Saturday, May 5, 2012

Junior Seau's Official Cause Of Death and Girlfriends 911 Audio Revealed

Junior Seau's girlfriend's frantic 911 call moments after she discovers his body, Brace Yourself.

Junior Seau photo credit: Global Grind

The death of Junior Seau has really rocked the nation. Though Junior, has only been deceased two days, it's seems like a lifetime. Coroner's have revealed that Junior Seau's cause of  death, was  in fact a self- inflicted gun shot wound to the chest. Many questions have arisen since Junior's untimely death. Many people are speculating and placing blame on the National Football League (NFL). It has been noted that some players sustain extreme head and post traumatic injury, that interms, can cause severe mental disturbance, and even severe depression. 

This story is extremely sad; as it is now being revealed that Junior 's body was discovered by his girlfriend. The saddest part of this story is the family and the friends that Junior has left behind to mourn the death of an NFL former hall of famer gone too soon. You've seen the footage and the photos of Junior's Mom, who by the way is devastated; not to mention, an ex-wife with his three kids, and a current spouse/ girlfriend. May god be with them all in this time of turmoil. 

Junior Seau's ex-wive and three kids are captured in the photo above via Global Grind. 

Global Grind reports,

"The 43-year-old former NFL star shot himself in the chest in his Oceanside, California home. He was discovered by his girlfriend, Megan Noderer, after she returned from a workout at the gym. Megan claims that she had only been gone for an hour. Frantic, Megan called 911 suggesting that her boyfriend had shot himself in the heart. It was later confirmed that he did in fact die from a self-inflicted shot to the chest."

Many celebrities tweeted immediately after hearing about this incident. Here are some the tweets that went out to Junior Seau and his family,:


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