Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nas Blasts His Baby's Mama In New Single Daughters

Nas photo credit: Rolling Stone

One of the greatest lyricist to ever live is back. Yes, I am referencing Mr. If I Ruled The World, himself Nas. We'll it seems that Nas is getting mixed reviews as a result of his latest album. Apparently, Nas managed to strike the nerve of his Baby's Mama by referencing her in his latest single that he entitled, "Daughters". 

Essence Reports,

Recently Nas released “Daughters," a single from his upcoming album Life Is Good. On the track, he divulges his feelings about being a father to his 17-year-old, Destiny, and his reaction to her growing up too fast for his liking. “They grow fast, one day she's ya little princess/ Next day she talking boy business, what is this?” Nas raps. He even takes accountability for some of Destiny’s shortcomings, blaming his own absence and even the number of women he’s had in his life for her sometimes questionable behavior.
The song was widely praised by many dads as an honest, accurate perception of how they feel about their daughters. But Destiny’s mother, Carmen — she became infamous when Jay-Z dropped a line about her during his rap beef with Nas, and then she penned a book, mostly about 
being a hip-hop groupie — wasn’t so happy with the lyrics.
“Just heard ‘Daughters’ by Nas,” she Tweeted. “What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!”
In the song Nas suggests Destiny may have tried marijuana, recalls a time when he caught Destiny writing a letter to a guy in jail, and references an embarrassing, much-blogged incident from February when  
Destiny Tweeted a picture of a box of condoms. All in all, it’s nothing so terribly awful for a teenager (things can be so much worse). But as much as I appreciate Nas' honest reflections (and the fact that he’s taking on a subject matter with some depth, especially when too much of current hip-hop is just babbling over hot beats), I do wonder if a song released for mass consumption is the best place to muse on them. Apparently so does Destiny’s mom. “Do u really think Destiny appreciated that song?” she also Tweeted. “Seriously.... Destiny is still a child — it was the wrong platform.”

Nas seems to be a realist, and I'm definitely feeling that. Do I agree that his daughter's personal life should be respected; yes. However, his seems to be coming from a place of hurt, and not standing in judgment of her but, pretty much blaming himself for some of her unfortunate mishaps. The way I see it, is that he as a rapper has a bigger voice than so many of us unknowns.  Who knows, he could have just shedded some light on that parent who thinks of their child as an outcast an has lost faith or hope in repairing. I respect him both as a rapper and a parent. Thanks Nas for sharing some real insight on teen parenting. After all,  I heard somewhere long time ago, " it Takes A Village To Raise A Child". 

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