Friday, November 30, 2012

Keyshia Cole Is Upset Over Leaked Photo Gone Viral

Keyshia Cole photo credit: That Grape Juice

What Is This World Coming To? Keyshia Cole is in turmoil right now. Reason being is a not-so-pleasant photo has gone viral of the Trust And Believe Singer. The photo features what appears to an alleged Keyshia Cole getting down and dirty, performing felacio on some unknown male specimen. Keyshia Cole was in utter dismay, as she took to twitter to express her disgust with the photo and what she feels is  an attempt to scandalize her name. I am a huge fan of Keyshia Cole's so If she say's it isn't her then, I believe her. However, here is what Keyshia had to say about it via twitter.

Evil a$$ haters STAY on some BullShyt! Y’all wish! Lol!
While the person in the photo bares a striking resemblence to Keyshia, there is no actual proof that this is her. Since the photo has gone viral many have began to speculate that this was just a ploy to increase albums sales, while others have called it out as the other side of Keyshia Cole, and her ratchet way. Check out what Straight From The A..had to say in regards to the photo.

Here’s the thing… I luvs me some Keyshia Cole, but it seems like every time someone brings up her ratched past, she pulls the “married with children” card as if that automatically garners her more respect.
If you did it… you did it! I know lots of married hoes (but I digress)…
I guess Keyshia doesn’t realize how famous a sex scandal can make a chick… (ask Kim Kardashian)!
At any rate, whether it’s Keyshia or not is of no consequence. It looks like her and the photo has y’all all buzzing about Keyshia and her latest album, ‘Woman to Woman,’ which happens to be in stores now.

I've managed to snag the photo below from Straight from the A.- it features a snippet of the obscene photo in censorship. To view the uncensored photo click here.

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