Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman Launches A Website Begging Supporters For Money

George Zimmerman has really got nerves. According to Global Grind,

Zimmerman has launched a website called "therealzimmerman.com". George launched this site solely for monetary gain from his supporters. He states the obvious, due to the fact that America is outraged and in an uproar; since authorities refuse to arrest or detain him for the fatal shooting of a 17 year old Florida teen named Trayvon Martin. He has not been able to work or even leave his hiding cave wherever that may be, so he needs money to survive, and to pay for legal counsel.  To add to insult, his website features a background of the American Flag, as well as, quotes from american heroes such as, Thomas Payne, Edmund Burke, and James W. Loewen.

He is about as crazy as crazy comes, if you ask me. He can't seriously consider himself a hero. First things first George, a killer is what you are, a lunatic is what your measuring up to be,  but a hero, I think not. If you call riding around playing  rent a cop, following, harassing, assaulting, shooting and killing, an unarmed minor an act of heroism then you clearly need a one way ticket to the looney bin.
Here is another one of those things that just makes you wonder: "What Is This World Coming To?"

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