Saturday, December 1, 2012

Keyshia Cole's Look A Like Speaks Out: It Was Me In The Photo Not Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole has been in the hotseat for the past few days, after a photo was leaked of what was alleged to be her engaging in felacio with an unknown male. Keyshia Cole was disgusted an immediately denied all allegations that this could be her. Now, the culprit has come out and is taking full responsibility for the obscene photograph. Meet Keyshia Cole's look-a-like, who goes by the name Mari Lynn.

According to SOHH

Although Keyshia came forward and stated that the girl in the photo was not her, it seems as though some people were still not convinced. The woman, who goes by the name Mari Lynn, posted to her twitter: "My ex, whom I have tatted on me, leaked the picture. The picture is 2 years old. Damn, I'm a different woman than the girl I was. I love Keyshia Cole. I would never try & frame her... This is tragic to my rep but no it's not. I'm so sorry Keyshia, I really am! It is so embarrassing, I was 17 years in the picture and I'm 20 years old.I'm so sorry thanks for being understanding. I know your a newlywed & I would never do that to you, I love you!!!" (Necole Bitchie)

Well I am so glad that she was woman enough to clear to responsibility for the photo. I love Keyshia Cole too, and she has an image to uphold, and it's kind of hard to have younger children look up to you when they can run across you in obscene photos over the internet.

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