Thursday, January 3, 2013

WTF...Frank Ocean Arrested For Hooking Up With Man Friend While Driving

Frank Ocean, photo source: NY

What Is This World Coming To? R&B writer turned singing sensation,  Frank Ocean is arrested for allegedly hooking up with a male friend while driving in traffic.  I guess Mr.Thinkin Bout You, impulsively acted on his thoughts as Hellobeautiful reports,

According to, Ocean was riding with a male friend and allegedly the two were enthralled in sexy time while driving, causing them to be pulled over and detained. As the first mainstream Hip-hop artist to come out of the closet. Ocean shared a personal love story via his Tumblr page about a man and the story ended up endearing many of us to the outside-the-box singer.

I guess this incident was the inspiration behind, this photo that Frank Ocean posted, with the caption, " Worst Trip Ever". lol 

Frank Ocean posts " worst trip ever" from the backseat of a squad car photo

This is a leap from last years coming out campaign that Frank Ocean hosted via his tumblr page. I will be the first to  admit, that this incident is nothing short of ridiculous- lmao. Nevertheless, Frank Ocean is nothing short of a music genius. If you have not copped his album, channel ORANGE, you should grab it now. 

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