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Is Marlo Hampton A Hater Or Most Hated On?

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I  asked the question, "is Marlo Hampton a hater or most hated on? I say it is a mixture of the two. Marlo Hampton, the breakout character on the hit reality show "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" has been creating quite a stir every since the show debuted her as a guest on a episode as the girlfriend of another housewives' ex-boyfriend, (Charles Grant).  Marlo scored a re-occuring role on the reality show immediately. 

It seems that since then the viewers and cast member took a complete disliking to the guest reality show star, as she quickly flaunted her designer labels, and at times very unwanted opinions to everyone. According to Wetpaint

"While NeNe was petty (even attacking Sheree Whitfield’s alleged nose job), she also had a few clearer claims, including the fact that  both Sheree and Phaedra Parks reportedly wanted Marlo on the show, but quickly changed their minds. 

NeNe began tweeting on Sunday night and wrote, “The Smalls loved Marlo when they thought they could turn her against me! Now that were friends, they don't like her 4 no real reason.”

She continued, “Phaedra & Sheree wanted Marlo on the show! They pushed production 4 her. Once we met & started talkin, they turned on her. They wanted Marlo on the show because they thought we would get n2 it about Charles but I never dated him.”

According to NeNe, another woman named Maja was supposed to be the new housewife instead of Marlo, but Phaedra and Sheree didn’t approve of that choice.

On Monday morning NeNe tweeted, “Maja was suppose 2 b the new housewife but Sheree & Phaedra didn't want her on the show. They wanted Marlo 4 obvious reasons! Back fired.”

I think that Ne-Ne may be right because, I can recall the episode where Ne-Ne was suppose to host Peter's party for Cynthia and she showed up  hours late.  I can also recall Phaedra conversing in a round table form with both Charles and Marlo.  Since then Marlo has been cast a bit as a gold digger. Fan's seem to be divided as they went all in on Wetpaint

Though, I have to admit that I am not a fan of Marlo Hampton's the guest gave great arguments on a particular post that Wetpaint has entitled, Marlo Hampton Flaunts Her Bikini Bod In Miami Photo's. 

Marlo Hampton Wears a Bikini in Miami

Marlo Hampton Lounges in Miami

Wetpaint actually posted these photos, and commented on them stated that Marlo Hampton was not working but that she was clearly doing what she does best, shop.  According to Wetpaint,

"Marlo Hampton may be delusional and irritating beyond belief, but there’s no questioning that this “friend” of the housewives has excellent style — and a nice body to boot.

While most of the other gals are currently in New York City for the Bravo upfronts, Marlo has been keeping herself busy in Miami laying out by the pool and working on her tan. She tweeted the above picture and wrote, “Divas and divos I wish you were here!  The following day, 
Marlo tweeted another pool pic, this time captioning it, “Earlier today enjoying a little ‘me’ time by the pool❤.”

Following her “me” time — which as far as we can tell just entails wearing your Louboutin heels while lying down in the sun — Marlo did what divas do best: shop!

Oh Marlo, it must be really nice to have a sugar daddy! " 

Clearly, Marlo has lots of haters is how most of the guest commentators felt as they fired back at the blog owner with post like. 
"Hey wetpaint you write so negative about Marlo didn't Kim Zolciak have a sugar daddy you have anything to say about her!"

"  yea they did. lol"

yep kim had big poppa..a married man.... kim is the head of all gold diggers..."

"Yep! Kim finally found herself, and has successfully removed herself from all the drama."

"What WetPaint is NOT reporting is that Marlo is also a model. She gets paid to model designer labels and gets a lot of clothing/handbags/shoes free. Marlo also once owned a high end boutique in Atlanta that closed when the economy plumetted. These writers like to focus on negative when it comes to women of color being fabulous- ijs.

"I agree because WETPAINT loves Kim, isn't she the same breed of golddigger as Marlo? I think so."

There seems to be quite a mix of opinions when it comes to Marlo. As I surfed the net here are a pair of most searched terms for her name, this was kind of hurting and shocking to me and I'm not even a fan of hers, take a look. If you google Marlo Hamptons name it automatically searches,  

is marlo hampton a man?
is marlo hampton really a man?
is marlo hampton rich?
is marlo hampton a prostitute?
is marlo hampton still dating charles grant?
is marlo hampton
is marlo hampton a criminal?
is marlo hampton a guy?
is marlo hampton her real name?
is marlo hampton transgender?

Ok, call me crazy but Marlo Hampton may be mean but, she didn't strike me as a guy or a man.   But there you have it again, these are the terms people have google most. 

What do you think, please feel free to comment

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