Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tyra Banks Kisses Bow Wow...Again

Tyra Banks and Bow Wow, set the set of 106th and Park on fire today, when they re-enacted a kiss that they engaged in years ago on the set of the Tyra Banks Show. Bow Wow was absolutely floored; overwhelmed with shock, Bow Wow even admits to have to go behind the scenes to gather himself. This was one of those moments that will forever reign in the history of 106th and Park.

Tyra Banks was a guest on the show, tonight as she is promoted an all new season of  America' Next Top Model. This time Tyra decided that she would also include men.  Tyra's chemistry with Bow Wow, is actually what stole the show.

So I'm wondering does that make Tyra Banks a cougar? I don't think that there would be anything to come of this but, then again, who would've ever imagined Bow Wow, with Super Head. Ijs.

Monday, July 29, 2013

R.Kelly Is Back....My Story Featuring 2-Chainz

Oh ladies..... our boyfriends back. This time he has teamed up with, Mr. (When We Gone Get That Bentley Truck), 2-Chainz himself, to tell his story, and he's sticking to it.

It's funny the pide-pipper would say that, but I'm sold. We first got a sneak listen of the song when he surprised us all with a stunning performance at the BET Awards 2013, and I knew then  that he was on a comeback stint.  Nevertheless, our boyfriend, it's not cutting corners, as I've already gotten hooked on this new joint.

The new track is entitled  My Story, and the hook is so catchy, I'm already singing, "This is my story, and I'm sticking to it",.  Listen to the track now.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Corrupt Cops......Birmingham Police Officer's Charged With Arson and First Degree Robery

What Is This World Coming To? Birmingham, Alabama has charged one of it's own police officers with first-degree robery.  T'Derek Luster has been terminated from the police force as of yesterday, arrested and charged with two counts of robbery, and two counts of ethics violation.  This is sad because, law enforcement is steadily enforcing laws upon others but yet and still they are committing acts as hanious as robbery and arson.

Which brings me to the next part of this crazy story.  Mr. Luster's arrest came just hours after another corrupt cop's fait was determined by a judge, sentencing him to 100 years in prison for several cases of arson related to six fires last year.  Curtis Thornton, was only 28 years old, and stands to spend the rest of his life in prison for arson charges.  

I for one, am apaulled at the way our system continues to fail . It seems like Birmingham was running a real live training day ring.  I'm not really sure how I feel about these sentences, because one the one end I understand, that when you are a public official, you have taken an oath to the justice system, and surely if you break that oath or manipulate the power's conveyed, then you should be tried by specific deterrance.  

However, I'm wondering  what crime is more punishable, murder or arson. Basically, I'm wondering how in the world Zimmerman get away with murdering an unarmed minor, when a man sets fires and receives a 100 years sentence.  

Nevertheless, this character Curtis Thornton, is the 28 year former police officer that was just sentence to 100 years, is showing no remorse for his actions.

Curtis Thornton 060112.jpg

Blog reports,

Before sentencing Thornton, the judge listened to a July 15 jailhouse recording of a telephone conversation Thornton had with another man in which he told the man that he would "tell everyone to kiss his a..." before apologizing or asking for mercy.
A few minutes later when Jones asked Thornton if he wanted to say anything before pronouncing sentence, Thornton declined.

Deputy Jefferson County District Attorney John Geer sought the maximum sentence on each of six counts to run consecutively for a total of 100 years. Thornton continues to be in "complete denial" and that his behavior was escalating and the fires getting more serious.
Thornton started fires while he was in uniform and on duty, Geer said. "His behavior was brazen," he said.

Smh, What Is This World Coming To?

Friday, July 19, 2013

WTH....D-Wade's Ex-Wife/ Baby Mama Homeless In Chicago

D-Wade's Ex-Wife Homeless photo credit:tattltailz

In the name of all foolery, what in the world is wrong with D-Wade's ex-wife/baby's mama. She is sitting on the corner with signs waving claiming to be homeless. The sign is a dead give away that this is some foolishness to plot against D-Wade. I mean the signs read, " NBA Miami Heat Star Mother Of His Children On The Streets".  It's not clear if this is a hoax but, if it is D-Wade better be very careful because she is cuckoo for co-coa puffs crazy.

Tattletailz  reports,

According to a our friends at, Miami Heat player D.Wade’s ex-wife is homeless and is sleeping on the streets in Chicago!  Siohvaughn Funches Wade was spotted sitting in front of the Daley Center with signs that said that she’s out on the streets. We are told she was ranting about food, water and shelter. This is a sad sight to see, this is the mother of his children.

Do you think this is for attention? Is she having a break down or is she really homeless?? D Wade took her kids and clearly her dignity too!! Looks like her and her friends came up with this idea before thinking of the backlashes? I hope she can bounce back and get her life right, and work on getting her kids back.

Kanye West Viciously Attacks The Papparazi On Camera

Kany West Attacks Papparazi photocredit: TMZ

 What Is This World Coming To? Rapper Kanye West, meant exactly what he said when he made the statement to  Papparazi about not ever talking to him again. Apparently, this photog didn't take Yeezy serious, and decided to aggressively approach and question Kanye as he and his bodyguards were attempting to exit the Airport.
This ultimately resulted in Kanye laying the smack down on the photog right then and  there on the scene. When it was all said and done the paramedics had to arrive on the scene to assist the photog.

According to TMZ,

THIS VIDEO IS CRAZY ... Kanye West viciously attacked another photog at LAX Friday afternoon -- and it was so bad ... paramedics rushed to the scene.

Kanye was on his way out of the airport when he was swarmed with paparazzi, snapping pictures. One photog was especially aggressive -- not a TMZ photog -- and probed Kanye with a bunch of questions.

Take The 30 Day Crunch Challenge

This looks like a great 30 day crunch challenge. It calls for you to start with  20 regular crunches, on day1, and to increase those crunches by 5 every day.  You will rest on the 4 day and resume on day 5, by then increasing the amount of crunches by 5 for the rest day and 5 for day of resume, giving you a 10 crunch increase on the resume day.  This one is great because it is designed with a rest day after three days of duration.   You can also check out other 30 day challenges,  here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

26 Year-Old Pregnant Olympian Dies

Pregnant Ethiopian Olympic runner Meskerem Legesse has died at age 26. (Google Images)
Meskerem Legesse photo credit: newsone

What Is This World Coming To?  A 26 year-old pregnant olympian has collapsed and died, in the presence of her two year old son.  Apparently,  Meskerem Legesse, an ethiopian, professional and olympic runner collapse and died in West Conneticut earlier this week.  While it is unclear the cause of the collapse or death, Doctors were able to save her baby, after she died at the hospital.

According to NewsOne

HARTFORD, Conn. — A former Olympic and professional runner from Ethiopia who was due to give birth in three weeks has died after collapsing at a Connecticut restaurant, but doctors were able to save her baby, her friends said Wednesday.

Meskerem Legesse, 26, who lived in Westport, Conn., was with her 2-year-old son when she collapsed at a Chinese restaurant in Hamden on Monday, said her friend, Fatima Sene. She was transported to a hospital where she died and the baby was saved, Sene said.
The cause of death wasn’t clear. Sene said Legesse had suffered heart problems in the past.
“It is very sad. She was a very good person,” Sene said. “She would do anything for anybody. And she loved that little boy she left behind.”

Legesse ran in the 1,500 meter competition at the Athens Olympics in 2004. She finished 12th in a first-round heat with a time of 4:18:03 and didn’t advance to the medal race. She moved on to a professional running career in the U.S., competing in events including the Boston Indoor Games, Fifth Avenue Mile in Manhattan and the Millrose Games in New York. She apparently hadn’t raced within the past few years

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beyonce Debuts A Sneak Peak Of Her New Video "Bow Down"

Beyonce: photocredit:trailsandtresses

What Is This World Coming To? Beyonce has debuted a sneak peak of her new video "Bow Down". I can only imagine the back lash she will receive for this video. As I recall the awful tongue bashing she got when she first dropped the song months ago . I can recall the idiotic rant that Keyshia Cole went on, posing absolutely no threat what so ever to Beyonce.  When it was all said and done Keyshia Cole had earned the right to have The Dream publically announce that he will not work with her again.  Nevertheless, Bey's still working her magic on and off stage. Check out her sneak peak of "Bow Down".

Saturday, July 13, 2013

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

What Is This World Coming To? George Zimmerman has been found Not Guilty  in the death of Trayvon Martin. I am in disbelief and utter dismay at the lack of justice that resonates within our so called justice system.

First of all, my heart goes out to the family of the late Trayvon Martin.  I have lost all faith and reliance in this so called law. This trial was the most orchestrated, unjust, circus act I've ever seen.  The fact that a jury of six women would find him not guilty doesn,'t surprise me.  Women have been known to make wrong decisions based on vulnerability.

Justice herself is a women, and she is blind. How smart was that of the heartless idiots that they call the defense would prey upon.

Here lies the death of a 17 year old child killed in cold blood at the hands of Zimmerman. The only thing that this trial has proven is that where there lies no witness, there lies no conviction.

In this case,  Zimmerman murdered the  only  eye witness. I just wonder what happened to the but for test. Trayvon might have slugged it out with Zimmerman but had Zimmerman not followed him the fight nor his death would have occured.  Not to mention, the fact that an officer advised him to stand down, and he did not.

I find solice in knowing that God doesn''t make mistakes. So he will deal with Zimmerman in due time.  So sad, there  has yet to be any Justice For Trayvon Martin.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ice Cube Says F*** Dwight Howard and Calls Him A B****

Ice Cube is the latest celeb to join the, “ I hate Dwight Howard” ban wagon. Dwight Howard is not on the list of favorites these days because of the decision that he has made to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, for a better opportunity with the Houston Rockets.
First Kobe Bryant unfollowed him on twitter, which was all so mature, and then Rapper, The Game, stated- “fans shouldn’t burn Dwight Howards Jersey, but I am, and  now Ice Cube has annihilated him publically by say f*** him and calling him a b****.
According to TMZ,
"F**k Dwight Howard ...we don't need no punk ass motherf**kers on our team."
He continued, "We don't need no bitches on our team homie."
Cube adds, "Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one."
After the rant, he told the crowd ... "I'm glad I got that off my chest. "
So are we.

Wow..,Rihanna Gets Too Drunk at Festival and Gets Escorted Out

What is this world coming to ? Rihanna and her gal pals got way past too turnt up at the Portland Heineken  Festival Opener, this weekend; so much so that she had to be escorted out of the festival. Sources report that Rih-Rih and her gal pal Melissa were both totally wasted at the very event that she was invited to perform.  This would not be the first time that Rihanna has gotten way too drunk to function. Just months ago Rih-Rih got too drunk in a nightclub and the Papparazi had there way with photos and footage.
Ironically enough, this time was no different as websites are flooded with the footage of a way too intoxicated Rihanna having to be escorted out of the festival. Rihanna is definitely crying out for help. I guess there is nothing like a broken heart to enduce a serious downward spiral.  Dear Chris Brown please reach out to her. IJS.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Are Married

Congratulations is in order for Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. The two of them were married today.
This news does not shock me. The two of them seem to be so into each other. Every photo captured of the two always seem to be in perfect unisome. Amber always looks as if she could eat Wiz alive.  The two of them announced the news earlier today via twitter.

Amber tweeted simply " Yay me and my baby are officially married".  This is one couple that I think is sure to last. You can just see the love in there eyes I the photos. Amber has got a life size tatoo of Wiz on her right arm, his son,  and now his last name, what more can a guy ask for?  

photo source:

Mariah Carey Rushed ToThe Emergency Room For Injury While Filming Video

Mariah Carey was rushed to the emergency room late yesterday evening. E! Online confirmed that Mariah was injured on the set of her Beautiful Remix video. Apparently, Mariah dislocated her shoulder on the set of video, that sources have confirmed was being produced by her husband Nick Cannon.  Don't fret fans it was  confirmed that Mariah's shoulder was adjusted back into place by Doctors and that she is resting comfortable at home after being discharged late last night.

Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" Earns $17 Million Over Weekend

Comedian Kevin Hart  is having a great year.  For starters, he actually performed in madison square Garden and sold out not one but, two shows, raking in a whopping $10.1 million.  And now- the "Think Like A Man" actor has raked in another whopping $17million from the box office for the syndication of his two sold out shows in Madison Square Garden in movie form entitled "Let Me Explain".  Not too bad for the hilarious character that we first witnessed as a laughing riot in his comedic debut via the movie "Soul Plane". If you guys have not seen his freshman syndication entitled "Laugh At My Pain", you may want to partake in viewing, it is hilarious.  Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" is even funnier than "Laugh At My Pain". If your in need of a good laugh this is the movie.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

WTH...Rihanna's Twerking To Drake YouTube Video

The goodgirl gone bad herself, is back at it again. This time Rih-Rih's bestie Mellisa actually instagrammed a youtube video of her twerking to Drake's verse on ASAP Rocky's F---ing Problems. The youtube video that is sparking all the buzz features +badgirlrih fenty twerking up some island style. The footage appears to only be :16 in time has got blogs buzzing in unisome.   Ironically enough this video has come so soon after Drake was a no show at the BET Awards due to his conflict with Chris Brown. Sources are even reporting that Karrueche, (Chris Brown's ex-, no current-girlfriend) offered her two cents.

Not suggesting that Rihanna could give one hot got damn about what she thinks, or states, the blogger's were quick to mention that she suggested that Rihanna was thirsty for attention. They further stated that she was in disbelief at Rih-Rih and couldn't believe she could record such a video.  The video is hilarious as Rihanna is seen making her booty bounce and twerk to Drake.  If you have not learn how not to give a f---, take notes via Rih-Rih.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nicki Minaj Go In On LAHH Atlanta's Kirk Frost

photo credit : thejasminebrand
 Nicki Minaj is going all in today via twitter on LAHH Atlanta's Kirk Frost.  Plain and simple Kirk is the latest asshole revealed by way of  the show. For starters, Kirk has impregnated his wife, who just happens to be  none other than the Geogia Peach herself Rasheeda; but Kirk is anything but happy that Rasheeda is expecting. When she broke the news to him his response was, this is not the right time, and he even suggested that she get an abortion and later he decided to request a blood test.   The icing on the cake is, that Kirk is now being shown running around like a dog in heat.

Kirk Frost and Mystery Lady StraightFromTheA

Last nights episode aired revealing all of Kirk's extra-curricular activities. Kirk decided that he would dismiss him-self and relinquish his rights as both a father and a husband by entertaining himself with a bachelor weekend off at a Lake with Benzino and Bobby Valentino. Kirk was shown kissing and hugging  another female, (who btw had no problems with taken the bottom of her bikini off in a room full) all in the hot-tub, and when the show wrapped, two women escorted him to a room, and closed the door.  Meanwhile, his pregnant wife is at home left with his teenager and unborn child.

Like most viewers Nicki Minaj was pissed at him, and responded via twitter. 

According to S2S,

That was the final straw for Nicki, who could no longer hold her toungue (or fingers)! “Damn my n*gga, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she’s pregnant on nat’l tv like that? cornballs on deck,” Nicki tweeted. “If you’re trying to convince someone you’re not gay that’s the wrong way to go about it.”

But Nicki’s criticisms were not done there! The “Va Va Voom” rapper could not believe that Kirk would be brazen enough to cheat on TV and to justify by saying that Rasheeda should understand why he wants to mess around with other women if she loves him. “Your wife is pregnant. U do that on nat’l tv? GTFOH…having problems is one thing, broadcasting it on a tv show for some air time is another,” Nicki stated.

“That woman stayed by your side. how dare u? And i dare u to say it ain’t none of my business. u done sold it to vh1. its everybody business,” Nicki continued. “It’s levels to this sh*t…lol…the lower level minds will never understand that. You’re willing to ruin a 15 yr bond for vh1? el stupido

Get'em Nicki.

Kordell Stewart Has RHOA's Porshe Stewart Court Ordered Out To Be Removed From Mansion

Porshe Williams-Stewart- Kordell Stewart divorce drama photo credit- bravotv

Kordell Stewart is back up to his usual bs. This time he has gotten the authorities involved. As previous reports over the last few months have suggest that he no longer wants to be married to his wife, announced his filing for divorce to her via twitter, then had the locks changed so that she could no longer utilize their home. 

Well, of course Porsche was not going without a fight, so as long as she remained married to him she was entitled to his riches via (the mansion).  But things have surely changed, now that a Judge has ordered Kordell's soon to be ex-wife Porsche to be removed from the premises.

According to JuicyMag

KORDELL STEWART‘s wishes were granted as a GA judged ordered that his soon-to-be ex-wife PORSHA WILLIAMS be removed from their Georgia Mansion.

According to TMZ, STEWART was awarded the property after their proceeding judge dismissed WILLIAMS’ claim that she was locked of her home by former hubby and had nowhere else to go.

STEWART’s celebration can’t start just yet as he was ordered to $5,000 in alimony to WILLIAMS for
the next three months, hand all of her possesions, pay for moving costs and a storage unit until she finds a stable home.

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