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Mexican Woman Embellishes About Being Pregnant With Nine Babies

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A mexican woman claimed to have been pregnant with nine babies just yesterday. Today, that story has changed drastically. 
Apparently, the lady confused not being pregnant at all with being pregnant nine times over, wth. It seems our world record pregnant with nine babies mom, is only pregnant with thoughts of being pregnant. In fact, it has also been disclosed that this so- called expectant mother can no longer expect to bare children. Years ago she had undergone a procedure that left her pretty much infertile. 

Examiner reports,

The story of a woman in Mexico pregnant with nine babies is false, spokesmen from a Mexican newspaper said Friday, April 27.
According to El Diario de Coahuila, a newspaper in the northeastern state of Coahuila, Karla Vanessa Perez lied about receiving fertility treatments that resulted in the fertilization of nine embryos.
Not only is Perez' story of the multiple fertilization not true, she is not pregnant at all, spokesmen said.
"She made it up," a newspaper official said. "And, because the number of babies would break the world record, everyone just ran with it."
Perez also does not have triplets, as reported by some media outlets Friday. She does, however, have three children, 15, 12 and 4. According to records, Perez underwent a tubal ligation procedure after giving birth to her youngest child to prevent further pregnancies.
Officials at the Mexican Society of Gynaecology and Urology said Perez likely made up the story because she is unconsciously seeking help for emotional problems.

“That woman needs urgent psychological treatment,” José Salvador Gallegos Mata, of the gynaecology society, said.
Help is what was offered to Perez before she made up the story of the multiple pregnancy, spokesmen from the office of Mexico’s Secretary of Health confirmed. Officials would not comment on the type of help Perez was offered, however, said it had nothing to do with a pregnancy.
Perez refused to comment about the story Friday evening.
The record for highest multiple birth is currently held by Nadya Suleman, a controversial American woman who was dubbed Octomom after giving birth to eight babies in January 2009.
Suleman, who is single, conceived the octuplets after having 12 embryos implanted so they would not be destroyed. The 36-year-old already had six children, who were also conceived through in-vitro fertilization."

After reading this story, I totally agree that this lady is mentally challenged. The way I see it; who in their right mind would want to be pregnant with nine babies at once, let alone making up a story about it.

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