Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drakes Drops A Diss Song Aimed At Chris Brown

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Chris Brown Rihanna and Drake

What Is This World Coming To? It looks like Drake is not over his beef with Chris Brown just yet.  Drake has reportedly released a new single dissing Chris Brown. The single that is entitled 5am In Toronto, seems to be an ode to Drakes constant disregard for Chris Brown, and what he is describing as a secret relationship with Rihanna.

The lyrics of the song boasts a tale of some less than great record sales for Chris Brown; late night creeping with Rihanna, Drake even suggests that Chris Brown's album sales would've doubled had he featured him on it. Drakes boasts,

“A couple albums dropped, those are still on the shelf/I bet them s**ts would have popped if I was willin’ to help,” Drake raps, referencing Chris’ mediocre album sales and suggesting that if he had contributed a guest verse or two they would’ve sold so much better. “A lot of n***as PR stuntin’ like that’s the movement/And I’m the only n***a still known for the music.” “I’m just being frank with you/I mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you?”

Aforementioned was Chris Brown's rant during a concert that Rihanna's private parts belonged to him. I guess this was Breezy's response to Drake's diss. Either way this does not look good for Rih-Rih. It seems that she is caught in the middle. The last time these two had an altercation, an entire nightclub was shutdown after a bottle brawl.  Check out Drake's Breezy Dis. 

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