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Uh-Oh Chris Brown Disses Rihanna In A Song

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OMG! Chris Brown gets way too cold as he disses Rihanna in a freestyle that he recorded over Kanye West's song that is entitled " Way Too Cold". Chris Brown gets pretty descriptive as he raps,

“Don’t f— with my old bitch it’s like a bad fur/ Every industry n—a done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/ Bitch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

According to MySpace

Brown tweeted a link to the freestyle early yesterday morning and Rihanna responded by tweeting “Aw, poor dat #neaux1currrrr” and then unfollowed Brown. Brown responded in a mature manner by tweeting, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then it’s something you feel guilty about.” Uh huh.
This all comes months after the estranged couple reunited for a pair of unexpected duets, which sent a signal to many in the music community that Rihanna had forgiven Brown for assaulting her just prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards.  I think this is a classic case of two people wanting each other and not knowing exactly what to do.  It wouldn't surprise me if I turned the television on and the two have officially wed. I think they should cut the BS and do what makes them happy, and it's obvious each other.  I mean it's so obvious that they've got it bad for one another, and just don't know how to express themselves to each other. It comes across crystal clear to everyone else. 

 It was clear  when Chris Brown recorded  "ain't thinkin bout you tonight", along with Bow Wow,,,that she was all he was thinking bout- as he sings, -" Me and you finished,you've got a ball player, but I ain't trippin., An I aint saying that he don't love you but, he can't love you like I do."  It's also heartfelt when he poors his heart out in his song " All Back" on his latest F.A.M.E album; Not to mention the lyrics featured on his remake of  Micheal Jackson's Human Nature entitled, "She Aint You", where he gives an explaination, stating the obvious,  " You make it hard for me to see somebody else, he says when she touches me I'm wishing that they were your hands and when I'm with her it's only about the sex, with you I had a bad romance".  Now, it seems that Chris Brown has moved on but is still a bit unhappy, and it is mainly because, we'll- 'She Aint You" as he has already stated. With that being said, please feel free to share your thoughts on the situation.

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