Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nicki Minaj Contemplates Quitting

Is Nicki Minaj Quitting Rap?
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Nicki Minaj recently revealed during a radio interview that, she was thinking maybe, "the kid should leave the game". Just last week Nicki sparked a trail of controversy when she decided to pull the plug on her twitter accounts. Nicki also spoke about respect and how she feels that she's not getting the respect that she deserves.  

One thing's for sure, Nicki Minaj is an extremely, smart, and talented, if she leaves the game; the game definitely won't be the same. According to Essence,

Westwood said Roman Reloaded sounds like a mixtape and Minaj agreed. However, she maintains many people aren't giving her the respect she deserves. "This is my fourth mixtape really," says Minaj. "The Kid [referring to herself] did it like that to feed her fans. But really, now the Kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game. All these other folks fittin' to make the Kid leave the game."

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