Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teen Girl Arrested After Videoing Her Own Fight Over Twitter Beef

Tashay D. Edwards photo credit: Vibe Vixen

World Star HipHop shared a video entitled "Teens Fight Over Twitter Beef". After viewing the video I was convinced that it should have been called Assault on Teen Girl Over Twitter Beef.  The video feature 19 year old Tashay D. Edwards, an Ohio Native, as she clearly takes a trip to another teen girls home and assaults her some vicious, on the young teens front porch. You can clearly see that the girl is not fighting back as Edwards proceeds to stomp on her head and drag her off the steps and down the side walk. 

We'll lucky for the female who was assaulted, Tashay Edwards, the assaulter in the case recorded her self and sent it to World Star Hip Hop, who got tons of hits and visitors to watch her assault her victim. I guess this is one of those crimes that want go unpunished, she gathered her own evidence to be prosecuted, "Genius Behavior", gotta love it. Here is the video via WSHH.

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