Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ashanti's Abs Makes Great Motivation For Getting In Shape

R&B Singer Ashanti instagrammed this photo minutes ago, of her showing off her rock solid mid section. Her abs are acting as a news means of motivation to me this morning. Realistically, I am wondering how long it will take to achieve this type of definition, so as usual this prompted me to do research.  According to Servafrica

Recordingartist, record producer, actress, dancer and model Ashanti’s seven-day lemonade diet proves maybe doesn’t top the list for most weirdest but it’s worth a try. The pop queen went on Master Cleanse Lemonade diet while preparing for the film, Resident Evil, and managed to shed just under 4kilos within seven days!
It’s clear that the diet works wonders but would you starve yourself for whole seven day, eating nothing but fruits?  If you want to be 4 kilos lighter in just one week, then give it a go. Good Luck!

Ashanti only ate fruits and drank lemon-pepper-maple syrup, a combination of cayenne pepper and had a master cleanse lemonade whenever she felt hungry. But she actually had it easy because eating fruits was in fact a cheat’s way.  The original lemonade diet rules stipulate its lemonade all day, every day.

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