Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brian McKnight Writes Raunchy Song And Shares It Via Youtube

photo credit: Brian Mcknight

Megastar, Ballad Singer, Brian Mcknight, is known for his sultry singing and exceptional music writing skills; Until know, Brian McKnight has recently share a song with his fans via youtube, that was pretty raunchy. According to TMZ

There's a hilarious explanation behind Brian McKnight's 

new x-rated song -- the singer tells TMZ Live, he's been 

holed up in his house going stir-crazy with a bum ankle ... 

and the dirty ditty came to him in a moment of sheer 


Brian called in moments ago and said, "I've been home for a 

month ... I've got this boot on my foot. I'm like a month away 

from Achilles tendon surgery, so I've been stuck in the 


Brian added, the song "isn't for everyone. It's a parody. I'm 

having fun because basically I have nothing else else to do."

In case you haven't heard it ... Brian released a clip of a new 

song on YouTube called "If You're Ready to Learn" -- 

featuring the lyrics, "Let me show you how your p---y 

works/Since you didn't bring it to me first."

We'll Brian,let me be the first to say, that you are the King of 

Romance; there is no way your audience wants to listen to 

you sing about this foolishness. Please, get well soon

 because your not going to be the only  one sick if you keep 

release tracks like this, your career too will be injured. 

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