Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kris Humpries Grants A 16 Year Old Girl's Dying Wish

Kris Humphries the ex- husband of Kim Kardashian, is granting the wish of a dying teenage girl. Apparently, the 16 year old's dying wish is to meet her favorite NBA player, who just happen's to be Kris Humphries.  The 16 year old girl has a rare form of Cancer. Her friends created a bogus account name on twitter called Kris4Kaely in efforts to get Kris' attention. Obviously it worked, Kris began tweeted backward and forwards with the account before learning the story behind this actual twitter friend. Eventually they exchanged emails, and viola, Kris agreed to grant the teens dying wish.  April 23, marks the date that Kris will pay a visit to Kaely. Yay, Kris, good thanks for being a good samaritan. 

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