Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WTH...Katt Williams Slaps An Innocent Target Employee

Katt Williams Arrested For Assault  (Mugshot)

What Is This World Coming To? Comedian Katt Williams is either on something heavy, or going through the withdrawal of coming off of it. Last week, I reported that Katt Williams led the police on a high speed chase through the streets and sidewalks of California. Apparently, Katt Williams managed to evade authorities because the search was called off for fear that innocent bystanders would be injured..  Well, now it seems that Katt Williams is back at his foolish antics again. 

StraightfromtheA is reporting,

After allegedly leading California police on a wild goosechase through the streets of Sacramento, Calif., the miniature funnyman reportedly walked into a Target store and “slapped” an innocent employee in the face. 

But Oh No-, the story doesn't stop there. Katt has since threatened to assault manager with a Pool Cue in Seatlle, while he relentlessly proceeded to threaten innocent club patrons. This stunt finally landed him back where he needs to be locked up. If you have not laughed today here is your dose.

According to MyNorthWest.com

Police say Williams exchanged words with patrons, and threatened the manager with a pool cue. Police also report he flicked a lit cigarette through a car window and then threw a rock at the car. Williams was arrested on suspicion of assault, harassment and obstruction. Officers say he was so belligerent when he was arrested outside the sports bar he had to be taken to the ground. The arresting officer says Williams threatened that he would have the officer's badge, and that he would sue the city. He claimed he had 30 recent arrests and was released every time. He also said he has millions of dollars, so this arrest wouldn't affect him at all.   In fact, Williams was bailed out of jail Monday morning. According to TMZ, Suge Knight, Williams' tour manager, foot the bill. This all came after he canceled his Thursday show at Seattle's Paramount, and then mixed it up with fans at his Friday show. Fans at the Friday show say they were simply trying to get a picture with Williams. He claims they burst into his dressing room.

I swear, this story is hilarious but so sad. I think he needs to be committed to the nearest luni-bend before, one of his careless crazy benges result in some innocent bystander getting hurt, or worse.  He is definitely in the right line of business; Question is- how long will he sustain the small amount of sanity that he has left? There are only two words that seem to come to mind  at the mere mention of Katt Williams' name, first word LUNA, second word TIC. What do you think of Katt's latest stunt? Do you think his days as a comic are over? Please elaborate...

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