Friday, April 19, 2013

Ne-Ne Beefs With Her Sister Over Calling Them Halves

Ne-Ne Leakes photo credit: IMDB

What Is This World Coming To?  RHOA Ne-Ne Leakes has beef again. This time around, the beef is with her sister's of whom she shares the same mother. Reason being- Ne-Ne referred to them as her half sisters during the Real Housewives of Atlanta's Reunion Show Part 2. If you missed the reunion, then you missed Ne-Ne as she proceeded to call Phaedra out, on attempting to tape and  throw shade at her by way of digging gossip via her  half sisters.

Well it seems that Ne-Ne's sister don't agree that they are half sisters and in turn took to twitter to remind Mrs. I'm Rich Bitch, of where she came from and what their late mother once stated to them.

Bossip reports,

NeNe Leakes beefed with Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show for contacting her estranged sisters to help bring some old skeleton’s out NeNe’s wig closet.
The reality star’s family didn’t need to be on TV to put her out there. NeNe’s sisters didn’t take too kindly to NeNe calling them half and saying they were jealous of her money makin’ fame. Well, Ms.Leakes claps back at her family haters…

Ne-Ne responded to the tweets with these tweets. 

LMAO, Ne-Ne is always at the center of drama. As always, she never disappoints as she proceeded to post the above tweets;  I love Ne-Ne's sense of humor as she taunts her muses. In this case, the muses just happened to be her siblings. While, Ne-Ne's character is very real and in demand, might I add; I think she needs to be careful with her relationships with her family. Fame, money, and class can and will fade, however family is forever.  I can totally relate to family sometimes being your greatest downfall; however you shouldn't break relationships over b.s. What do u think  of Ne-Ne's dismissal of her sister's legitimacy? Please share?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Police Have Grounded and Cornered Possible Suspect In Boston's Marathon Explosions

Update: Authorities have confirmed that one of the suspects wanted for the Boston marathon explosions is dead, while the other suspect is still on the run. They have also advised the entire city of Boston on locked down; instructing all residents to stay put in door; an also advises them not to open doors for anyone.  Police have also identified the individuals as brothers who are natives of Russia who have resided in the U.S. for an entire year.

CNN reports,

Police sealed off densely populated portions of the Boston metro area early Friday after a violent night of chasing the Boston Marathon terror suspects left one of the men and a police officer dead.
The manhunt effectively shut down a large portion of the nation's fifth-largest metro area.

boston explosions watertown mit shooting ied cnn channel 7
suspect grounded in Watertown, MA.. moments ago

The scene of heavy police activity in Watertown.
Watertown, MA

What Is This World Coming To? Police have cornered a suspect on the ground in Watertown, MA. Explosions have erupted in Watertown, MA, moments ago, just days after the Boston, MA, marathon explosions.Since The Boston's Marathon explosion, an MIT campus police officer was fatally wounded. Not to mention, several robberies of multiple gas stations. Law enforcement has neither confirmed, nor denied that any of these incidents are directly related to the marathon bombings. This is indeed, one of the saddest, most intrusive moments that america has ever endured. Nevertheless, news sources are unclear as to whether or not there have been any suspects taking into custody thus far. Officials have identified two males in photos as possible suspects in marathon bombings.

MSNBC reports,

The man in the dark cap with a black backpack is being called Suspect No. 1. The other man, Suspect No. 2, is wearing a white cap backward and carrying a lighter-colored backpack.
The public was asked to call a hotline, 1-800-CALL-FBI, with tips or visit the bureau's website,

While now, it is clear  that police have one suspect in custody and is currently searching for  another suspect, after a string of robberies and the senseless shooting fatality of an M.I.T. police officer have followed the marathon bombings and now, a carjacking incident. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WTH...Media Take Out Alleges..NFL Baller Kerry Rhodes Is Gay


What Is This World Coming To?- Is a very legitimate question to ask, in light of this situation at hand. has been known to fabricate a few stories and photo's; However, the website's most recent photo leak of Birmingham, Alabama's own NFL Star Kerry Rhodes, has set the net on fire.  Aforementioned, Kerry Rhodes sexuality had been allegedly questionable. Nevertheless, the NFL safety stuck to his gun's that he was not gay but, supported the outted players in the league.

I guess didn't get that memo because, yesterday, the blog posted several photo's or what appears to be very much so, NFL Safety Kerry Rhodes accompanying a gay man by the name of Hollywood. Rhodes never denied his identity in the photo's but commented that the photo's were just casual. While, I'm clueless as to what casual photo's are, I pose no argument.

Mediatakeout boasts,

And now, without further ado, on to today's EXCLUSIVE news report.
Last week showed you photographs of NFL star Kerry Rhodes and his former assistant on vacation. After we released our pics, Kerry released a statement saying that he was "NOT GAY" and that the man in the photos was his "ASSISTANT."
Well far be it for US to question how NFL superstar Kerry Rhodes' CHARACTERIZES his own sexuality. But the relationship between him and his "assistant" - an openly gay man that goes by the name "Hollywood" - seems to be a little more than just professional.
Mediatakeout, has posted several different photo's of the two.  In the word's of Trinidad James, "don't believe me just watch".  What do you think? Did photoshop these pics, or is this real?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nude Photo's Of Love and Hip Hop New York's Rich Dollaz Have Been Leaked All Over The Internet

What Is This World Coming To? LAHH New York's Rich Dollaz is at the center the latest internet photo leak. Apparently a photo of the  Rich Dollaz was evasively sent  via email to none other than one of my favorite entertainment bloggers to date- Funky Dineva.  Funky Dineva has since removed the photos off of the blog. After receiving an email per Rich Dollaz' Attorney's request. Apparently, the attorney questioned the validity of the photo's claiming that male captured in them were not Rich Dollaz.  However; a day later Rich Dollarz called in to the breakfast club confirming that one of the photo's featured was indeed him. Rich Never confirmed which photo was him; but he at least owned up to one. Judging the tone of the interview, I guess Rich is denying the penis pic that accompanied another half nude photo. However, Angela Ye from the breakfast club clowns him about the small package featured here, and Rich replied, " I can send out pics of my penis, however the penis in the photo is not mine".    Check out the breakfast club's interview and the nude photos of Rich Dollaz. 

Gucci Mane Gets Arrested... Again

Gucci Mane
What Is This World Coming To? It seems that Gucci Mane is making headlines, again. This time the rapper has been arrested and detained in less than 24 hours after making a $75,000 bond .

StraightfromtheA reports,

After being indicted for allegedly assaulting a soldier with a bottle (click HERE if you missed that), Gucci was released Thursady (April 11) after posting $75,000 bond. But before Gucci could even get his champagne on ice to celebrate, he was arrested again late last night (April 12).
Details below…
Gucci Mane had been locked up since March 26 after allegedly assaulting a man with a bottle in an Atlanta nightclub.

A judge initially denied the rapper bail, but two days ago set bail at $75,000.
After posting the dough, Gucci walked away a free man but Dekalb County authorities re-arrested him today for a probation violation stemming from a case where he threw a woman out of a moving vehicle.


Drake....Chris Brown's Own Insecurities Let RiRi Fall In My Lap

Drake and Chris Brown

Uh Oh...Drake has finally decided to speak out about the infamous relationship that transpired between himself and Chris Brown's Boo- Rihanna. The Started From the Bottom [Explicit] Rapper conducted an interview with vladtv- where in he openly professes "Chris Brown's own insecurities let Rihanna fall in my lap". As you may have noticed, Chris Brown and Rihanna's  break up has been in the media lately. Aforementioned was Chris Brown's confirmation of the break up. Shortly, afterwards Rihanna confessed at a concert that she doesn't understand f*cking love.  Nevertheless, neither party elaborated on the details that led up to the breakup. However, vladtv recently reported,

Rihanna and Chris Brown's complicated relationship continues to trudge on, with new rumors alleging that they broke up at the Grammys over texts to Rihanna from once-lover Drake. The Sun revealed the news, claiming that even though they're broken up now they'll likely get back together soon.
"Chris and Rihanna had a big bust-up at the Grammys over Drake," a source says. "She was messaging him and Chris saw and it didn't go down well. Since that night they have barely spoken and have been doing their own things. For now they have split up but they will probably make up at some point."
Before Rihanna left to debut her new fashion collection at London Fashion Week she and Chris reportedly refused to sit next to each other at Playhouse nightclub. It was also reported that Chris was in Houston along with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. 

Weeks ago Drake released  5 am in Toronto, where he officially dissed Chris Brown and gloated about his relationship and recent encounters with Rihanna.  Check out Drake's interview with vladtv below.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jay-Z releases "Open Letter"

Jay-Z and Beyonce visit cuba

Rapper Jay-Z is going all in on two Florida Republicans in defense of his trip to Cuba; where in he and his wife Beyonce vacated; coincidentally, the lawmakers pointed out that the trip was taken around the time of the couples fifth year anniversary.  Now, If your like me your thinking, So What! What's the big deal?

According to abcnews,

The big deal is-U.S. citizens aren't allowed to travel to Cuba for mere tourism, though they can obtain licenses for academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange trips. The so-called people-to-people licenses were reinstated under the Obama administration. Beyonce and Jay-Z marked their fifth wedding anniversary in Havana last week.

On the song, Jay-Z talks about his distaste for politicians and repeats the refrain, "Y'all gon' learn today."

Jay-Z raps: "Want to give me jail time and a fine? Fine, let me commit a real crime."
U.S. Treasury officials said Tuesday the couple's trip was licensed as an educational exchange after Cuban-American U.S. Reps Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart expressed concerns about the trip and wanted to know if it was licensed.

Man Tells A Female Judge To Suck His........

What Is This World Coming To? Of all of the foolishness I've ever witnessed, this is by far, the most foolish. Check out this man's reaction to a judges remarks. He is either on some pretty heavy drugs, or coming off of them. There is no way, I would respond this way to a person who is deciding my fate.Check out the footage below.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Chris Brown Dating Karrueche Tran Again?

photo credit:usmagazine

What Is This World Coming To? As aforementioned, It's Official as Chris Brown confirmed,  that he and Rihanna are no longer an item.  While Chris Brown chose not to elaborate on the details that solidified the break up, he did confirm that this is fact was true. Nevertheless, days passed an Chris was noted again confirming that he and Rihanna were still in a relationship. Quiet as it's kept, the two have partied ways again.   Rumor has it, that Karrueche and Chris Brown are on again.

According to Erin Anthony via Gather

There's a rumor Karrueche Tran may be back with Chris Brown even though Brown has professed his love for Rihanna during his recent Fine China publicity tour. The reason why is because Rihanna posted a not-so-cryptic message on Instagram which led many to believe she and Brown had broken up.

While, the idea of Chris Brown dating Karrueche again is not all that far fetched;  sources have revealed that Karrueche has actually commenced to start a love life of her own; with Chris Brown's approval of course.  Mstarz is reporting,

Rumors have it that model Karrueche Tran has moved on from her highly-publicized relationship with ex-flame Chris Brown with a new man - NBA b-baller John Wall. And what does Tran's former R&B lover think of that... apparently, he totally approves! According to an alleged inside source for Hollywood Life, the exes are still good friends and Brown believes that everyone deserves the chance to "be happy."

Quiet as it's kept, the  photo Of Chris Brown being extra friendly with this blonde bartender,  is said to be the cause of Chris' and Rihanna's break up. While, this is noted, Rihanna was spotted out recently courtside an NBA game being awfully friendly with some guy as well. Nevertheless, Chris Brown and Rihanna are totally unpredictable. Who knows what's next for the two. 

Funky Dineva Goes All In On Kordell Stewart...Kordell Has Moved Another Lady In The House...LMAO photo Kordell-Stewart-Files-For-Divorce-From-Porsha-Stewart.jpg
Porshe and Kordell Stewart

What Is This World Coming To? As I'm sure you all may know, Real Housewives of Atlanta's reality show cast mate,  Porsha Stewart's soon to be Ex- Husband Kordell Stewart has officially showed oout; (sidebar I do mean showwwed OT). First and foremost, Mr. Stewart filed for divorce without so much as a mention of it to his wife.  Next, he decided that he would  showcase Porsha to the media as a bad wife, who never had time for her husband or his kid. Oddly enough, the divorce has been in the air, all but a few weeks, and judging from prior reports, Porscha never vacated the house.

 Today, all hell broke loose, as Funky Dineva+Quentin Latham, read Mr. Kordell Stewart his rights, When he reported,

Allow me to vent for one second. If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s  other woman is.
mind if Kordell Stewart was gay or not, the stunts and shows that he is pulling should be confirmation that he is a sissy. It is bad enough that Kordell blindsided Porsha with a divorce, now he is locking her out of the home. The poor girl has had to call the police on two occasions to gain entry into the home where she lives. Additionally, Kordell has brought another woman into the home. Catch these T’s on why  Kordell says Porsha is locked out and who the other woman is. Recently , Porsha  filed a motion that claimed Kordell was locking her out of the house — and bringing another woman into the home. 

But in his response Kordell claims he only locks the house at night for security purposes. He claims the real problem is Porsha frequently leaves home for several days straight … and sometimes comes back between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling like alcohol. I can’t verify if Kordell’s words are true or false, but the sure as hell feel like lies.

As for Porsha’s claim of “another woman” in the house — Kordell says it’s the nanny he was forced to hire because Porsha is “neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson.” NEWSFLASH, it probably wasn’t a real woman, but a tranny with a good weave.  This right here has left me feeling some kind of way. A nanny? “Bitch please, he got a mammy. Send his ass back round her house.” Tania norSheree‘ have anything to do all day. I hate to sound cold towards children, but at this point in the game, and after being married for only 2+ years, what real duties does Porsha have to Kordell’s son. Is one reasonably expected to go through a messy divorce and continue to take another living woman’s child to soccer practice? Let’s be real Kordell. 

In case you hadn't noticed, Kordell is not on Funky Dineva's favorites list.  The,"my hair is laid hunty", Entertainment Blogger, was sure to read Mr. Stewart his rights, up close and personal. Funky Dineva's blog featured a story that he so candidly entitled, Kordell Stewart Once Caught Sucking D!CK In The Park
This story was hilarious, as Funky Dineva called Kordell Stewart out for being gay, revealed his source as a messy ass police officer, and even alleges that Kordell is prepping himself to be Tyler Perry's husband. I love it. I live for his hair video blogs, if you have not seen them please check them out now below, @ Funky, or on Twitter @Funky Dineva.

Father Arrested For Brutally Beaten Daughters In Twerking Video


What Is This World Coming To? Greg Brown has been identified as the crazed father who was caught on tape beating his teenage daughters like he was training cattle as the result of a twerk video that the girls danced in  via Facebook.  Apparently, Mr. Brown saw harm in them twerking but had no problem in exposing them  to cruel and unusual punishment via the extension card that he used to blister and break skin on their bodies. Apparently, he was unaware of the recording of the entire incident.   As a result, the girl's mother later witnessed the  bad bruising and open wounds that resulted from this beaten and decided to get the authorities involved.  Mr. Brown was arrested shortly afterwards.

Authorities arrested Brown and,  and  will have a strong case against him; simply because, they have exhibit A, the video tape of him relentlessly striking his daughters with no regards. However, there will be many opposing views on at the hands of this video. This type of beating has stirred two different sides of the pot. Some even agree that his behavior is justified; I however disagree.  Nevertheless, he will have lots of time to elaborate on his abusive behavior behind bars. Thanks to this video. Just in case you missed it. Check it out again.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Father Brutally Beats Daughters After He Catches Them Twerking Video

What Is This World Coming To? The internet and all of it's video's gone viral have taking many of us by storm. Social networking websites and reality shows have oddly enough become the error of our way. However, some of us still have those parents who don't play the radio. I use the phrase loosely, watch this father as he subjects his girls to the beating of their life after seeing them engage in a twerk video online. Warning Video is disturbing. What do you think of this? Did he go too far?

If You Missed Scandal Last Night Watch Full Episode Now

If you missed Scandal last night you missed a treat;  Last night revealed that the mole did not commit suicide and that Captian is not who we think he is neither. More importantly, a new question has arisen; Is Cyrus the Mole? Check out last nights full episode and tell me what you think?

Beyonce's Big #Beyherenow Message Is A Pepsi AD

Check out Queen Bey's big #Beyherenow message; as she revealed what appears to be  the result of a 50 million dollar Pepsi endorsement.  The Pepsi Ad(video) highlights some of Bey's major hits via mirror. Check out Bey as she continues her reign as Queen and promptly dances along to the shadows of her, literally. I Love It.

What do you guys think of the new Pepsi Ad?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

If You Missed Love and Hip Hop New York Season Finale ; Watch It Now

Love and Hip Hop New York's Season oddly enough failed to disappoint viewers. Aformentioned, was the tale of Erica Mena's trifling way, that came back to haunt her via Rich Dollaz Ex- Tiffany. Months ago, I blogged about Erica Mena's fighting yet again at her lip gloss launch.  Finally, Rich serves Erica her walking papers. Not to mention,  Joe Budden has finally decided to stop stringing poor little Kaitlyn along, and seems to be content with rekindling a relationship with his old flame Tahiry. If you missed love and hip hop new york's season finale you can watch that below now.

Nicki Minaj Seduces Lil Wayne In New Video "High School"

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne in "High School"

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne Get Close In 'High School' Video: Watch
Nicki Minaj seduces Lil Wayne in her latest video"High School". Nicki and Weezy got pretty up close and personal with one another for this video.  Their steamy encounter on screen is creating quite a stir already. The internet is buzzing with Nicki Minaj and Waynes steamy photo's from this hot new Nicki Minaj video. Check out the video below.

Huffington Post reports,

It's not surprising that Nicki Minaj's "High School" video features Lil Wayne. After all, he recorded a verse for the song and heads up the the label they're both signed to, Young Money. What is a bit odd, however, is the fact that the duo filmed a racy sex scene for the visuals.
Wayne has always played the mentor role to Minaj, notably having her back when she was insulted by a Hot 97 DJ before she was to take the stage at the radio station's Summer Jam concert. It's curious to see them playing these roles in a music video, but it's sure to get hip-hop blogs talking.
In the clip, Wayne and Minaj make off to an island to engage in some sort of shady business and end up falling into bed. After their tryst, they steal things and sneak off in a helicopter. *Cue Beats by Dre product placement.
It's not surprising that Nicki Minaj's "High School" video features Lil Wayne. After all, he recorded a verse for the song and heads up the the label they're both signed to, Young Money. What is a bit odd, however, is the fact that the duo filmed a racy sex scene for the visuals.
Wayne has always played the mentor role to Minaj, notably having her back when she was insulted by a Hot 97 DJ before she was to take the stage at the radio station's Summer Jam concert. It's curious to see them playing these roles in a music video, but it's sure to get hip-hop blogs talking.
In the clip, Wayne and Minaj make off to an island to engage in some sort of shady business and end up falling into bed. After their tryst, they steal things and sneak off in a helicopter. *Cue Beats by Dre product placement.

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