Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow! Trayvon Martin's Autopsy Report Is Leaked

Trayvon Martin photo credit :Justice For Trayvon

Here is a face that none of us can forget- the face of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin's case has sparked major controversy introducing america into a wave of confusion ultimately proven that racism is still alive and well. While america remains divided and extremely opinionated at the mere thought of this case, the trial has begun for Martin's murderer and some shocking details have been revealed.  Today a leaked copy of Trayvon's autopsy report has magically appeared. While it seems all too obvious who the culprits may be, no one has cited as such. 

If your thoughts are in anyway similar to mines; then your probably wondering, Who in the world would leak autopsy reports of Trayvon Martin? Or more of less who could benefit from such foolery?  I choose not to state who could pretty much be penpointed.  However, according to the net, autopsy reports are revealing drugs in Trayvon's system. In his defense, though the reports didn't state if the drugs were opid or narcotic drugs, they could have been over the counter. Nevertheless, the issue at hand in the autopsy report is the revealation that Trayvon was shot in intermediate range. 

According to Jim Kane via gather,

George Zimmerman could be vindicated by a leaked copy of the Trayvon Martin autopsy report which shows the teen was shot at "intermediate range."
At first blush, you might think intermediate range means several feet away, but the term is defined as between one and 18 inches.
So, this report could back Zimmerman's narrative, which is he pulled the gun during a tussle with the 17-year-old while on the ground. Zimmerman claims Martin was on top of him, and pummeling his head into a curb.
It's amazing, though, that journalists are spinning the Martin autopsy results to make Zimmerman look like a liar. All of the information coming out of coroner's office in Volusia County, Fla. is making the racial arsonists who've capitalized on the shooting look like fools.
In medical examiner's parlance, "distant range" is when the firearm is more than one and half feet away from the entry wound.
Because this case has been mishandled so horribly, Zimmerman will probably walk away scot-free. If prosecutors office had filed a more reasonable charge, like manslaughter, they would have had an excellent chance of convicting the neighborhood watchman.
Both teams of lawyers possess copies of the Martin autopsy results, but the file won't be officially released until the end of the investigation. No one knows for certain who leaked it, but it was probably Zimmerman's attorneys, because the document supports their timeline.

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