Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comedian Katt Williams Leads Police Officers On A Chase

 Katt Williams leads police on wild downtown chase
Comedian Katt Williams apparently didn't approve his publicist's statement.
Katt Williams
  What Is This World Coming To? Comedian Katt Williams is back at his foolery once more; This time, he decides to engage in a sidewalk driving spree, evading  police officers, and attempting to run over innocent pedestrians walking in his path. Unbeknownst to the events leading up to the comedians latest bizarre incident, the media is basking in the ambiance of yet another Katt Willaims rant.   Katt Williams' bizarre behavior has  left many to question his sanity of lack there of it. Has Katt William's really lost it,  I can't make this up.

According to Fox40,

Capitol Protection Officers were engaged with in a pursuit of comedian Katt Williams in downtown Sacramento Sunday.
Sacramento Police originally contacted Williams near the Hyatt along L Street. He was asked to leave for disturbing the peace. He did, but was soon spotted by Capitol Protection Officers.
Apparently, Williams was driving a Can Am (a three-wheeled motorcycle) on a sidewalk. From L Street, he turned onto 13th Street then onto the closed-off section of K Street in front of the Esquire IMAX Theatre. Driving through, he was said to have almost hit five pedestrians.
At this point, Capitol Protection Officers were flashing their lights for him to stop. Williams then was said to have taken his helmet off, turned to the officer and said “I’m not going to stop.”
Williams then ran several more red lights and was not cited, with officers worrying about public safety if they continued the chase. The Can Am did not have a license plate.
This all reportedly happened within two minutes.
Capital Protection said they will be filing a complaint against Williams for the actions.
Witness Nick Larson, who took photos of Williams talking to officers, told FOX40 that Williams looked, “really drugged out and like he had been up for a while.”

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