Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whitney Houston Wills It All To Bobbi Kristina

Since the untimely death of America's Angel, Whitney Houston, speculation about her estate, and the financial beneficiaries have been great. Many stories and headlines named several individuals as airs to the pop diva's assets. Amongst some of the speculated beneficiaries were here adopted son Nicholas, and her daughter Bobbi Kristina. However, today I came across a story via 

The story read,

"It looks like we finally have an answer to that question, and that person is Bobbi Kristina.
TMZ reports:
Whitney Houston's 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina got inconceivably richer the day her mother died -- because the singer left Bobbi 100% of her assets in her will ... an estate valued at around $20 million.
According to reports, Whitney's will doesn't enumerate specific assets -- but she leaves ALL furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars to her surviving children ... i.e. Bobbi.
According to reports, Houston's money will be put in a trust -- which Bobbi will have access to in stages ... earning a portion when she turns 21, another chunk when she turns 25, and the rest when she turns 30.The will was just filed today in Atlanta. Whitney signed it back in 1993, a month before she gave birth to Bobbi. "  
So there ends the speculation, Bobbi Kristina is the one and only rich air to Whitney's throne. This comes as no surprise to me, as it seemed evident that Whitney adored her. While Bobbi Kristina is the air to a whole lot of money and assets, I know that this is all but a rejoicing time for her. As she is still faced with the harsh reality, that her mom is no longer with her. I know that no sum of money can replace the love and presence of a mother. May god be with you Bobbi Kristina.

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