Thursday, December 13, 2012

WTF! Kanye West Is Wearing Another Skirt

Kanye West photo credit: StraightfromtheA

What Is This World Coming To? Kanye West is wearing, yet another skirt. I missed the memo; Are rappers coming with  automatic passes to wear skirts now?  Kanye West seems to be quite content rocking skirts; as it was aforementioned this summer when he rocked a skirt at the Coachella festival. It has been rumored that Kanye is responsible for some of Kim Kardashian's wardrobe styling. Nevertheless, Kanye in a skirt is pretty disturbing.

Kanye's character as well as his sexuality has always been a bit questionable but, this takes the cake.. Lets see, Kanye's bad attitude along with his undeniable fascination with skirts is pretty suggestive. One could only imagine the amount of respect, cool points, and fan base that Kanye' West has managed to loose with this fashion statement.  While it is unclear of exactly what fashion statement Kanye's making, it's sure as hell not suggesting that he is a manly man. However, in this day and age, things aren't always what they seem, and people aren't always who they claim or pretend to be. I must admit as disturbing as it is to watch Kanye prance around in a skirt, a part of me respects him. While most people accuse him of having an attitude like a word that rhymes with itch; This is sort of a confirmation as such. At least, he had enough guts to  put a skirt on. I can appreciate a guy who is truthful about exactly who he is.  I'm willing to bet, that some of the guys with the most objection to Kanye's skirt, need to have  skirts on themselves. Clearly, it's hard being a woman these days, in a sea of men who boast just as much feminity as a woman. One can only wonder, what is Kim Kardashian's take on the matter. How does one prepare to go out, when their man decides that he wants to rock a skirt? Sorry, just my thoughts aloud.

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