Monday, March 12, 2012

Rihanna Goes To Dinner Nearly Topless

OMG! My first thoughts when I got wind of this photo of Rihanna on her way to dinner last night; braless. Rihanna had just returned from Brad Pitt's, "Make It Right Foundation"; where she and Kanye West performed "Run This Town" in New Orleans. Well it seems that Ri-Ri loves attention and, the media loves to give it to her. First it was the topless tweets made on twitter, and now it's see through, show off your nipples, shirt, kind of makes you wander what's next.

According to,

"Before showing up almost topless in New York City, Rihanna was getting her charity on at Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation fundraiser in New Orleans, where she was asked about Snooki becoming a mother. 
In true RiRi form, she answered, "That's dope," without missing a beat. "We need more Snookis in the world!"
As many of you know, Snooki is expecting her first child and recently opened up about how she plans on giving birth."

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