Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rihanna Attends Her Gran Gran's Funeral Service

Wow,  Rihanna attended the funeral service to mourn the loss of her dear old Gran Gran today. Rihanna looked great as she is captured in a Navy Blue Dress and a fierce pair of stilletos. My condolences goes out Rihanna right now. Often times we forget that celebs are not above humanity; Just as tragedy strikes us, they too experience tragedy. One could only imagine the amount of pain that she is enduring; having  too, lost my grandmother who was pretty much iconic in my eyes.  Rih- Rih remains optimistic as 

Necole Bitchie reports,

In life, we are surrounded by Angels who help carry, guide and lift us to the places we are destined to go as well as the people we are destined to become.   Yesterday afternoon, Rihanna’s angel, Clara Brathwaite, affectionately known as ‘Grandma Dolly’,  was laid to rest in a funeral service in Brooklyn.  She passed away last weekend after suffering a longtime battle with cancer.
A very somber Rihanna was spotted on the way to the funeral in a navy blue dress while being comforted by her assistant Jennifer.  Shortly after the funeral, Rihanna tweeted:
She is expected to fly out of New York today to head to London where she will be performing at the Annual Wireless Festival tomorrow.

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