Karrueche Sends A Message To Mac and Style Network......Please Do Not Endorse Bullying Rihanna

What Is This World Coming To? Earlier this morning, Chris Brown's on again off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran decided to repost a photo uploaded via instagram, expressing her take on the insta-beef between Teyanna Tailor, Chris Brown's ex-bestie, and Singer Rihanna.  

Apparently, some people feel as if Rihanna is a internet bully, and they decided to inform two of Rihanna's biggest endorsements, which is MAC Cosmetics Company, who has Rihanna has just inked a multimillion dollar deal with to promote her very own makeup/cosmetic line, and The Style Network who is currently employing Rihanna as a style judge on a new reality television show.

So earlier this morning @karruechetranx reposted the above photo, that is captioned.

"We all have seen Rihanna on twitter cyber bullying others on several occasions.  Rihanna condones cyber bullying and participate in it as well as her family and friends. As a public figure with great status this shouldn't be acceptable. Please take into consideration of the many lives that has bee nlost do to this form of behavior. Thank you."

This posts has comes just days after the beef that brewed between, Chris Brown's ex-bestie, Teyanna Tailor, and Rihanna went back an forth via instagram yesterday dropping insult after insult via photo's and text. When it was all said and done, Rihanna ended up changing her Twitter Profile Pic to a photo showing her net worth of $90 Million versus Teyanna's net worth of $500,000.

I think this is pretty wack of Karrueche considering the fact that she is pretty much biased.  Just last year when Chris Brown went on a Hiatus with Rihanna, pictures surfaced both she and Teyanna kissing in a nightclub.

You can check that story out here @ WTF....Teyanna Taylor Kissing Chris Brown's Ex

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