihanna/ Karrueche Tran Saga, and have humorously, created a time line, and entitled it "She Aint You". For now, TMZ, is reporting, 

Chris Brown says he has officially BROKEN UP with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran ...  explaining, "I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

Brown just made the announcement ... saying, "I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

He adds, "I'd rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives." 

The announcement comes after Brown and Rihanna were spotted together at the Jay Z concert in Brooklyn last night. The two had been hanging around each other A LOT lately ... and did some hardcore flirting at the MTV VMAs. 

Karrueche had posted a cryptic tweet last night reading, "Bye baby." 

Now it makes sense.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Video..Nicki Minaj Curses Mariah Carey Out During American Idol Taping

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey photo credit:usmagazine

Nicki Minaj has had it with Mariah Carey, already. This video is hilarious, as Nicki Minaj has a full blown flip out session on Mariah. Watch as Nicki Minaj goes on a 57 second straight cursing frenzy, ultimately alienating Mariah. The funniest part of the video is when the producers yell time out, time out and actually run onto the set, while filming. I wonder what sparked  Nicki's full blown tantrum. Of course, it had nothing to do with both divas, bringing all that "tude" on set. Check out this hilarious video, and tell me what you think, please...

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OMG...Lark Vark Has Been Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

Lark Voorhies photo credit : Euroweb

What Is This World Coming To? Saved by the bell's Lisa Turtle, who's real name is Lark Voorhies, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder  that causes, unusual shifts in mood energy and activity levels. Hellobeautiful is reporting,

Lark’s mother revealed to People that doctors noticed her daughter began alternating between moments of pure joy and constant chatter to times of prolonged silence, coupled with a vacant stare – within a matter of minutes.
“It’s frustrating… They can’t explain it… I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.”
The actress, who has been struggling with the erratic behavior for years, was recently prescribed medication to help deal with the mental illness, but Tricia insists the condition was brought on by a series of undisclosed events, which left the actress traumatized.

This a terribly sad ordeal. My heart goes out Lark. She was my favorite character on "Saved By The Bell". 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rumor Has It: Chris Brown and Rihanna Were Spotted Hooking Up In A Bathroom

Chris Brown and Rihanna photo credit:Thy Blackman

What Is This World Coming To? Or should I say, what is Chris Brown and Rihanna doing now? These days, it seems that what ever they're doing, it's with the likes of each other. It seems evident that these two are still in love with one another. Rumor has it, that the couple is met up in a night club, and hooked up in a bathroom.  I guess this is Rih-Rih's idea of finding love in a hopeless place. 

CTVNews is reporting,

The former couple were spotted kissing on the dancefloor at New York City hotspot Griffin before moving to the back of the club to get some privacy.
An onlooker told Celebuzz that Chris made a beeline for his ex-girlfriend, who was sitting at a neighbouring table, and "climbed over the centre to get to her."
The R&B singer was seen "dancing on the table for Rihannaand the two appeared "very smitten" as they were "hugging and kissing, and they went to the back of the club alone together".
Further reports state that the pair were locked in a bathroom together for 30 minutes while two bodyguards guarded the door.
A friend of Rihanna's told Hollywood Life: "It was on and cracking. They hooked up. I wasn't in the bathroom with them but I know they f****d around and what not."
"They were in the club partying hard, had some drinks and kush and one thing led to another and that was that... He wanted her just as much as she wanted him." Eyewitnesses have taken to twitter to comment on the couple's reconciliation, with fellow club-goer @kandibecool posting: "Btw, Chris Brown and Rihanna are def together or at least hooking up... Saw it 1st hand (sic)".
Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran appears to have heard the rumours, after she tweeted this morning: "there's a difference between a man and a boy. I prefer men (sic)."
When a friend told her to "Let it go for your own good", the model replied: "oh baby I am."

Nicki Minaj Buys Lil Wayne A Campagna T-REX 14R Sports Car For His 30th Birthday

Lil Wayne looks excited as he received his new Campagna T-Rex 14 R compliments of Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne T Rex

Well Happy Birthday Tunechi! Lil Wayne turned the big 30, on September 27, 2012. It seems that Weezy, had a great time celebrating with good friends and even greater gifts.

photo credit: TMZ

Nicki Minaj dropped a cool $70,000, on her label mate/ best-friend/ bosses, one of the most unique presents of all. This red campagna T-Rex 14R Sports Car. TMZ reports, Sources close to Nicki tell TMZ, the new "American Idol" judge got Weezy a Campagna T-Rex 14R -- a two-seater motorcycle-car hybrid that's ultra-lightweight at 1,040 pounds ... and FAST, reaching speeds of 150mph.

The trike retails for roughly $50,000 but we're told Nicki tricked hers out as a special "thank you" for all Wayne's done for her career -- dropping a total of $70,000 on Weezy's gift. I'm not mad at Nicki, it's always good to give back, especially considering that  Lil Wayne has greatly influenced her career, even help to coin her, the FEMALE WEEZY.

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Real Hair On Twitter

nicki minaj real hair
Nicki Minaj shows off her natural  hair on twitter; photo credit: Hellobeautiful via twitter

Fans were outraged, when Nicki Minaj decided to show off her natural roots on twitter. Nicki  Minaj is the weave/wig queen.  Nicki Minaj has been known to rock a weave in virtually every color known to man. Imagine the expressions on fans face when Nicki revealed her natural tresses; that just happened to be extremely lengthy. Nicki Minaj tweeted:

nicki minaj hair tweets

Video Footage: Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Fight

Rick Ross and Jeezy Fight Backstage @ BET Hip Hop Awards photo credit : TMZ

As previously  reported, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got into what some are calling a scuffle and other's are calling a fight at BET's Hip Hop Awards" 12" Show. Just when they thought no one was looking WA-LA, TMZ  has copped the footage check it out now. Will, this type of madness ever stop? Seriously, two fully grown millionaires with everything to lose, fighting. SMDH

Monday, October 1, 2012

Usher Evicts Tameka Raymond From His House

Usher and ex-wife Tameka Raymond photo credit: Rolling Out

I'm guessing Usher is at the end of his ropes with Tameka Raymond, and is now evicting her from his mansion. TMZ is reporting, 

"Usher wants to make it clear to his ex-wife ... the days of freeloading are OVER -- because TMZ has learned, he plans to sell the mansion she currently calls home. 

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Usher's lawyer sent Tameka Raymond a letter informing her the 12,000 sq. ft. Georgia home -- which Usher owns -- is going on the market and she needs to find new digs.

Usher has allowed Tameka to live in the home for the last few years -- but per their 2009 divorce agreement, Usher has the right to sell the pad at any time as long as he gives 60 days notice.

According to sources, Tameka didn't take the news well, seeing as she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce.

On the flip side, we're told Usher feels he's given Tameka plenty of time to get her act together ... and enough is enough."

Usher's 3 Million Dollar Home, Tameka Raymond's Current Residence photo credit: Straight From The A

First, there was the ugly custody battle, where she painted Usher out to be one of the worst people in the world. During the trial Tameka publicly disclosed, infidelity issues that she endured with Usher. Tameka stated that she was devastated as she learned of Usher's sexual involvement with not one, but two of her Bridesmaids. She also, revealed that she didn't think that Usher was capable of taking care of her son's solely, as she demanded that he take a drug test. Usher was in dismay, as the media constantly captured photos of Usher with tears streaming down his face. The photo even showed her reaction, as she sit with a smile on her face at while Usher was scrutinized. 

However months later Tameka's world came crumbling down, as she lost her 11 year old son, Kyle in a jet-skiing accident.  It was said, that Usher, charted a plane to fly Tameka across the world, so that she could get to her son. Usher's great gesture backfired again, as some of Tameka's close friends, attacked Usher again, stating that the media, totally disrespected Kyles biological father, by giving Usher so much praise and not mentioning him. However, Usher remained silent.  A month later, Usher made a decision to continue on with his custody battle for sole custody of his two boys.  A judge awarded final custody of the children to Usher, and all hell broke loose. 

Usher conducted an interview with Oprah. The interview must have set Tameka Raymond off again because shortly, after Usher's Interview with Oprah. Tameka Raymond conducted an interview of her own, where in she dished tons of dirt on Usher yet Again. Check out the interview that may have pushed Usher to evict her below. 

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