Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Revolving Door of Thoughts | Toya Carter & Memphitz Tie The Knot

Revolving Door of Thoughts | Toya Carter & Memphitz Tie The Knot

Well congratulations to Toya Carter and Memphitz. In case your not aware people, the couple tied the knot this past weekend.Some of her guest included Monica, Lauren London, Kandi, and a host of close relatives and friends.  I am so happy for Toya. She deserves this. She is a prime example, that you can overcome your circumstances. She came from the inner city and like many of us, she didn't have much. But hard work determination and prayer has blessed the ex Mrs. Carter with a successful career. She has just published a book, she has her own television reality show on BET., and she has nabbed the very fine Memphitz. Way to go girl. and Congrats to the both of you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nia Long Is Pregnant

According to,, Actress Nia Long is expected a baby. This photograph has just surfaced of a visible pregnant Nia Long beachside showing off her baby bum. Her baby's father  is said to be her boyfriend of a year, San Antonio Spurs' Ime Udoka. The two have been photographed on various occasions; and they seem to be very happy about their new edition to the family.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Brown Apologizes Again:This Time For Gay Slur

Okay guys apparently Chris Brown, is fed up with paparazzi as many celebs are. He is being ridiculed all over the internet for for an abrupt outburst at the paparazzi. He was furious that the paparazzi apparently reported that his car was illegally parked, in hopes of a chance to  photograph him getting a ticket or arrested. Nevertheless, Chris Brown allegedly shouted, "Did You all call them and try to film me. Ya'll Nigga's is Gay"is what he shouted apparently at the cameraman. Need less to say , later on Chris tweeted on twitter an apology, his tweet read, " I have total respect for Gay Community it was not my intention to insult anyone."  I myself am not shocked or surprised at the apology because I think it was morally the right thing to do. However, I do think the paparazzi needs to leave him alone. If a celeb doesn't want the camera time leave them alone. Quick point though, why didn't he apologize for saying nigga, if that's the case. I'm just saying.  I love Chris Brown, I just think that they purposely target him. What do you think?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rihanna Guns A "Man Down" In Her New Video

Rihanna's new video "Man Down" has sparked major levels of controversy. Many critics are concerned that her video is promoting gun violence and sending the wrong message to peers or underaged viewers. Rihanna is not too pleased with the mixed reviews from the critics. Some networks are banning the video. Buzz about the video is all over twitter and the internet. BET's 106th and Park premiered the video yesterday, and the fans loved it. They also phone Rihanna, who was adomen about the approach and the powerful message. In case you don't know the song is about a female who guns a man down after she has been raped. Though, I'm not condoning murder or gun violence, I think there is justification in this message. The girl is crying to her momma, telling her " how sorry she is that she just gunned a man down".  I love Rihanna as an artist, and I think she has grown tremendously since the girl next door that we were introduced to. Life does that to you sometimes. Big ups Rih-Rih do your thing, I applaud your courage and talent.  Rape is an issue that has been covered up far too long;  So many of us have been victimized and so little of us  speak out about it.  I applaud Rihanna for her efforts. If you haven't seen the controversial video here it is, check out "Man Down " by Rihanna.

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