Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tami Roman Open Up To Wendy Williams "My Daughters Were Ashamed Of Me"

Tami Roman On Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams and Tami Roman photo credit: Addition To Life

The Basketball Wive's most controversial character Tami Roman was on my favorite talk show last night.  Tami opened up to Wendy in a very heartfelt interview where she disclosed her boyfriends identity, her take on being a bully, and just how much the  episode that featured her as a bully has significantly impacted her life.   Prior to taping this episode Tami issued a so called apology on twitter for her chaotic behavior on the weeks prior episode. This episode air footage of Tami Roman bullying Kesha.

Check out Tami's twitter apology. 


Tami's interview heightened her level of sincerity as she reaches a  tearful breaking point. Tami admitted to Wendy that after the episode aired with her bullying Kesha,  her daughters were ashamed of her. Apparently, that revelation left Tami a bit shaken as it's evident as a tearful Tami confides in Wendy.

According to Mary Jane on Gather,

Tami Stated:

"I am raising my two daughters and this particular incident [with Keisha] really taught me a valuable lesson. I wasn't really acknowledging the platform that VH1 and Shed have offered me and I wasn't really being responsible and for the first time I looked at my daughters and they weren't really proud of me as a mom and they were embarrassed of me," Tami Roman explained of her daughters. They were clearly disappointed with their mother and that seemed that her daughters' reactions hurt her more than her fans."

During the course of the interview Tami also revealed that she was in love, and she even shared her boyfriends name with Wendy Williams. She disclosed that her boyfriend is Jerry Lamothe,  the Hatain Producer, who's most noted movie production is Nora's Hair Salon. Here is the pair pictured below. Big ups to Tami for accepting responsibility for her own actions.

Do you guys think that Tami's apology was geniune?

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