Friday, April 20, 2012

Is R&B Diva's Monica and Keyshia Cole the Newest LadiesAdding To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Roster?

Monica and Keyshia Cole may be the latest additions to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Franchise

According to WZAK,

Rumor has it that R&B Diva's Monica, and Keyshia Cole are the two prospects to be latest addition to the  Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Housewives Franchise. During a recent interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen, Monica was asked a question. Would you consider taping for the Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Show? She simple laugh it off, stating, " They wouldn't want me there".  However, I think they would. As you may already know. Ms. Thing is no stranger to the big screen as she has had several reoccuring roles on sitcom t.v., and even landing her own reality show via BET, Still Standing. 

Monica Arnold Brown with husband Shannon Brown photo credits: WZAK

Singer Keyshia Cole photo credit: wzip88

Keyshia Cole is another great prospect who is rumored  to be on the list of potential candidates as the latest addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta's chain. She was just recently married as well to NBA Baller, Daniel Gibson. 

Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson photo credit: WZAK

Execs believe that she would be a great addition to the show as well. She and Monica will both quadruple ratings. As both of  them are well known Singers, and ex- reality stars themselves. Not to mention they both have recently wed NBA Ballers and are great friends. Good luck guys, If you two are the newest cast mates, I can't wait to  tune in. 

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