Saturday, January 5, 2013

WTF..Karrine Steffans Crying Over Lil Wayne on Video

Superhead and Lil Wayne

Karrine Steffans x Mykel Monroe: Over from Karrine & Co.® on Vimeo.

What Is This World Coming To? Karrine Steffans a.k.a. Superhead is up to her old antics again. Remember the extremely degrading and disrespectful letter she wrote to her boyfriend lastyear calling off the relationship? Recently she threatened a tell all of Lil Waynes sexcapades and this one takes the cake as she decided today to upload this video to the web a little over an hour of ago of herself in a drunken, crying stooper of Lil Wayne. The video itself doesn't explain why she is drinking , crying and parading around a room in her t-shirt and panties on camera. The video is nothing short of hilarious. 

The Infamous Superhead Breaks It Off With Her Boyfriend via Letter

Tattletails reported days ago that Superhead was threatening a tell all aimed at Lil Wayne simply because of a lyric in Weezy's song where he actually states that his new girlfriend gave better oral sex than her.  To add to insult, it seems that Superhead and Lil Wayne are still hooking up or at least a part of her mind thought that were. I mean really Superhead fyi, to have your most prized attribute notated, as the ability to give the best oral sex on nearly every male in the industry should be is not  a selling point, ijs. Superhead needs to really get a life. smdh. If you haven't seen the footage of this foolery, please check it out now, and feel free to comment.

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