Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Badgirlri Goes Off On Instagram: Check Out Rihanna's Latest Instagram

Rihanna photo credit: Gossip We Love

Badgirlri is on a obscene photo binge today. Apparently, Rihanna decided to openly share some photos of her in very compromising positions. Aformentioned,was a photo that Rih-Rih instagrammed of herself with her hands in her pants; sporting a  pair of socks with the word FUCK captioned. 

However, that photo pailed in comparison to the feature photo that Rih-Rih instagrammed with the caption, "Gotcha bitch tip toeing on my marble flo'!!! Sick ass custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thank you".  If you ever need a lesson in how not to give a f###, take notes from your badgirlri.  I love it.

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