Friday, July 20, 2012

Update To Movie Massacre Decreases Death Toll

As previous reports surfaced earlier this morning reporting that 14 people were killed as a result of a massive shooting inside a movie theater; CBS news is reporting that the death toll has decreased from 14 to 12. At this point officers have finally released the name of this psychotic individual, the gunman has been identified as James Holmes, a 24 year old resident of Aurora, Co.  Reports have also confirmed that one of this idiots victims was a three month old baby. Again I am deeply saddened by this sick and vicious act of violence. I couldn't imagine witnessing such a cruel act of violence. Reports from eye witness are suggesting that this gunman had an accomplice. One witness is reporting the observance of a person sitting in the front row, taking a phone call and exit through out the emergency doors the same way the gunman entered, shortly after the person's exit. 

According to Fox News,

URGENT: Police and FBI are questioning the suspected gunman in a shooting early Friday at a crowded midnight screening of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in Aurora, Colo., that left 12 people dead and at least 50 wounded — the deadliest U.S. shooting since the Ft. Hood massacre in 2009.
The suspect, identified by federal law enforcement officials as James Holmes, 24, is in police custody. KUSA reports that Holmes kicked down an emergency door at the theater, threw in some type of a smoke bomb and began shooting when moviegoers started to run.
Witnesses say they heard a series of explosions and up to 20 gunshots after the scene grew chaotic. About 100 witnesses were taken to a local high school to be questioned by police.
Police, ambulances and emergency crews swarmed on the theater after frantic 911 calls around 12:30 a.m. local time, officials said.
Holmes reportedly fired shots inside the theater and fled to the parking lot and was confronted by police already at the theater for crowd control.
Holmes wore a bulletproof vest, police said, and was carrying a rifle and two handguns. The handguns may have been placed in the theater before the shooting.

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14 People Killed and At Least 50 Severely Wounded In Movie Theatre Massacre

Shooting Massacre in Aurora, Co photo credit: Denver Post

14 killed at movie theater photo credit: cbs
What Is This World Coming To? This morning Colorado has suffered yet another massacre. This time a movie theater was the targeted venue. Last night, marked the midnight premiere of  Batman's, the Dark Knight, trilogy in Aurora, Co. Fox news is reporting that, during the previews airing, the suspect kicked in the theater's emergency exit doors, and proceeded to throw in tear bombs.  The suspect then, stood armed in front of the movie screen, armed with a riffle and a handgun, an proceeded to gun down individuals as they ran in fear, attempting to exit the movie theater. The gunman fired at least three full  rounds, wounding at least 50, and even shooting a baby at point blank range in the presence of family. When the shooting stopped, 10 died on the scene, and five died after hospital arrival.

The gunman who is now in police custody, remains unidentified is a male in his early 20's. The gunman was said to have come prepared to kill as it has been reported that the gunman was wearing a bullet proof vest,  and a mask. It has been speculated that the gunman actually had a handgun stashed inside the movie theater. It has also been confirmed that the gunman had a car full of explosives parked behind the movie theater. While, in the police custody, the gunman indicated that he may have had explosives in his apartment that has been confirmed is in Aurora, Co.

Eye witnesses describe the scene as horrific, as one man who was visiting  states that he seen a mother cradling her one year old baby girl who had been shot in point blank range.  What a sad ordeal. Colorado is no stranger to massacre, as it will forever hold a significant place in history for  the  horrific columbine shootings.

Denver post reports, 

AURORA — Fourteen people were killed and about 50 were injured early Friday when shots rang out at an Aurora movie theater during a premiere showing of the new Batman movie.
A 24-year-old suspect in is custody and an apartment building in north Aurora connected to the suspect was being evacuated and searched for possible explosives, according to Police Chief Dan Oates.
Oates said there was no evidence of a second suspect, but the man in custody had made a statement about possible explosives in his residence.
Ten people died at the scene and five others died at hospitals.
Sometime before 1 a.m., police received reports of gunshots at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the AuroraTown Center.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brandy and Chris Brown Has Teamed Up And Put It Down

Brandy and Chris Brown photo credit: Swaysuniverse

Brandy Norwood, and Chris Brown have teamed up for a hit. The single is entitled " Put It Down", and it is said to be on Brandy's up and coming album. While the album's release date has yet to be revealed, fans are highly anticipating it. Judging from the sounds boasted on this single, this album is sure to be a great one. Chris Brown needs toilet paper, plan and simple Chris Brown= Hit. Chris Brown and Brandy definitely put it down on this one.  Don't take my word for it  listen to it now.

Man Who's Noted For Having "World Largest Pennis" Is Interrogated At SFO Airport

John Falcon via autuallisimo

Wow, this story is both shocking and hilarious. Apparently, John Falcon, who coincidentally holds the world's record for having the biggest penis in the world, was interrogated by airline officials, while attempting to board a plane in San Francisco. It seems that Falcon's abnormally large bulge in his pants create quite a bit of chaos in the airport. Airline officials, were alarmed as the bulge on his left side created an illusion he was obviously attempted to smuggle something on the plane. Turns out the bulge in his pants just happened to be  an extremely large love muscle.  Mr. Falcon was frisked for some odd five minutes before officials discovered that it was indeed his love muscle that created the bulge. Afterwards he was released and permitted to board the plan. I guess this really was a ridiculous situation. An for all the women who are wondering, just what it looks like, I've manage to grab this link of a standing photo of Mr. Falcon, check it out now

 SFGate reports, 

New York man known for his unusually large penis was patted down by airport security at San Francisco International last week after they questioned him about the bulge in his pants, he said.
Jonah Falcon, 41, who has been featured in several documentaries about the world’s biggest penises, was returning from a trip in San Francisco on July 9 when he was stopped at security by TSA agents who spotted something out of the ordinary hanging to the left in his pants, he said.
“They wanted to know if I had something in my pockets, and when I said no, they asked if I had some sort of growth,” he said.
When he replied that it was just his penis, they “checked the area around it” but didn’t frisk him too severely, he said. They also wiped his hands to check for explosive powder.
Falcon said the delay was mostly amusing to him and only delayed him for about 5 minutes. He said it was the first time his penis had caused a security concern.
“I”ve gone through the (airport scanner) before, and I wasn’t worried,” he said. “What was the worst that was going to happen — I was going to have to whip it out for them? I’m used to that. Sometimes when people ask me about it, if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll just show them.”
Falcon’s penis has been reported as 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect, according to Rolling Stone. He has been featured in documentaries on HBO and overseas and hasappeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He works as a video game journalist and as an actor with small roles in movies and television shows, according to his Internet Movie Databaseprofile.
Falcon tweeted about the airport delay and the Huffington Post was the first to report on the incident.
A spokesman for the TSA at SFO was not immediately available for comment. Falcon said the agents were “professional” about the security check.
“It was probably harder on them than it was on me,” Falcon said.

Beyonce Shows Of Baby Blue While Shopping

Beyonce was spotted out with her beautiful bundle of joy yesterday in Manhattan; Apparently Bey engaged in a mother ,daughter shopping spree  in Manhattan. Nevertheless, nothing gets by the Papparazi;  However, Bey looks all to comfortable, as the Papparazi  goes into a snapping picture frenzy. Check the camra guy on the left. Way to go Bey, Baby Blue is beautiful. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who Is This Woman Touching Her Toes For Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy photo credit:  Soulja Boy on Tumblr
At first glimpse, this photo will catch the eyes of a blind man. Soulja Boy seems to be extremely content  with this woman captured in this photo touching her toes. Question is who she? It doesn't look like Soulja Boy's boo Diamond. Last we seen and heard over and over in reputition via Love and HipHop Atlanta, Diamond left Lil Scrappy for Soulja Boy. I sincerely, hope that this is a old photo or that this is just a bad shot of Diamond because, this girl looks considerably larger than Diamond. Soulja Boy has been spotted everywhere with Diamond on his arm. Most recently  he and Diamond made a BET award show appearance. Diamond was nominated for female rapper of the year. 

Here is Diamond and Soulja Boy captured at the BET Awards Show 2012. The lady captured in the photo above doesn't resemble Diamond. Ijs. What do you think? Is the lady touching her toes for Soulja  Boy in the photo above Diamond. 

Does Tyra Banks Have A New Boy Toy?

Tyra Banks and Rob Evan in Jamaica photo credit: NecoleBitchie

Does Tyra Banks have a new boo? Apparently so, and I'm so not mad at her. Recently, Tyra dropped an entire panel of old duds that she employed as judges on America's Next Top Model. Tyra then replaced them with some fresh new faces. One of which Tyra seems to be extremely fond of.  His name is Rob Evans and he is only 24 years old. Rob who is a professional model by day, and now a judge on America's Next Top Model seems to be extremely close to Tyra. 

According to Necole Bitchie,

A few months ago, Tyra dropped America’s Next Top Model judges Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Miss Jay to bring in some fresh new talent for the upcoming Cycle 19: College Edition.  The new panelist  included blogger Bryan Boy and 24 year old model Rob Evans who is also rumored to be her new boo. (What happened to Drizzy??)  Shortly after the announcement, folks started saying Tyra was the new  J. Lo, comparing her rumored relationship to Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with 25 year old dancer, Casper Smart.
This week, Tyra tweeted a cute candid of her enjoying the beautiful waters of Jamaica with Rob while rocking some fake Bob Marley inspired dreads. She tweeted
“U guessed it mon, I am irie in sexy Jamaica for #ANTM w/ @the_robevans!”

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love and Hip Hop's Yandy Smith Attends Her Baby Shower

A very pregnant Yandy  and Kimbella pose for photos @ Yandy's Baby Shower photo credit: Necole Bitchie
Love and Hip Hop's original cast member's Yandy Smith and Kimbella are both expecting. However, Yandy threw a mega shower for her unborn son.  Yandy, who is  the former Manager of Rapper Jim Jones,is about as stylish as a pregnant woman can be. Although she looks as if is she could explode in a minute, she's still flaunting her fabulous hair weave, and face beat with make up to perfection.  Yandy's baby shower was apparently, extremely upscaled, and entertaining.

Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith is just about ready to pop!
This past weekend, she celebrated the upcoming birth of her baby boy with a baby shower at Tian Restaurant, located on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. The shower, attended by her baby’s father Mandisi, a very pregnant Kimbella, Missy Elliott, Juelz Santana and Maino, held the theme of the night, ‘Welcome Baby Harris’ which was a spin on Jay-z and Kanye West’s ‘N-ggas In Paris’.
According to her website, Everything Girls Love, Yandy arrived in a Tadashi Shoji dress and Giuseppe Zanotti heels to the shower. The party was sponsored by liquor brands like Tyku and Covada Vodka as well as Bartenura Moscato who provided the cocktails for the evening. In true celebrity style, a list of sponsors provided lavish gifts for Yandi which included a Orbit G2 Stroller System and $3500 worth of services from Velashape (a non-surgical procedure that helps get rid of cellulite non-surgically).

Rihanna Attends Her Gran Gran's Funeral Service

Wow,  Rihanna attended the funeral service to mourn the loss of her dear old Gran Gran today. Rihanna looked great as she is captured in a Navy Blue Dress and a fierce pair of stilletos. My condolences goes out Rihanna right now. Often times we forget that celebs are not above humanity; Just as tragedy strikes us, they too experience tragedy. One could only imagine the amount of pain that she is enduring; having  too, lost my grandmother who was pretty much iconic in my eyes.  Rih- Rih remains optimistic as 

Necole Bitchie reports,

In life, we are surrounded by Angels who help carry, guide and lift us to the places we are destined to go as well as the people we are destined to become.   Yesterday afternoon, Rihanna’s angel, Clara Brathwaite, affectionately known as ‘Grandma Dolly’,  was laid to rest in a funeral service in Brooklyn.  She passed away last weekend after suffering a longtime battle with cancer.
A very somber Rihanna was spotted on the way to the funeral in a navy blue dress while being comforted by her assistant Jennifer.  Shortly after the funeral, Rihanna tweeted:
She is expected to fly out of New York today to head to London where she will be performing at the Annual Wireless Festival tomorrow.

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Usher's Stepson Is In Critical Condition After A Jetski Accident

Usher and Family photo credit:Sandra Rose

Oh no! Usher's stepson Kyle is hospitalized and said to be in critical condition after suffering injury due to an accident earlier today. Kyle Glover is the son of Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Kyle was apparently struck by someone riding a Jet-Ski, and unfortunately is unresponsive and critical. 

According to TMZ,

Kyle Glover -- 11-year-old son of Usher's estranged wife Tameka Foster -- is in critical condition in an Atlanta hospital after he was struck by someone riding a jet ski ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, Glover was sitting in an inner tube on Lake Lanier when he was hit in the head. We're told Glover was unresponsive when he was taken out of the water. 

Our source say Glover remains unresponsive and is currently in critical condition. 

We're told that despite Usher's acrimonious divorce from Foster, he chartered a plane for Tameka, who was out of town, to be by her son's side. 

Our sources say she was extremely thankful for Usher's grand gesture and she rushed immediately to be by her son's side.

This is extremely sad; One could only pray for the best and expect the worst. On another note this accident may bring the family closer, and finally put an end to all of the bickering involve. My condolences are with the family. Usher has got a great heart; This great gesture speaks volumes about his character and the type of man that he has grown to be.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Married On Independence Day

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada's Wedding Rings

Yay! Chad Ochocinco Johnson married Basketball Wives Reality Star Evelyn Lozada yesterday in a private ceremony that included close friends and family. The wedding was of course filmed by VH1, to be aired in their up and coming reality show this season. The photo captured above shows the two's extremely extravagant rings exchanged during the ceremony. The two picked a unique day to tie the knot, what better way to show Independence right than to wed on Independence Day. This couple is so entertaining; I personally can't wait till their show starts to air.Congrats is an order to the two.  Here is the scoop, as I read it.

Uptown Magazine reports, 

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada finally became Mrs. Johnson as she and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco tied the knot on Wednesday. Ochocinco spent most of the special day– and morning after– tweeting about his nuptials, stating that he was “using twitter as a diversion to keep [him] from getting nervous.”
“I don’t recall sending the butterflies in my stomach an invite … and why am I shaking like I’m in Alaska,” he wrote before exchanging vows.
Along with close friends and family were VH1′s cameras capturing the entire event for the upcoming reality series Ev and Ocho, which is scheduled to debut in September.
Ochocinco spent the night updating his followers while, according to his tweets, Lozada and the wedding party enjoyed their share of alcoholic beverages.
Congratulations to the couple!

Singer Frank Ocean Reveals That His First Love Was A Man

Frank Ocean

Wow, Singer Frank Ocean revealed that he was bisexual on a recent Tumblr blog. To many of us this was a surprise but for Frank Ocean it was an act of liberation. The "Thinking Bout U" singer made this bold admission just in time for Independence day. Speculation about Ocean's sexual orientation began a little over one year ago, as he began preparation for a new album entitled "Channel Orange". Many critics noticed that Ocean used the pronoun him in on quite a few occasions where they felt her would have been more appropriate with lyrics coming from a man.   

In an open letter Frank Ocean penned on his Tumblr blog, he admitted that his first love was indeed a man. According to Ocean, he and his first love was involved when they were both only nineteen years of age. Apparently, this was a very trying time for Ocean as he was just coming to grisps with the reality of being a man indeed in love with another man.  

According to Global Grind Frank Ocean penned,

"4 Summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that Summer and the Summer after, together. Everyday almost. And on the days we were together, time would glide. Most of the day I’d see him, and his smile. I’d hear his conversation and his silence.. Until it was time to sleep. Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant."

Frank Ocean has gained the respect of many with this bold confession.  One could only hope that this confession does not affect the outcome of his musical career. Frank is indeed a musical genius. His career highlights includes being an excellent songwriter for singers like, Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Brandy, Kanye West and Jayz; he is also a great singer. Some of my favorite Frank Ocean songs are, Thinkin About U, and Novacane. I wish Frank the best, and will continue to look forward to his great music. What do think of Frank Ocean coming out of the closet? Do you think this will affect his career?

Here is one of my favorite songs, check out Thinkin Bout U by Frank Ocean below.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Keyshia Cole Drops A New Single Featuring Lil Wayne

Keyshia Cole and Rapper Lil Wayne photo credit: hip hop connection

Keyshia Cole is back with a new single. Keyshia has joined forces with Lil Wayne to record a song entitled " Enough of No Love". Check it out right here.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chris Brown Drops A Diss Track Aimed At Drake

Breezy  Has A New Tattoo  

Chris Brown has just released an official diss track aimed at Drizzy Drake. In case your unaware of Chris' plight, this diss track comes in light of an altercation that occurred between the two a few weeks ago. It was speculated that Drake threw a glass bottle that resulted in an all out club brawl. When it the drama ended several were wounded including Chris Brown, his girlfriend, his bodyguard, as well as several innocent bystanders. As a direct result of the night club brawl, the club was closed down. Nevertheless, Drakes camp has repeatedly denied his involvement in the matter at hand. So by now, I guess Breezy, is pretty upset, and decided to do what he do best.  Express anger by releasing a diss track. 

According to,

Chris Brown adds a new verse to Game’s version of Chief Keef’s track and disses Drake in the process. 

Chris Brown – I Don’t Like Lyrics

A fuck nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like
They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models
Just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe
Doing shows on the soccer field, that’s dome right?
I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on sight
But hold up, I ain’t give a nigga no green light
This head up, my bread up, one-on-one, what you scared, bruh?
Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pussy nigga
My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice
Shout out to Nicki, man that ass tight
Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes
OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice.

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Birmingham's Own Rickey Smiley Defends Love And Hip Hop Joseline's Womanhood

Rickey Smiley's Morning Show Cast  wants u to know Joseline Hernandez is not a man photo credit: Facebook/Rickey Smiley

Check out the video featured above as Rickey Smiley defends Joseline's womanhood. He states " for everybody out there who's calling Joseline a man, this ain't no damn man". He further states that he looked very well at her in person in the  studio, and is convinced that she is definitely a woman. He and his morning show cast are definitely vowing that she is not a man.Joseline's Hernandez has been creating a buzz since the very first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired. As previous discussed many viewers are convinced that she is a man. As a result Joseline tweets photos of herself completely in the nude.  However, during the course of the interview, Joseline revealed some rather interesting yet intimate details, including the fact that yes she has slept with Stevie J. and "He Was Delicious". Joseline also revealed that Mimi is one of four of Stevie J.'s babies  mama's. This is a must see interview, that Joseline gave the Ricky Smiley morning show.

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Rihanna Loses Her Grandma To Cancer

Rihanna with her Gran Gran via twitter

Oh no! Rihanna has lost her Grandmother to cancer.  Rihanna's grandmother lost the battle earlier this morning;  A greif strickened Rihanna tweeted photos that featured her "Gran Gran "as she refers to her via twitter.  Rih -Rih tweeted the above photos that featured some good times shared with her  dear Gran Gran. My condolences are with Rih- Rih and family as one could only imagine how trying this time could be.

According to Hello Beautiful,

Rihanna broke the news via Twitter saying “Goodbye ‪#grangranDOLLY‬ get your beauty rest until I see you.”

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