Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WTF...Womans Boasts 8 Feet Wide Hips

hiplady feat
Mikel Ruffinelli


What Is This World Coming To?  The woman captured in the above photo is a real woman indeed; All 420 proud pounds of one apparently. Mikel Ruffinelli is a name that I will never forget;as she claims to have 8 feet wide hips and to love her body. But wait- the most shocking factor is that Mikel claims to be on a 3000 calorie a day diet, and admits to loving her body. She also claims that she has no desire to lose the weight because her husband loves it. 


Bossip shared their take on this foolery,

Bootylicious takes on a whole new meaning in relation to Mikel Ruffinelli – the mum-of-four has the biggest hips in the world, measuring a staggering 8ft in circumference.

Mikel – who tips the scales at 420 lbs – insists she’s proud of her shape, scoffing 3,000 calories a day to keep her “booty” in perfect condition.

Vowing she’ll never diet, Mikel says her husband of 10 years, Reggie Brooks, 40, a computer technician, adores her figure.

Mikel, 39, says: “I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems. I love Mexican food, English breakfasts and chips. My husband finds my shape sexy and we have an amazing time in bed – there’s no position we can’t do! He tells me I’m beautiful every day. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

Mikel, who’s 5ft 4, shuffles through doors sideways, has steel supported chairs at home and drives a truck as she can’t fit into a car. She even sleeps in a 7ft-wide bed.

Fit into a car?! She IS a car!!!

Slim as a teenager, she started gaining weight at age 22 after the birth of her first child, Andrew, now 19, from a previous relationship.

She says: “I was an athletic teenager and weighed 140 lbs. I never had problems with my weight, although big hips do run in the family. My mum, gran and great gran all have them – but theirs aren’t as big as mine.

“After having Andrew in 1994, I went from 13st and a size 16 to 238 lbs. and a size 20 and couldn’t shift it.”

And, as three more children – Destynee, 13, Autumn, nine, and Justyce, seven – followed over the next decade with Reggie, her hips ballooned, and she reached 420 lbs. and a size 32.

She says: “I put it down to my pregnancies. I don’t see why else the weight would go to my hips, although, I do eat lots.”

Peep more pics of Mikel on the flippy, plus a high school pic of her before she turned into an Escalade.

LMAO, Bossip is definitely one of my latest addictions. I am in the state of shock. Where do they find these people? 

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