Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tyra Banks Kisses Bow Wow...Again

Tyra Banks and Bow Wow, set the set of 106th and Park on fire today, when they re-enacted a kiss that they engaged in years ago on the set of the Tyra Banks Show. Bow Wow was absolutely floored; overwhelmed with shock, Bow Wow even admits to have to go behind the scenes to gather himself. This was one of those moments that will forever reign in the history of 106th and Park.

Tyra Banks was a guest on the show, tonight as she is promoted an all new season of  America' Next Top Model. This time Tyra decided that she would also include men.  Tyra's chemistry with Bow Wow, is actually what stole the show.

So I'm wondering does that make Tyra Banks a cougar? I don't think that there would be anything to come of this but, then again, who would've ever imagined Bow Wow, with Super Head. Ijs.

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