Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Did Rihanna Just Tat A Blunt On Her Booty Cheek?

+badgirlrih fenty  via Instagram

Looks like Badgirlri is at it again. Hint's Rihanna's latest photo instagrammed just happens to be a booty shot of her self, showing off her latest tatoo, which just happens to be an over sized cannabis plant. Rihanna is just full of surprises and I, for one am loving it. I once read an article authored by Global Grind, that placed emphasis on Rihanna's shock factor.  Basically, the authored felt that much of Rihanna's popularity stemmed from her effortless ability to shock us all. The author was concerned that once Rihanna lost her shock factor or ability to continue to shock then she will lose her significance.

Rihanna Covers GQ Nude

 While, I can certainly reason with that interesting point, I believe that Rihanna has created such a fan huge fan base, that everyone of us  cant wait to see what  Rih-Rih  will do next. Just when we think she has calmed down; bam she covers GQ Nude,  does a racy photo shoot with Super Model  Kate Moss, walks down the street in all see through clothing, kisses Chris Brown in the mouth, in the front of his girlfriend, or instagram's  herself in his lap. If that wasn't enough, how about throwing a halloween costume party in which she comes as her favorite item the Cannabis plant, or Mary Jane as it's  more appropriately referred.

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