Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rihanna And Chris Brown's Engagement Is An April Fools Joke

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"RiRi and CB is engaged", are the words that I read at first glimpse, via As I proceeded to read the article further, they had me convinced. I bought the story that RiRi had been tweeting to CB that she was tired of waiting on him and so forth. However, the story is bogus. It was completely made up via,, in honor of April Fool's Day.  Yes today is April 1, a.k.a, April Fool's Day.  I was about to get really excited about the reunion of the two but oh well, maybe they will use this as initiative to rekindle again.  Not, only did I buy the story but many others as well because, CB and RiRi are trending topics on twitter now. Here is story as I read it via,,

"Rihanna has gone back to black and we know why she did it! 
Let us be the first to tell you that Chris Brown and Rihanna are engaged! The F.A.M.E. singer popped the question after Rihanna got so mad at him that she said leave Karrueche or else! 
If you've been reading Rihanna's tweets you've might have seen her sublimes:
"If u don't want me, someone else will... if I'm not good enough!" Then telling Chris to, "Cry me a river....I already cried," then adding, "I'm makin' u wait....I need to know if ya worthy. He's been actin' uuup....but he won't be the only one"
Well Chris Brown had to face the hard facts and make a tough decision, while he's not ready to make the official announcement he did tweet:
"Eventually people grow up and get wiser to the bullshit!"
Which Rihanna did, so he made peace with his God, and decided to pop the question, and when she said yes, he tweeted, "I'm home" which meant he is next to Rihanna where he feels he has belonged!

He also asked Rihanna to dye her hair back to the black color that he loves to much. So Rihanna did it for her man. If you notice she went back to her old hairstyle of the one side shaved. This is no doubt for Breezy! 
While the announcement isn't official he did tweet, "no april fools."
Chris Brown and Rihanna are indeed engaged! 
But, just because he tweeted "no april fools," doesn't mean that we can't tweet "Happy April Fools Day!"
Enjoy your day!

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