Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Omarion Tweets A Message To His Hater

Omarion via Instagram

Omarion is becoming more and more outspoken on twitter. I'm guessing this response is in reaction to the recent rumors and bogus press releases being aired in an attempt to slander his name. Recently I reported the fact news releases that were supposed to quote on quote help O come out of the closet. Omarion quickly refuted those rumors, and since then his instagrams have taken a  shocking but not surprising turn. The usually well behaved O has been surpressed and out pops this alter ego via Instagram above. I       reason with Omarion simply because no one should have to be subjected to being publically scrutinized over a malicious rumor. Way to stand Omarion, keep given the haters what they love attention and the finger.

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