Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rihanna Tweets A Photo Of Herself With An I.V, In Arm

Rihanna photo credit: Wonderwall

Rihanna is the queen of twit-picking; whether it be a provocative pose, or a topless twit-pic Rihanna keeps her fans on their toes. One of Rih-Rih's latest pics created quite a stir, as she tweeted the above pic of herself seeking medical attention via I. V. Fans took to twitter in disarray over the disturbing photo tweeted. Apparently, Ms. Birthday Cake herself, has been ill with the flu since early last week, and has just decided to seek medical attention.  No need to worry guys Rih-Rih is ok now that she has had medical attention. 

According to Mirror ,

 Rihanna has become infamous for her Twitpics and Instagram uploads. Ever since she posted a picture of herself sitting on her bodyguard's shoulders playing with some white powder on his head while at Coachella, everyone's been waiting like slavering  gossip hounds for the next snap.

TW Instagram

 A few hours after posting the IV picture she uploaded a pic of herself standing by a plane with the caption, "My ride home NY days LA nights #itwuzreal" so she's obviously not in hospital - or at least not anymore.

So there you have it guys, no need to panic, Rihanna's back at it again. Glad your feeling better Rih-Rih.

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