Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Suspect Arrested For The Murder of Alabama Rapper Doe.B

What Is This World Coming To? Meet the idiot  behind the horrific shooting tragedy that claimed the life of Alabama's own Hip- Hop Superstar in the making, Glen "Doe.B" Thomas, an innocent bystander, Kimberle Johnson, and wounded six other's.

As aforementioned in a prior post, Senseless Violence, Claims The Life Of Promising Alabama Rap Star , Grand Hustle Artist, Alabama's Own, Doe.B was actually gunned down ,while visiting his hometown, Montgomery, Alabama, a few days after Christmas.  

Montgomery, Alabama police have caught a break in the murder of Grand Hustle rapper Doe B. A young man by the name of Jason Williams turned himself in on Sunday December 29th.

According to local news reports, 22-year-old rapper Doe B, real name Glenn Thomas, and a young woman named Kimberle Johnson, 21, were shot and killed around one in the morning on December 28th. During the gunfire assault, six innocent bystanders were injured and all received medical attention at a nearby hospital. Doe B was taken to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead while Johnson died on the scene.

As soon as reports surfaced that Doe B was killed, rumors began circulating calling Jason Williams the gunman. Williams and Doe B had been in an ongoing feud. Both men were known to wear eye patches over the same eye.Williams is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Center without bond.

Senseless Act of Violence...Claims The Life Of Promising Alabama Rap Superstar

What Is This World Coming To? Hint's the title. My frame of thought exactly,  and the title of my blog; are pretty much, synonymous; and rightfully so.  I often wonder, just What Is This World Coming To? It seems that jealousy, iniquity and hate has consumed way too many of us.

Senseless violence has claimed far too many innocent lives. How sad it is, that the Rapper  Doe. B, who was most proud of his southern embedded Alabama rooted upbringing, would be murdered in this very state.

As you all may know, this past holiday season, Doe. B returned to his southern rooted city of Montgomery, in Alabama to give a live concert performance, of the song that some would say, "put him on".  However, the celebration ended up being, that of a home-going for himself, and a young lady, who were both shot and killed the rappers very own event.

Doe. B was recently, signed to T.I's well known rap label "Grand Hustle", and even shot a video for his  hit song "Let Me Find Out" in Montgomery, Alabama, his hometown. 

This type of senseless violence is extremely troubling, and senseless.   However this, horrific incident has upset so many of us. 

Heartbroken @Edward T. Bowser, writes via al.com

"Doe B’s flame was extinguished just as it was beginning to burn its brightest.A well-regarded mixtape, a catchy breakout single, an authoritative stage presence and the backing of hip-hop heavyweight T.I.  – Doe B had all the ingredients to dominate the music scene in 2014.
Doe B’s music was filled with tales of excess. Could he have brought something more substantial to his community? We’ll never know. That opportunity was robbed from him.
Glenn Thomas worked so hard to put Alabama in the national spotlight. He wanted to be the face of his community. It breaks my heart that his face will be synonymous with the violence that hinders Alabama's progress."

I couldn't agree more,  with Mr. Bowser, how sad is it that the guy who carried the city on his back; had the haters in the city to carry him to his grave.    This deeply saddens me. Rest in peace, Doe. B. My heart goes out to your family, friends, and fans. The world of hip-hop definitely lost a great lyricist.

Check out Mr. Bowser's article here.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Young Fan Nearly Brings Rapper Jay-Z To Tears

Jay-z embraces a young Cortez, a fan,  in Birmingham, Alabama; photo credit @traqgram instagram repost

Last night was pretty a eventful one.  Rapper Jay-Z arrived and gave an awesome concert performance in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC).  The Iconic Rap Mogul's performance was phenomenal.

For starters, he performed twenty-four of his hottest tracks while featuring one of  Hip- Hop's hottest producers; none-other-than, Timbaland himself.  Jay-Z drove the crowd crazy, as we watched him transform into everyone of his famous alter-ego's; We witnessed,  Hova, Young, The Roc, Jigga, Sean Carter, and Jay-Z in full effect, all at the same damn time.

 Jay-Z's remarkable performance definitely brought the house down, and the crowds participation, reflected just that.  However, no one was prepared for what was to come next. Jay took his time to pay homage to the some of his fans that caught his eye during his performance.

 He acknowledged them on camera, and greeted them.  A younger fan,by the name of  Cortez, caught his eye. He acknowledged him, and advised him about the best part of the game, and jokingly encouraged his father to advised him about the worse. And it seemed that Jay had moved on to acknowledging other fans in the audience. Cortez, the younger fan became overwhelmed with tears.

As result,  Jay- Z decided  to  invite him on stage.  The young fan, ran to Jay-Z and embraced him immediately. Embracing him back and fighting back tears, Jay gives him the microphone, and advises him to, "Say What's Up Birmingham".  Afterwards Jay-Z  jokingly acknowledges, that having a kid, has made him soft, "I'm supposed to be a G", he said.  The look on Jay's face was so sincere but the smile, and look on little Cortez's face was priceless.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Gets Surprise Marriage Proposal During Halftime

What Is This World Coming To? It's been a while since I last blogged, but this one is definitely worth the effort. Just when I was convinced that there were no good men left, this happens. Lord your something else but on another note, Chicago Bulls cheerleader Ariana Rosado got the surprise proposal of a lifetime from her boyfriend Zachery, during the Halftime show of  the  Chicago Bulls Game.

This was the sweetest proposal ever, I had to fight back tears myself, watching this. What a great proposal.

Source: Global Grind

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