Monday, December 31, 2012

Kanye Announces Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Kanye West Kisses Kim Kardashian photo credit: celebuzz

Kanye West confirmed last night during a performance, that Kim Kardashian is indeed his Baby's Mama.  This footage shows a proud Kanye West, as he signaled to stop the music, he asked the crowd to make some noise for his Baby's Mama. I guess, now this puts an end to the speculation about the two of them expecting. Congratulations Kim and Kanye, or should I say Kimye.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Private Investigator Claims To Have Evidence That Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Whitney and Ex-Husband Bobby Brown are photographed here.
Whitney Houston photo credit: America's Angel

What Is This World Coming To? A Hollywood Private Investigator is claiming that Whitney Houston's accidental overdose/ drowing was not accidental. The private investigator, whose name is Paul Huebl, claims that Whitney Houston was murdered by two drug dealers as a result of an unpaid debt.

According to ibtimes,

Paul Huebl says that he has obtained video of Houston's killers than he plans to turn over to the FBI.
“I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” Huebl told the National Enquirer.
Houston died in February of an accidental drowning, according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office. Further examination indicated that the singer also suffered from a heart condition, atherosclerotic heart disease, and was found to have several drugs in her system at the time of her death, including cocaine, Benadryl, Xanax, marijuana and Flexeril.

Huebl suggested that Houston's death, while drug related, was precipitated by drug dealers attempting to collect money that they were owed, a supposed debt of up to $1.5 million.
According to Radar Online, Huebl has reviewed Houston's coroner’s report and gathered information from a network of drug informants that led him to the discoveries.
He noted that two men attempted to blend in to Houston's entourage at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Huebl claimed that Houston received a shipment of cocaine the day before she died and was heard lamenting about being harassed to pay her drug debt.
“I’m tired of this sh*t,” she supposedly said.
According to Huebl, there was a 45-minute window where Houston was alone on the day she died; at this time, her alleged attackers gained entry to her hotel room and were caught on surveillance video, he claimed.
He acknowledged that Houston's coroner’s report indicated no foul play; however, upon further review, Huebl claimed to have discovered notes that suggest otherwise.
“Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life,” he told the Enquirer.
He claimed that the events occurred in her hotel room and bathroom, where a struggle ultimately ended her life.
The latest issue of the Enquirer hits newsstands on Thursday.

This story, is indeed questionable, and so is any information obtained by way of the National Inquirer. Nevertheless, Radar Online is usually a credible source. If Whitney's death was indeed a Murder and not an accidental overdose/ drowning, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WTH... A Sex Tape Of Ochocinco Has Been Released

Chad Johnson has a leaked sex tape in rotation

Omg...Ochocinco got quite a gift this Christmas.  A sex tape of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson was released via the net; courtesy of World Star Hip Hop. Since the release of the sex tape, blogging sites like, have shared interesting insights on the female in the video. They even claimed that the woman in the video is one of Evelyn Lozada's (Chad's Ex-Wife) friends.  Chad's ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, gave her  insight via twitter when she tweeted the following.

"LMFAO @MediaTakeOut. Those chicks in the video are not my 'friends,'and the video is old news over here in my circle. Merry Christmas, f**ks!
According to Aceshowbiz,

Mediatakeout has several links starting with this one, to some very graphic photo's.
Chad Ochocinco made headlines for the wrong reason on Christmas Day. The former NFL star became talk of the town as a homemade sex tape featuring him and two females hit the web. He confirmed that the steamy video did exist but it's not new. He said the video was filmed three years ago in a hotel room in Florida.

"F**k no, it's 3/4years old." He also re-tweeted his former wife's denial about her connection with one of his partners in the sex tape.
While, will not post the graphic photos on their website, they have featured several links to the photos of the ex-nfl baller in rather compromising positions in the photo's. Rumor has it, that both Ev and Chad have reconciled, and began seeing one another again. In the wake of this whole Chad Johnson's sex tape scandal, it seems that the two are rather optimistic. When followers on twitter questioned the sextape wrecking the reconciliation Chad responded with the following tweet:

"F**k no, it's 3/4years old." He also re-tweeted his former wife's denial about her connection with one of his partners in the sex tape.
When Evelyn was asked what she was going to give Chad for Christmas she jokingly responded by simply tweeted,  a sex tape. Big ups to Chad and Ev for attempting to mend the pieces of a broken relationship. I guess we'll stay tuned.

Friday, December 21, 2012

WTH.. Man Enters Different Sandy Hook Elementary With School With Piece Of Wood Engraved " High Powered Riffle"

Christopher Johnson, 33 walks into another Sandy Hooks School armed with 2X4 engraved.

What Is This World Coming To? In the wake of the horrible Sandy Hook Massacre,  some idiot decides to enter yet another Sandy Hook Elementary School carrying a 2X4 piece of wood with the words "High Powered Riffle Engraved". Apparently, the idiot as which I choose to refer, for lack of a better word, claims that this was supposed to be some type of security message. The message was certianly unclear; as he was met by the school's Police Officer an taken into custody. The idiot was identified as 33 year old Christopher Johnson.  

According to

A man carrying a two-by-four that was labeled "High Powered Rifle" was arrested at Sandy Hook Elementary School in northern Virginia on Wednesday, five days after a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.
According to NBC Washington, the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office said the 33-year-old man, Christopher Johnson, was "met" by the Strasburg school's staff at 11:40 a.m. before being detained by a resource officer stationed at the school. Johnson was then arrested and taken into custody without incident, police said.
A police spokesman said he was not sure why Johnson entered the school, but said it appeared the man was attempting to deliver a message "related to school safety."
Johnson was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and given a Dec. 28 court date.
There have been reports of other arrests in the wake of the massacre in Newtown. Security has been increased at schools nationwide, and police and parents have been, understandably, on edge.

While, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this is so disturbing because, it could have not come at a worse time. I am deeply saddened by the chain of events that have transpired over the past fews days. My heart and prayers go out to those innocents lives lost, and their loved ones. We have got to do some serious praying, and security heightening within our school systems.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rapper AP.9 Says That He Has Naked Photos Of Ice-T's Wife Co-Co In Bed

Coco with another guy
Co-Co's hugged up with some guy 

Uh oh it looks like Co-Co's so called inappropriate photo shoot has turned out to be much more than just a few inappropriate photos floating around the net. As aforementioned, Ice-T's wife Co-Co engaged in some really inappropriate photo interaction with some guy, whom she claimed was just some random overly obsessed fan. Judging from the photos, that surfaced earlier, it seemed that the two were comfortably acquainted. Co-Co in an attempt to explain downplayed the incident, and apologized to her husband Ice-T, who by the way, went on a twitter rant, and expressed his fury over the situation.  We'll now, I guess the so called random guy in the photo's has turned out to be a Rapper by the name of AP.9. 

Bossip is reporting,


Watch out world, Ice-T could well be heading for an epic 

meltdown! Coco might believe her Las Vegas, AP.9 rapper steamy 

photo indiscretion is well and truly over, but has 

exclusively learned that the scandal is about to reignite and really 

blow up!

The bootylicious reality star turned Vegas showgirl earned the ire

of her hubby after photos surfaced of her snuggling up next to the

 rapper, and she was quick to apologize for her “inappropriate 

behavior” — but now sources are saying that AP.9 is boasting he 

has evidence that their encounter wasn’t as innocent as Coco has 


“AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a 

private room in Vegas, and that in some of them she’s on a bed, 

totally naked!” A source close to the situation tells He’s been putting feelers out to see if people

want to buy the pictures and he’s claiming they’re really salacious

 and that a LOT more happened with Coco than just them posing in 

a night club.

This is really a mess; For the sake of Co-Co's marriage, I  truly hope that this rumor is just that- a rumor,  Ice-T was extremely pissed over the previous photos.  However, I can totally reason with this so called rapper's point-of-view. Which leads me to believe that there may be some truth in his allegations of her being in bed with him naked. Simply because some random guy would not have taken offense, to Co-Co calling him- Some random guy. Clearly, this guy has motive, and it may be because, she threw him under the bus when the photos surfaced, as a nobody. But, then again, he could be fabricating a story as a means to make a name for himself within the industry. What Do You Think?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Did Rihanna Just Tat A Blunt On Her Booty Cheek?

+badgirlrih fenty  via Instagram

Looks like Badgirlri is at it again. Hint's Rihanna's latest photo instagrammed just happens to be a booty shot of her self, showing off her latest tatoo, which just happens to be an over sized cannabis plant. Rihanna is just full of surprises and I, for one am loving it. I once read an article authored by Global Grind, that placed emphasis on Rihanna's shock factor.  Basically, the authored felt that much of Rihanna's popularity stemmed from her effortless ability to shock us all. The author was concerned that once Rihanna lost her shock factor or ability to continue to shock then she will lose her significance.

Rihanna Covers GQ Nude

 While, I can certainly reason with that interesting point, I believe that Rihanna has created such a fan huge fan base, that everyone of us  cant wait to see what  Rih-Rih  will do next. Just when we think she has calmed down; bam she covers GQ Nude,  does a racy photo shoot with Super Model  Kate Moss, walks down the street in all see through clothing, kisses Chris Brown in the mouth, in the front of his girlfriend, or instagram's  herself in his lap. If that wasn't enough, how about throwing a halloween costume party in which she comes as her favorite item the Cannabis plant, or Mary Jane as it's  more appropriately referred.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joseline Hernandez Celebrates Her Birthday At Popular Drag Club

joseline deelishus party 2

Joseline's Birthday Penis Cake photos credit: StraightfromtheA

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez, celebrated her 26th birthday last night at a very popular Drag Club in the ATL. Joseline had a blast last night as she celebrated her birthday that is actually November 2, last night December 17, 2012. Flavor of Love's Deelishis hosted  the one month and counting late birthday party. It seems that Ms. Joseline had  a blast. Joseline's birthday cake, took the cake, literally. The cake was made to mimic a the private part of a chocolate male.   Joseline, whom some blogger's seem to be referring to as , Joe, or Jose, lol, made a bold choice in deciding to host her Birthday Party at a popular  Drag night club. Many have questioned the reality's t.v. star gender for quite some time now.

A few months prior Joseline went on several twitter rants, and even posted a completely nude photo of herself to prove her femininity.  Nevertheless, Joseline boasts of finess are nothing short of constant. Joseline even credits her allegations of being a man to shameless acts of jealous women hating on her.  I actually like Joseline, as she has no shame in her game, and seems to be the life of any party. Check out some of her photos from the party.

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Evelyn Lozada Drops Restraining Order Against Her Ex-Husband Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Evelyn Lozada seems to be in a great space now. Today, she and Chad
Johnson, her ex-husband met up in a court room where Evelyn dropped the restraining order that was being enforced against her Chad. The restraining order was the  result of a violent incident, where Chad headbutted Evelyn back in September.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Trey Songz Gets Arrested

Trey Songz

What Is This World Coming To? Singer Trey Songz has been arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge, due to a prior incident that occured at  his album release party back in August. Apparently, it's against the law to make it rain now.  Trey Songz has been arrested almost four months later after a lady is claiming that, he threw some money that accidentally struck a stripper in the eye.

According to TMZ,

Throwing dollar bills at a woman (aka MAKING IT RAIN!!!) seems harmless, but it got Trey Songz arrested for assault in New York recently ... TMZ has learned.

Songz (real name Tremaine Neverson) had an album release party on August 21 at a gentleman's club in Queens. According to police, somewhere between 4:00 and 4:15 AM on the 22nd, Trey became involved in an altercation inside the club.

Cops described the incident this way in the criminal complaint: "Tremaine Neverson, did throw a sum of United States currency at the complainant and said sum of United States currency struck the complainant's left eye causing substantial pain to her left eye."

It is unclear if the woman in question was ... how do we say this nicely ... a stripper.

Songz was not arrested that night, but rather a month later for misdemeanor assault. Songz had a court date in NY on November 1 and an order of protection was issued. He is due back in court in February.
First off, I think this charge is nothing short of BS; simply because, I highly doubt that the female involved would  have had any type of case with anybody- especially citing these bogus circumstances. The only reasoning behind  Trey Songz' arrest is  his celebrity status.  Some people have nothing else to do with their time. SMDH, How can you arrest Mr. I Invented Sex for making it rain in a shake joint.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Toya Carter Wright Throws Hubby Memphitz A Surprise Birthday Bash

Toya Carter Wright and Hubby Memphitz photo credit: Instagram
Toya Carter Wright is the envy of all women. To date, she is a best selling author, a reality show diva, the former wife/ baby mama, of YMCMB's CEO, Rapper D'wayne "Lil Wayne" Carter not to mention the fact that she is the wife of the very fine Memphitz. Toya threw her hubby Memphitz a surprise birthday bash last night December 14, 2012, in the A of course, with many A-list celebs in attendance. Toya's instagram was extremely entertaining as she submitted, cute photos of herself dancing with her very fine husband, (note to self, got to get a husband that looks just like this fine specimen of a man). Memphitz' party seemed to be a quite a success; as is seen chatting it up with RHOA's Peter in photos below. Toya seemed to be quite the hostess as well, as she and her girls posed in the pretty pics below. RHOA's Kandi Buress instagrammed a photo of the two having a blast at the party as well.  Needless to say judging from the size of the smile on Memph's face, he was one happy camper. Happy Birthday Memphitz!

Memphitz Kisses Toya
Memphitz, Toya Wright, Kandi Buress, and Tiny

Check out the view of Atlanta from Memphitz Surprise Birthday Party

Memphitz and RHOA's Peter chat it up

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gunman Identified In Connecticut School Shooting

Police have identified the shooter in the shooting massacre that left a total of 29 dead, including his mom. Apparently, authorities are unsure of the the name and age of the shooter because, the teacher had two sons.  The gunman has been named Adam Lanza, 20 years old, the older brother Ryan Lanza. As this tragedy unfolds, details are becoming more and more hanious. The gunman is said to have been suffering from some type of mental illness; which should be evident by now. My heart goes out to those innocent little kids who lost their lives in the wake of this massacre; as well as their loved ones, who are left to mourn the loss of their babies. The mere thought of this incident brings me to tears. Here is the latest update as I've read it.

According to NBC,

The gunman in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown has been identified as Adam Lanza. He is also dead, officials said. A senior law enforcement official tells NBC New York that an unidentified woman has also been found dead, shot in the face, at a Newtown home, bringing the death toll to 28.
State police said the shooting was confined to two rooms at the school, and that the casualties included 20 children and six adults. Two guns were recovered inside the school, the state official said. 
"Our hearts are broken today," President Obama said at the White House, choking up as he described how the slain children "had their entire lives ahead of them."

Check the video of Obama sending his condelences to the familys involved.

28 Dead and Counting In School Shooting In Connecticut

In this photo provided by the Newtown Bee, Connecticut State Police lead children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., following a reported shooting there Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.    MANDATORY CREDIT Photo: Newtown Bee, Shannon Hicks / AP
Photo Credit: CTPost
A woman waits to hear about her sister, a teacher, following a shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., about 60 miles (96 kilometers) northeast of New York City, Friday, Dec. 14, 2012. An official with knowledge of Friday's shooting said 27 people were dead, including 18 children. It was the worst school shooting in the country's history. Photo: Jessica Hill / Associated Press
Mass Shooting In Connecticut: photo credit: CTPost

What Is This World Coming To? Today has proven to be a day of turmoil and disbelief in Connecticut; as an elementary school was the target of a deranged gunman. I sadly report, 29 dead and counting as a result of a mass shooting that occured in an Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Connecticut earlier this morning. As unfortunate as it is to have 29 innocent human beings killed in cold blood, it is equally disturbing that 18 of them were children all under the 6 years.

According to CNN,

The mom who spoke to CNN's Meredith Artley said she heard "at least 100 rounds" being fired.
The shooting began about 9:35 a.m., the parent said. There was a "pop pop pop" in the hall outside the room. Three people went out of the room into the hall where the sounds had come from. "Only one person came back," we were told.
The witness told Artley that she then called 911. She said she never saw the shooter but she later was escorted outside the room past two bodies lying in blood.

The situation at hand is extremely sad, it's not safe to send your kids to school anymore. Im deeply saddened at just the thought of this mass destruction. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

WTF! Kanye West Is Wearing Another Skirt

Kanye West photo credit: StraightfromtheA

What Is This World Coming To? Kanye West is wearing, yet another skirt. I missed the memo; Are rappers coming with  automatic passes to wear skirts now?  Kanye West seems to be quite content rocking skirts; as it was aforementioned this summer when he rocked a skirt at the Coachella festival. It has been rumored that Kanye is responsible for some of Kim Kardashian's wardrobe styling. Nevertheless, Kanye in a skirt is pretty disturbing.

Kanye's character as well as his sexuality has always been a bit questionable but, this takes the cake.. Lets see, Kanye's bad attitude along with his undeniable fascination with skirts is pretty suggestive. One could only imagine the amount of respect, cool points, and fan base that Kanye' West has managed to loose with this fashion statement.  While it is unclear of exactly what fashion statement Kanye's making, it's sure as hell not suggesting that he is a manly man. However, in this day and age, things aren't always what they seem, and people aren't always who they claim or pretend to be. I must admit as disturbing as it is to watch Kanye prance around in a skirt, a part of me respects him. While most people accuse him of having an attitude like a word that rhymes with itch; This is sort of a confirmation as such. At least, he had enough guts to  put a skirt on. I can appreciate a guy who is truthful about exactly who he is.  I'm willing to bet, that some of the guys with the most objection to Kanye's skirt, need to have  skirts on themselves. Clearly, it's hard being a woman these days, in a sea of men who boast just as much feminity as a woman. One can only wonder, what is Kim Kardashian's take on the matter. How does one prepare to go out, when their man decides that he wants to rock a skirt? Sorry, just my thoughts aloud.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Music Video: Master P featuring Kirko Bangz

Master P

Master P is back this time he is featuring Kirko Bangz.  I thought Percy had given up on the rap industry, I guess not. Lets see if his attempt to comeback is accepted by his fellow industry mates. Maybe this will inspire a comeback from some of no limits former artist, like Mr. Serve On, Fiend or even Mia X. Tell me what you think of the new song and/or video.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

WTH!!! Girl Sings Mary J's Seven Days At Funeral

What Is This World ComingTo? World Star Hip Hop has footage of a female attempting to sing Mary J. Blige's Seven Days at a funeral. As I sat in total dismay watching this train wreck of a performance, only one word seems to come to mind- Why?  First off, Not only is the song inappropriate to sing at a funeral but, the soloist featured in the video is talentless. The footage is hilarious.  But wait- That is not the most shocking part of the footage, the shocker is once someone attempts to take the microphone, she snatches away and continues to sing.  I would like to thank World Star Hip Hop for this hilarious piece of footage. 

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj: Check Out 30 Fabulous Photo's Of Nicki Minaj

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj photo credit: sarcasticgamer
Femcee Nicki Minaj officially turns the big 30 today, December 8, 2012. Nicki Minaj has had a magnificient year. Not only has she created an entire Pink Friday Empire but, Nicki has acheived superstardom beyond measure. Some of Nicki's most recent endorsements include, a Pepsi Pop Campaign, her very own Pink Friday Perfume, and Lip Gloss, not to mention her latest job, courtesy of American Idol. To date, Nicki Minaj's sexy, over-the-top style has and still is captivating many. Check out 30 of Nicki Minaj Sexiest Catsuits

Over 30 Fabulous Photo's Of Nicki Minaj photo credit: mypinkfriday

Recently, Nicki Minaj dropped a new album entitled Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up (Explicit Version).  Grab Nicki's album now.

Ice-T Is Pissed Over His Wife, "CoCo's" Photos With Another Man

Co-Co and Ice-t photo credit: wikimedia

What Is This World Coming To? Ex-Rapper turned Actor Ice-T is furious over some very disrespectful, yet disturbing photos of his wife Co-Co hugged up with another man. Ice-T decided that he would take to twitter to express just how bad this really made him feel.  Meanwhile, Co-Co claims that fans take silly pics with celebs all the time. I disagree Co-Co; Married people should have some type of boundary. Co-Co claims that this is some random guy; Yet this guy is kissing all over her face. Ice-T has a reason to be pissed. Check out mediatakeout's photos of the two below.

Coco with another guy
Coco in Vegas

Coco with someone else in Vegas

Ice-T had this to say via twitter:

According to Necole Bitchie,

Coco's in Vegas. She has given me her explanation of the pics on the net from her first weeks out there with some dude. She said he knew someone in the crew from our show and would pop up where ever they would go. He also said he knew me.. I don't know dude.
Regardless.. They would take Posed pics every time. Most of them disrespectful and in bad taste. She's made me look.. And feel like sh-t.
I say this on Twitter because there's no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple. That's it. Any more questions ask @Cocosworld
Don't get it twisted... I'm not happy about this sh-t.
Daily Game: Trust no one..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Katt Williams Comes Out Of Retirement

Katt Williams photo credit: Sways Universe

He we go again; Katt William's is back again; I guess. As I've  clearly stated before, I'm not sure what drugs Katt Williams are on, or coming off for that matter. Apparently, reality has set in and maybe Katt has just realized that maybe he has contracts, money, and management obligations that this so called sudden retirement will not warrant.   In case you have forgotten, Katt Williams made a tearful announcement of his retirement after his latest stunts landed him in jail for the third time in less than a two month time frame.

Katt Williams lists of antics is nothing short of hilarious, as he is arrest for attempting to board a plane with a firearm, attempting to shoot a fellow comic, leading the police on a side walk chase via a motorscooter, slapping a target employee, and last but not least, attempting to assault a club manager and innocent bystanders with a pool cue.  When Katts last stunt landed him in jail, and his intoxication ceased, he released tearful yet questionable retirement video.

Now, just days later Katt Williams is retracting his retirement.

Sways Universe is reporting,

According to TMZ, Katt’s management team says: “Katt is definitely NOT retiring. He will be moving forward with the tour…Friday is Texas, Saturday New Orleans, and on to Alabama. The reason why he made remarks was due to him feeling totally disrespected by all things that happened to him in the city of Seattle. He had a moment where he felt very unappreciated. He now just wants to move forward from those unfortunate events and give his fans outstanding shows from this point forward.” 

Good Luck Katt Williams with gaining back respect from the fans.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who Leaked The Obscene Photo Of Joe Budden?

Joe Budden photo credit: HipHopWeekly

What Is This World Coming To? Rapper recently turned reality t.v. star Joe Budden's name is getting great buzz via the internet. Some of you are wondering, who is Joe Budden? Joe Budden is a New Jersey Native Rapper, who is one fourth of the Slaughterhouse. Joe Budden was known for his most recent love interest, Love and Hip Hop's (New York), Somaya Reece.

 Recently, someone leaked a nude photo alleging it to be Mr. Budden. However, Joe Budden begs to differ; as he was quick to admit that he has no problem with leaking  photos of his manhood; however he further reiterated  that the so called  photo does not properly represent his manhood. Joe seemed to be a little heated, as became rather descriptive in stating that if he leaked a photo of his manhood, it would be in erect form. Who could blame Joe for being upset with the uncensored form of this photo, clearly the manpart represented in this photo is nothing to boast about; However, he is packing a set of killer abs; ijs. Check out Joe's Tweet as he goes all in on what he refers to as so called dudes commenting on his alleged nude leaked photo. Check out the unedited photo here.  

According to Theybf, Joe released the following statement:

"I have always been very honest and transparent with my fans. I have been fearless in everything I do. I stand behind ALL of my actions. So, seeing the post today was just as much as a surprise to me as it was to everyone else. So, to put the rumors to rest, that is not me, JOE BUDDEN. I'm willing to put any of my exes (not the angry ones of course, I digress) on the stand to prove this. Thanks for paying attention, go download my mix tape "A Loose Quarter" , look for my album, request my single, "She Don't Put It Down Like You" with Lil Wayne and Tank, and look forward to seeing a lot more of me January"-Joe Budden

Joe Budden's Alleged Leaked Photo: photo credit: Theybf
Joe tweeted,

"1. That picture is altered. #.2 I have no issue leaking my own dick, lol #3. 2 the men commenting, who raised u niggas?
— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) December 6, 2012"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beyonce Spends 5 Mill On Jay-Z's Birthday Gift

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Leave it to Beyonce a.k.a Mrs. Upgrade U, herself, to drop $5Million on her hubby's birthday gift.  Apparently, Jay-Z is a big fan of watches in general, so what better way to show your better half that you adore them, and wish them a very happy 43rd birthday. Beyonce put Jay's wrist on ice, literally. The Hublot watch has a total of 1282 diamonds, and a trusted diamond bezzle.

Does Lil Wayne Have A New Boo?


Does Lil Wayne have a new boo? That is exactly what it looks like. Apparently, Tunechi has broadened his horizons with this bootilicious asian video vixen. Judging from Dana Lee's instagrams, she and Lil Wayne are very well acquainted.  She uploaded several photos showing off her voluptuous figure, and her interaction with Lil Wayne. According to,
Ms. Lee is sporting a Big Fake Booty.  Nevertheless, she seems to be very comfortable in her skin, fake booty an all.  Check out some of her instagrams here.

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Chad Johnson's Heated First Take Interview

Chad Johnson photo credit: cnnreport

Chad Johnson sat down with the Stephen A. and Skip Bayless on Espn's First Take for what seemed to be a rather intense interview. Cudo's to Chad as he seems to do a great job of keeping his composure in this interview, as Skip Bayless attempts to push his buttons. However, Chad is neither confused or in denial about t where the responsibility lies with the chain of events that cost him both his marraige to Evelyn Lozada and his football career with the Dolphins. Nevertheless, Chad is optimistic about his chances at playing in the league again.  What did you think of this interview? Do you think that Chad Johnson is a changed man?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WTH...Katt Williams Slaps An Innocent Target Employee

Katt Williams Arrested For Assault  (Mugshot)

What Is This World Coming To? Comedian Katt Williams is either on something heavy, or going through the withdrawal of coming off of it. Last week, I reported that Katt Williams led the police on a high speed chase through the streets and sidewalks of California. Apparently, Katt Williams managed to evade authorities because the search was called off for fear that innocent bystanders would be injured..  Well, now it seems that Katt Williams is back at his foolish antics again. 

StraightfromtheA is reporting,

After allegedly leading California police on a wild goosechase through the streets of Sacramento, Calif., the miniature funnyman reportedly walked into a Target store and “slapped” an innocent employee in the face. 

But Oh No-, the story doesn't stop there. Katt has since threatened to assault manager with a Pool Cue in Seatlle, while he relentlessly proceeded to threaten innocent club patrons. This stunt finally landed him back where he needs to be locked up. If you have not laughed today here is your dose.

According to

Police say Williams exchanged words with patrons, and threatened the manager with a pool cue. Police also report he flicked a lit cigarette through a car window and then threw a rock at the car. Williams was arrested on suspicion of assault, harassment and obstruction. Officers say he was so belligerent when he was arrested outside the sports bar he had to be taken to the ground. The arresting officer says Williams threatened that he would have the officer's badge, and that he would sue the city. He claimed he had 30 recent arrests and was released every time. He also said he has millions of dollars, so this arrest wouldn't affect him at all.   In fact, Williams was bailed out of jail Monday morning. According to TMZ, Suge Knight, Williams' tour manager, foot the bill. This all came after he canceled his Thursday show at Seattle's Paramount, and then mixed it up with fans at his Friday show. Fans at the Friday show say they were simply trying to get a picture with Williams. He claims they burst into his dressing room.

I swear, this story is hilarious but so sad. I think he needs to be committed to the nearest luni-bend before, one of his careless crazy benges result in some innocent bystander getting hurt, or worse.  He is definitely in the right line of business; Question is- how long will he sustain the small amount of sanity that he has left? There are only two words that seem to come to mind  at the mere mention of Katt Williams' name, first word LUNA, second word TIC. What do you think of Katt's latest stunt? Do you think his days as a comic are over? Please elaborate...

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna Get's Smoked Out Via Instagram

Chris Brown's Instagram

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been enjoying each other's company. It seems that the two have become more public with their romance, and I Love It. YOLO, "you only live once" and this is what life is supposed to be about living life to the fullest, and looking flawless might I add. Chris Brown instagrammed this photo of the pair in a full blown smoke session. Hint's, the what ever that is rolled to perfection in Chris Brown's mouth, and a half dressed Rih-Rih in chill mode. Recently, the two have been instagramming photos of one another; pretty much fueling the rumor that the two are once again an item.  Recently, Rihanna released a track that featured Chris Brown, off of her debuted Unapologetic [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD] entitled, Nobody's Business [Explicit]. The song gave perfect description to the couples take on everyone else's opinion about their relationship.  Meanwhile, Rih-Rih and Chris are both smoking hot on them music charts; as Rihanna has landed both the #1single slot, and #1 album. Congrats to the both on their reunion and their success. Check out some of their most recent instagrams, of one another. Follow the Rihanna@badgirlriri, and follow Chris Brown@fuckyopictures.

Recently, Rihanna instagrammed this photo, with the caption, " He said I better not give it away".


Shortly, before this post, Rihanna posted this photo with the caption, i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!  

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