Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chris Brown Gets Into Argument With Parking Valet Attendant Video

Uh oh, Chris Brown made headlines again for a temporamental argument that occured yesterday between himself and a parking valet attendant. Chris Brown was  actually partaking in a good deed  moments prior to his confrontation with this parking attendant. When it was all said and done;Chris Brown had to be ushered away by his close friends. Apparently, Chris Brown didn't agree that he owed  an entire $10.00 for parking lmao. As usual TMZ caught the entire incident on tape. Check it out below.

According to NYDailyNews,

He's heard repeatedly saying "give me my f---ing keys."
At one point, Brown's bodyguards have to step in between the "Don't Judge Me" singer and the valet attendants. The suited man attempted to explain that he couldn't release any car keys without paying the fee.
Oddly enough, the singer’s parking lot behavior was in stark contrast to the cordial star seen inside the building. Brown attended the “Stars and Strikes” celebrity bowling and poker tournament, beneffiting the organization A Place Called Home , which helps underserved youth.Sources at the scene told that Brown was angry because he only spent up to 30 minutes at the bowling alley event and felt he was being ripped off. Someone in Brown's posse tried to diffuse the situation, saying "We got the money… don't worry about it" and paying up.Clearly, $10 was enough for Brown to "turn this whole thing on out," which he threatens to do. Quickly ushered away by his entourage, Brown left the scene visibly upset.

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