Thursday, May 30, 2013

LAHH Atlanta's Erica Dixon Bares Almost All For Black Men's Magazine

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon
  photo Erica-Dixon-Black-Men-3.png

LAHH's Erica Dixon is making moves, and headlines these days. Recently, Lil Scrappy's on again/ off again Fiance' bared most of her assets to cover Black Men's Magazine. As aired in the last few episodes of LAHH Mamma Dee, Scrappy's mother  has succeeded driving a wedge between to the two. The wedge ultimate prompted Erica to suggest that the engagement be placed on hold.  An judging by the looks of this photo- it's seems that Erica wants to give Scrappy something to think about.  While it has not been confirmed that the two have officially parted ways; rumors are spreading fast that Erica Dixon is dating ,The Boxing Champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Erica seems to be do fine all by her lonesome as she comfortable flashes the camera below.  Check out the photo's captured below, as Erica poses it up for Black Mens Magazine.

 photo ed37.jpg

 photo ed34.jpg

 photo Erica-Dixon-Black-Men-3.png

 photo ed35.jpg

Ashanti's Abs Makes Great Motivation For Getting In Shape

R&B Singer Ashanti instagrammed this photo minutes ago, of her showing off her rock solid mid section. Her abs are acting as a news means of motivation to me this morning. Realistically, I am wondering how long it will take to achieve this type of definition, so as usual this prompted me to do research.  According to Servafrica

Recordingartist, record producer, actress, dancer and model Ashanti’s seven-day lemonade diet proves maybe doesn’t top the list for most weirdest but it’s worth a try. The pop queen went on Master Cleanse Lemonade diet while preparing for the film, Resident Evil, and managed to shed just under 4kilos within seven days!
It’s clear that the diet works wonders but would you starve yourself for whole seven day, eating nothing but fruits?  If you want to be 4 kilos lighter in just one week, then give it a go. Good Luck!

Ashanti only ate fruits and drank lemon-pepper-maple syrup, a combination of cayenne pepper and had a master cleanse lemonade whenever she felt hungry. But she actually had it easy because eating fruits was in fact a cheat’s way.  The original lemonade diet rules stipulate its lemonade all day, every day.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nicki Minaj Lap Dances Lil Wayne During Bill Board Awards Performance

Nicki Minaj never ceases to amaze fans.  Recently, Nicki Minaj captivated audiences tuned in everywhere during, the 2013 Bill Board Music Awards. Nicki performed her explosive hit, "High School", alongside her label boss, Lil -Wayne.  Their performance was smoking hot, as Nicki Minaj ended with a seductive dance sequence that ultimately resulted in her lap dancing Weezy.  It's seems that Nicki has become quite comfortable with seducing Weezy.  See Nicki Minaj Seduces Lil Wayne In the High School Video.   Meanwhile, check out her Billboard Awards 2013 Performance below.

213519223415 by YardieGoals

Fan Smacks Beyonce's Booty and Beyonce' Threatens Him

Uh Oh, Beyonce had to threaten a fan. Apparently, the fan wanted to see just how bootilicious Beyonce really was.

According to Theybf,

As Beyonce walked into the crowd, allowing fans to sing "Irreplaceable",  one dude took his"turn a little too far as he proceeded to slap Beyonce's booty as she turned away.  Baddie Bey immediately checked his ass, giving him a stern look and said 'I will have you escorted out right now, alright?'
Lucky for him....Julian and co. didn't put paws on him.  After the encounter, Beyonce continued the show without further incident.  Consummate professional as usual. Check out Beyonce's footage here.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birmingham's Own Slim Swagging Drops An Instagram Anthem Featuring Destion

photo credit: Slim Swagging 

Birmingham's list of talented artist is climbing at a steady paced.  To date, a new Rap Artist. by the name of Slim Swagging, is rated FYE.  Mr. Slim Swagging, as I've coined him, has dropped a major club banger; and what I am predicting to be the next instagram anthem. The song boasts, a very laid back yet catchy beat, that showcases Slim's Swagging lyrics, features a vocalist by the name of Destion, and has an extremely catchy hook.. "I'm on Instagram, I'm on Instagram, taking pictures like the Paparazzi".  Lets help keep  The Ham on the map, by supporting our own. Keep up the good work Slim Swagging. Don't take my word for it check it out right now. Feel free to leave your comments, and follow him on twitter @SlimMoney100.

Monica Is 5Months Pregnant

Congratulations is in order to the Singer Monica Arnold and her husband Shannon Brown. The two are expecting a baby soon. The r&b singer revealed the good news via twitter just in time tp celebrate mother's day. While the baby's sex is unknown at this moment, the singer appears to be extremely happy, and glowing.

Benzino Drops A Diss Song Admitting That He Slept With Joseline and Dissing Karlie Redd

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's castmast, former source owner Benzino has dropped a diss song aimed at two of his cast mates; Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd. As I'm sure you all may already know; that Karlie Redd pretty much dropped the dime on Benzino, when she informed Joseline that Benzino was spreading a rumor that he'd slep with her. Now, of course Benzino denied those allegations; as well as those allegations that came to follow by Karlie Redd,  that he was actually showcasing Joseline Hernandez' sextape.  Meanwhile, Joseline breaks the news to Stevie J. that his so-called brother has been tweeting and texting her trying to get with her, and the news of him claiming to have slept with her. As a result, Stevie made a choice to sever all ties with him.  Well now it seems that Benzino has decided to drop a diss song aimed at two. The diss track which is entitled "Animal", according to Bossip is hilariously, embarassing.  I'm kind of confused now because this track only proves that he is a liar. He looked Stevie J. and Joseline in the face and denied saying any of the crap that he is now boasting about on a diss. Listen to "animal " now

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Joseline Hernandez' Sextape Has Surfaced

Stevie J's official side piece Joselyn Hernandez can now be added to the  sextape surfacing hall of fame. Sources report that the infamous tape, that has caused quite a stir throughout the course of this season on air, has now hit the net. The tape was reportedly self- recorded by Joseline, and is said to be a raunchy tease of the self-proclaimed Puerto-Rican Princess pleasuring herself.  It's seems that this tape was created by Joseline in an attempt to prove that she in fact is a female, Joseline leaked this sextape along  with a completely nude photo of herself, as aforementioned. This would explain why my stats reflect terms like, joseline hernandez playing with herself, smh. Since, Joseline's sextape seems to be so in demand, I've managed to locate it for you. Check it out now, click here.

Chris Brown Wrecks His Car With Karreuche Tran

Karrueche Tran photographs the damage from a car accident while Chris Brown and others look on.
Chris Brown wrecks his range photo credit: dailypress

Chris Brown has been visible with Karreuche Tran over the last few weeks. As aforementioned Chris Brown officially confirmed that he and his ex-boo Rihanna had officially called it quits month's ago. Meanwhile, he and his other ex- Karrueche Tran have been created all sorts of buzz, all over the net these days. First pictures surfaced of the two  having a blast as Breezy celebrated his 24th birthday.

Chris Brown celebrates his 24th Birthday with Karrueche Tran photo credits: asehot

Chris Brown celebrates his 24th birthday at 1 OAK. Photos: Denise Truscello/WireImage

While it seems that Breezy has mastered the art of partying but, he has yet to grasp the concept of driving. HipHollywood reports that Breezy accidentally rear-ended a car in traffic just days ago. He and his passenger, Karrueche Tran, sustained no injury and actually seem to be on good behavior. Breezy has not yet  confirmed that he and Karrueche are offically a couple again...But hey who know's what to expect from Breezy at this point. After all, he and his ex-boo Ri-Ri seem to thrive off of the shock factor. I guess we'll all have to stay tooned. Check out footage of brown on the scene of the accident.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tyga Features Chris Brown "For The Road"

I think Lil Wayne hit it head on when he made the statement,  "Breezy plus anything equals money". Looks like Breezy has got another hit on his hands. This one comes by way of his crews on, Tyga. Ladies check ya boy out in this video as he captivates us in white, and blows us away at the same damn time. This video is absolutely gorgeous. ck out the video and tell me what you think.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fox 6 News Exploits Jefferson County Worker Taking Bribes On Video

What Is This World Coming To? This morning Fox6 news aired video footage of a Jefferson County Employee taking bribes at the courthouse, in exchange to advance in line for license plate or tag renewals. This a sad but unfortunately, true story. I for one, am relieved that someone decided to expose them for the non-sense that occurs within the department of motor vehicles. The sad part of the situation is that, that is merely the story in parts. It's senseless that a person should have to stand in line for hours on end to pay, your hard earned money for a sticker.  The story revealed that more than one person is involved, it also shows the employee signaling a sidekick. Question is- just how many are in on this whole bribery sting? While the video reflected  the dishonesty, it did not reveal the bad attitudes, and poor customer services that rendered daily.  As bad as I strongly detest  the entire license plate renewal process, even I couldn't make this up.

Fox6 reports,

We've all seen the video on TV, hundreds of people in line, waiting for hours to get their license plates and license renewals at the Jefferson County Courthouse.
A Fox6 viewer sent us the video. We'll call him Joe. We are not disclosing his identity.
Joe said he went to the courthouse and asked how he could get through the line faster. He said a Jefferson County Department of Revenue employee told him he could move to the front of the line if he paid a $40 fee.
Joe said he went along with it because he thought it was a joke. When he didn't pay the $40 he was kicked to the back of the line.
But he said he went back to the line at a later date, with his cell phone in hand to get proof. Joe said he turned it over to Fox6 because he wanted to know if this was happening to other people and because he thought it was wrong.
Employee Caught on Tape, Apparently Taking Money to Move Taxpayers to Front of the Line
The video is almost five minutes long. Joe walks up to the counter and asks the woman behind the counter if she still has his information. She said she deleted it and he gives her his name, address and phone number to get the process started.
Joe: "So, I have to pay $40 to keep from standing in line? Ya'll got a good little hustle going.
Jefferson Co. Employee: "Exactly."
The lines are frustrating for everyone customers and county employees. It seems the Jefferson County employee in this video is using that frustration to her advantage. Joe asked the employee several times about the money exchange.
Joe: "I thought ya'll were playing."
Jefferson Co. Employee: "No. Ain't nobody playing."
Moments later in the video, Joe challenges the employee: "I didn't know ya'll were going to charge me $40 to come over here."
The employee is heard reminding Joe it's not a joke and indicates others may be working with her: "Yes, you did because she told you over there before you came over here."
The employee is seen counting money from Joe. She puts the cash for his tags in the register or a drawer and puts aside the extra $40.
"This is for the tag," she said, while referencing one pile of cash.
"And this is ours," she is heard saying on the tape and appears to motion toward another person.
The Jefferson County employee is also heard on tape saying others have paid more to move to the front of the line. She can also be seen and heard laughing about it.
Joe: "I can't believe I'm getting extorted for $40."
Jefferson Co. Employee: "(laughs) You're not getting extorted. You're skipping the line."
Joe received his tag renewed in record time - about twenty minutes, but he said it cost him an extra $40.
Reaction from Jefferson County
We took this video to the Revenue Department Director Travis Hulsey. He watched the video while our cameras where rolling, but said he was unable to speak to us on camera for legal reasons.
Instead he gave us this statement:
"Any employee's behavior which betrays trust will not be condoned. It is unacceptable. Appropriate measures will be taken against any employee who exhibits inappropriate behavior and violates the public trust."
County Manager Tony Petelos confirmed that the employee that was recorded in our video has been put on leave.
At some point, Petelos said he will talk to us on camera.
The sheriff's department is also investigating, but it is important to note that the Jefferson County employee seen in the video has not been charged with anything as of Tuesday night.
The decision was made to conceal the employee's identity since she has not been charged. If and when she is charged, we will reveal her identity in the video and release her name.
Background on Jefferson County's Long Lines
The lines for car tags and other vehicle services are an ongoing problem in Jefferson County.
Jefferson County residents have stood in extreme temperatures and rain as the lines have extended outside the three courthouses where services are offered.
The county is cash-strapped and has layed-off hundreds of employees.
FOX6 News Archive Stories about Long Tag Lines:
March 29, 2013: JeffCo hopes 6 additional workers will trim car tag lines
April 16, 2012: Center Point Courthouse Reopens
March 1, 2012: JeffCo Car Tag Line Brought in Out of Rain
February 22, 2012: Man Collapses is JeffCo Courthouse Line
Other Cases?
It's not known at this time if there are other Jefferson County employees involved in the alleged plan to take money from taxpayers and move them to the front of the line. It seems that could be the case, based on things that are said in the video.
If you or someone you know paid to move to the front of the line, please contact us at

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Three Women Rescued After Being Kidnapped and Held Captive For Over A Decade

three women held captive found after 10 years photo credit: usatoday

What Is This World Coming To? Authorities have arrested three men today, who were responsible for the abducting and captivity of three women for over a decade. Two of the victims were identified as , Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight are believed to  have been abducted over a decade ago- the third victim is believed to be the daughter of one of the victims, whom was actually fathered by one of the three men that are suspected of committing this foul act of kidnapping.  This is, by far, one of the most disturbing cases ever to be broadcasted.
photo's credit: usatoday
CNN reports,

"She was just walking around and naked," Samoylicz said. "We thought that was weird. We thought it was funny at first, and then we thought that was weird, so we called the cops. They thought we was playing, joking, they didn't believe us."
She said she had also seen tarps covering the backyard.
Another neighbor, Israel Lugo, said his sister got a bad vibe from the house and asked him not to let the children play unsupervised nearby. He said he heard yelling in the house in November 2011 and called police to investigate, but they left after no one answered the door.
Neighbors reported seeing the 6-year-old who left the home with Berry out playing sometimes at a neighborhood park. Lugo said he saw Castro at the park Sunday with a little girl and asked who she was: "He said it was his girlfriend's daughter."
But authorities never had any indications that the women were being held in the home or that anything suspicious was going on there, Cleveland Public Safety Director Martin Flask said. Neighbors had not provided any tips, he added.
Police had visited the home twice, authorities said Tuesday, once after Ariel Castro called about a fight in the street and another time to investigate Castro on an unrelated incident involving a child who had been left on a school bus.
Investigators also plan to inspect other properties possibly owned by Castro, according to Tomba. They haven't yet interviewed the women in detail to learn about their abductions and decade in captivity, he added.
"Our first and foremost concern was their mental well-being," he said.
Finally free
Michelle Knight vanished on August 22, 2002, and her family reported her missing the next day, Flask said. She was 21.
Little was known about Knight's case Tuesday. Her mother now lives in Naples, Florida, and was contacted by Cleveland police late Monday, a neighbor, Sheldon Gofberg, told CNN.
The three women and the child were released Tuesday from the hospital where they had been taken for evaluations, a spokeswoman said. Tomba said all four appeared to be in good condition, if in need of a good meal.
While amazing, such discoveries are more common now, said John D. Ryan, CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
"To us at the National Center, this is not something that we find shocking any more," he said. "The fact is, we have seen more and more long term missing cases end up in the victim being rescued many years after their original abduction."
The most widely reported such incident in recent years was that of Jaycee Dugard, who was freed in 2009 after 18 years of captivity behind the home of a California couple. Dugard released a statement Tuesday saying the women who broke free in Cleveland "need the opportunity to heal.

Neighborhood watch has slowly deminished; however, this case along with so many other abduction cases, have proven that every neighborhood should have some type of surveillance. These types of incident would be non-existent if people would've have just paid more attention to their surroundings. It seems that this house had been reported on numerous occasions for unusual activity, and the police would visit. However, the police were too easy to allude; as the suspects would just not answer the door. The police should definitely be held accountable for some of the blame here because, they never followed up on the suspicions that were reported even after they visited and vacated the premises.

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