Rihanna Is Naked Again

Rihanna has hit it on the head again. This time with a very intimate video debut of her heartfelt track, entitled,Stay [Explicit]. Rihanna captivated audiences at the  55th Annual Grammy Awards during the performance of the song; who would've known that she would drop a video the very next day. The video debuted on E! the entertainment channel,  an Rih-Rih has once again strips down and bares her soul in this video.  Rihanna Check out the video now.

Rihanna Strips For The Paparazzi

Rihanna photo credit : JustJared

Rihanna Naked  MDLS

Looks like Rihanna is back at it again, playing peek a boo in the nude with the papparizzi is a fun time for Rih- Rih. This time  the good girl gone bad has drastically exercised her right to be young, wild, and free. Rihanna has chosen to fully expose her ta-ta's and booty in this full fledged body shot of her in the nude.  I guess exhibitionism is one of Rihanna's strong points.

One source asked?  Who changes clothes on the balcony in the nude, knowing that the papparazi is watching? My response, Rih-Rih. In case, you  live in a cave and have not seen Rihanna's latest rendition of T&A, I've managed to snag the photo's courtesy of mommysdirtylittlesecrets.

check out Rihanna in the Nude1.
Rihanna in the Nude 2.
Rihanna in the Nude 3.

Rihanna Tat's A Blunt On Her Booty
But, wait here is shocking revelation.. Aforementioned ,was a tatoo of a blunt on Rihanna's right booty cheek. However, it seems that the tatoo has vanished. Uh Oh, where is Rih-Rih's tatoo, is the badgirl sporting a press on  fake tatoo on the booty shot. Check out photo two of Rihanna in the nude and tell me what you think.

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