Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rondo Aspires To Become An R&B Singer

Who would've ever guessed, that the dreams of Rajon Rondo included that of becoming an Rhythm and Blues (R&B) singer. Rondo as we've all come to know him, is a leading scorer for the Boston Celtics. Rondo faces a harsh punishment, (suspension)from tonight's game 2 of the playoffs , for his ever so friendly, chest to chest  bump with a referee during game 1 of the playoffs.  

According to , Global Grind,

 Rajon Rondo , one of the Celtics' leading scorers, will have to sit out for Game 2 of tonight's playoffs due to his unnecessary chest bump with a referee.
Although a one game suspension is not long, sitting out for more than 20 seconds during the playoffs is a huge deal and will certainly hurt the Celtics' game. 
But luckily for Rajon, he has a little side hustle that might help him pass the time faster. 
Who would have known the dynamic point guard not only listens to R&B to calm him down before each game, but he also has secret aspirations to be an R&B singer and create his very own album!
GlobalGrind's Sharon Carpenter got a chance to sit down with the Celtics' guard to discuss the game of basketball, his musical dreams, as well as the temptations that occur while being a superstar athlete.

Some things never cease to amaze me.  Rondo definitely has an R&B singer look; he is a cutie pie. I can't wait to hear what the future holds for Rondo's singing career. I just hope it doesn't interfere with his game because lord knows he has it. Hurry Back Rondo. 

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