Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wow, I Just Came Across, An Article Entitle "**** Steve Harvey"

Tweegram used on "**** Steve Harvey" photo credit: EducatedCoon

Today while strolling the net I came across a very interesting , "Steve Harvey Review" .  The review was entitled "F*** Steve Harvey;  Yes, you are reading right, and no your eyes are not deceiving you. The article's author stands firm on no mention of a legal name, and wishes to be referenced as," All You Need To Know Is I'm Not A ***. For advertising purposes, I can only include, certain info on my blog but, this is,  perhaps the most entertaining piece of work I've encountered all day. 

This is not my opinion of Steve Harvey, and I am not all condoning, nor am I opposing this body of work. I am simply informing an audience about the rave of mixed reviews that have been accrued in response to the " Act Like A Lady , Think Like A Man" movement that is in effect right now. 

The feature portion is actually and excerpt but, from the looks of things, you're probably guessing that she's Steve Harvey Fan. At first glimpse, I thought "Wow, talking about freedom of speech", she holds nothing back.  I'm sure that this article is in heavy rotation and has created tons of a buzz.  She feels strongly certain issues and she's not holding back. I'm curious what do you guys think of Steve Harvey, and the whole, "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man", franchise.   

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